Recreating Eden Study Group 1

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Wow! The first ever (that I know of) Recreating Eden Study Group took place tonight and it was fabulous! The people in the group were SO great and insightful and attuned. And very importantly, they were forthcoming with their comments—and the comments were brilliant! Quite an evolutionary synergy we created!

I will admit that I was mildly worried beforehand at how things would go. I just didn’t have a clue how to manage it since a) I don’t know how to perceive Recreating Eden as an outsider (i.e.: someone who didn't write it) would, and b) I was drawing a blank about what to talk about! Not to mention, the concern about trying to conduct a group conversation among 14 people when we didn’t have the benefit of being able to see each other. But I just kept telling myself to relax and trust and by golly, that strategy worked! (Again. As always. Duh.)

As the meeting time drew nigh and I looked over the few guidelines I had written down for group organization, I was able to comprehend the opportunity inherent in not having some of the usual sense-based cues to go by—this would mean that we’d all have to really attune with the energy and honor our parts in co-creating an energy entity that would call the shots—and be willing to pay close attention to the energy. I loved that--such a great chance to practice in a "protected" space what we need to be doing in all of our life!

And …it just flowed! For the first 20 minutes or so, it was mostly me, talking about my frustrating process in writing the book—about the lack of trust I had in the process and how my ego made me miserable every time there would be a lull in the writing, and how important and empowering it is to simply relax and have faith in Divine Order. From there, someone chimed in with a really insightful comment, and then another and another and things just took off! What a bright group! It was so lovely to feel like I was having a discussion with peers instead of just “teaching.” We all learned from each other.

Rick thinks these sessions need to be called "classes" since they are going way beyond a typical book study group, and he may be right about that. It's just an evolving process to see what kind of label fits for it that will represent what it is accurately. There may not BE an adequate label. But we'll see!

The phrase of the evening was “embrace, embrace, embrace.” This was contributed by a group member (I’d say her name but I didn’t ask permission to share names!) who says she uses it constantly. Which is so perfect, because until we are willing to embrace ALL of it--the Light, the shadows, the chaos, the harmony--we are withholding Love, and whatever it is that we are resisting is not likely to be transformed without the only transformational force in the Universe! My mantra has been to “release, release, release,” whenever I am getting caught up in ego stuff, but I believe I will evolve that to “embrace, embrace, embrace!”

Rick was the only male in the group and it was nice to have some male energy to balance out the 13 females. He fits in quite well with women—very comfortable with that—having 4 daughters has increased his comfort level with it! Not that he’s effeminate, by any means—he’s just very balanced.

Tomorrow is the first meeting of Group 2—it’s a daytime group for the U.S. mainland participants—but it’s an evening group for our member from Ireland. I’m going to have to release (embrace?!) how tonight’s group went so I’m not putting expectations on tomorrow’s group. Okay—how about this? I need to embrace tomorrow’s experience for what it is and release any expectations of how it’s supposed to shape up.

How exciting!

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