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I can't write much right now as I'm preparing for my teleseminar which is in less than an hour, but I just had to blog today because I realized that it's the 2-year anniversary of my very first blog entry!

How far I've come in soooooo many ways! Then, I was just dreaming of what I'm living now--many people to share the message with, and lots of opportunities to do what I love to do. It's reinforcement for me that truly, every journey starts where you are and if you just put one foot in front of the other, you may not feel great leaps of progress as you go, but when you are faithful and continue doing that, you can one day look back and see how very far you've come!

Last night, our mailing list topped 1000. Not huge by Wayne Dyer standards, but it's the most we've had! And it's growing really, really quickly these days. Even before the Gary Renard bestseller campaign that we contributed a couple of bonus gifts to, which is drawing hundreds to our site, the list was growing like Topsy. The energy has really picked up and people feel it and know they want to connect with it.

Today, I received a lovely blog comment (on the entry just before this) from someone who said she had spent most of the day reading my entire blog. I confess that this was one of my fantasies as well--that someone would feel such a connection to the energy I was bringing through, they'd want to read the whole thing! Unless someone else has done that and just not mentioned it, that's another milestone for this amazing journey I'm on.

Well, I'd better continue preparing for Ego 101, and I'll blog again when Spirit moves me!

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Nellie said:

Dear Julia,
Congrats on your success, having 1000 people on your mailing lists, you are helping these 1000 people to have more meaningful and blessed life, WOW. As of Wayne Dyer( he is awesome), it took him time to get where he is now, he evolved tremendously to become a humble man he is now. I do see you touching more lives, whoever is meant to meet and share with you will,in a Divine, perfect timing. Remember, that you are helping Universe to be a more loving place to live in, and it will send you more souls, just trust that.
Also, I am glad that my message made you smile. I felt so inspired yesterday that I felt a need to share that with you. Your writing helped me see that I am on the right path, even though I am "" crazy"" according to my family standards "" Don't freak out locals/normies"" (I guess)is meant for people like us :) I am 28 years old, and according to my family standards not successful and it hurts a lot, however, with reading your messages it helped me to accept them and accept myself, and realize that it is all perfect and in divine order. Where I want to get in life might not be what they see for me, yet being true to my soul and spirit, without doubt is what I intend to do. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart to inspiring and encouraging me, my soul experiencing a blossoming spring and a whole set of wonderful new beginnings thanks to your gentle "" communication"" with me yesterday. I know that now, I will soar and not crawl just like God wants for all of us. Keep soaring Julia and flap those wings. I am so empowered now, that I feel like I literally can move mountains. Looking forward to more sharing with you.
Love and Light,

Julia said:

Wow, Nellie~
You made me cry! Joyful tears, of course.
You ARE on the right path, and being labeled crazy is a badge of honor to my way of thinking! I totally relate to the idea of not being successful by your family's standards--here's the thing, though--you are not here for the experiences that they are. Trust your own inner guidance--you know that--and don't let your family's ideas of how you should be slow you down!
I am so thrilled that you are feeling empowered, and if something I did contributed even a little bit to that, I am humbled and awed and so, so grateful!
Love and Joy,

Nellie said:

Dear Julia,
You have such a beautiful soul and spirit, please remember this. You are an angel on my path for sure, and yes I was crying yesterday too, tears of release, gratitude and love. I am so grateful, Gods were seeing confussion in my soul and they always send angels, some are human angels(like you are) to help us on our path, to bring peace and clarity to out soul. I have been self sabotaging myself for so long, by not believing in myself, losing faith. I love writing like you do, it is something that heals my spirit, however, when I hear people telling me, that I should write I get into victim/""who am I to"" mode, you know what I am talking about. Well, I was up all night and intended my new life in a new way. I know I have to write for myself, and for whoever will benefit from it. It might take me years, but I am not going to prostitute my soul anymore, I can't afford that mistake. Thank you for helping me clearing a chaotic fogue my life has become, and helping me to make a first step into my True powerful self, which is fearless. I do believe that I made a sacred contract with you eons ago to meet so you help me to see life through the eyes love rather than fear. Thank you so much. I am sending you a big hug and looking forward to more sharing and growth.
All the bestest and Grandest to you,

Julia said:

Dear Nellie~
You don't know how your words have blessed me this afternoon! I really needed to read them now.
You know, since you love to write, you might want start a blog of your own if you haven't already. There are lots of free blog sites to choose from. Just do it! And trust that because you love it, it is what you need to be doing for your own soul, and that it will bless others.
A sacred contract, indeed...
Love and Joy,

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