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It’s been a wild and crazy week, with no sign of slowing down till the end of this week. Whew! I got an invitation Feb. 15 to be a part of the Amazon bestseller campaign for Wayne Dyer’s new book, and that’s a lot more work than it may seem at first glance, but worth it, as it will get my name and the Recreating Eden name out to millions of people who might not encounter it another way. It’s a real gift that I was asked to participate. The campaign is on for Tuesday, February 28, which will be “today” by the time I post this. If you’re reading this on Feb. 28, go to http://www.drwaynedyer.com/promotion.html and read up on all the bonus gifts and buy your copy of Wayne’s latest book!

Today, as I’m writing this (the 27th), is/was my 52nd birthday. I woke up with expectations that I swiftly realized were unmet, and I let it color the first half of my day. Not proud of that, but I am proud of the way I moved through it, raised my frequency, and created magic for the rest of the day. AND the way it helped me realize some areas within myself that are ripe for transformation. I’ll share with you my unedited beginnings of an article, which was fomented because of my experience of today. Always turnin’ my lemons into lemonade!

Disappointment is always of the ego. Disappointment is a judgment that is made when your ego observes that its expectations aren’t being met. It’s a decision of sorts. What is the decision? As is always the case with ego, the decision that disappointment catalyzes is the decision to refuse to allow Love to flow freely. Who does this punish? You, of course. And others, but only if they allow it.

There’s a lot more on this topic, and I will be writing it out when Spirit moves me! Meanwhile, I have to tell you about a few of my many cool experiences of the day. First off, I went to my new chiropractor to get to the bottom of my emotional release needs relating to my neck. I’m not going to go into detail, but we got a lot done in a very short time and my neck is SO much better! No neck pain at all for the first time in almost 2 weeks. Wow.

This is my first birthday without my mom. I have been especially missing her over the last week or so, and knowing I wouldn’t get a birthday call from her today was a little sad. I did get a call from my dad yesterday, and we had a nice phone visit, and he sent me a birthday check. But I just wished for a little Mama love today—know what I mean? After all, today was the anniversary of a big day for the two of us, not just me! So I asked Mom for a “little something”—a little sign from her. Nothing happened really today that I could say was from Mom. Well, not until a certain something happened.

But first, let me say that I had my Recreating Eden book study group tonight, which was really fun because last week, I asked for everyone to bring me virtual birthday gifts, and though we had a smaller group than usual tonight (maybe some folks thought virtual birthday gifts were too expensive!), those that were there put a lot of imagination into their gifts and I just loved every one. And the virtual party food, which sounded luscious, had NO calories! Gotta love that.

Anyway, after class dismissed, Rick and I went to our favorite fast food Vietnamese/Oriental fusion restaurant for a late dinner. Tonight, for the first time (that I had ever seen, anyway) they had lamb on the menu as specials, and I ordered curried lamb. It wasn’t until we were leaving that I realized how significant that was. For my birthday every year, my mom made me roast leg of lamb, so in my mind, lamb is a celebration food. That part—that it’s a celebration food—struck me right away when I saw that they had lamb specials on my birthday. It wasn’t till I was leaving the restaurant that it occurred to me that me liking to have lamb for my birthday was because of Mom. Maybe the lamb on the restaurant menu the night of my birthday dinner was the “little something” from her. Or, from mySelf to help me feel closer to her. Who knows? But it sure gave me a warm feeling.

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