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Well, the fog has mostly lifted! I am feeling much more engaged and energetic now. I’m still getting a red light when I think about working on my book, and though I wrote a new article today, I haven’t yet become swept up in working on the newsletter, but all in all, I’m feeling some movement, and it’s quite a relief. I can see that it would be helpful for me to re-focus on intentionally raising my vibration.

With winter here--especially this particular winter that has been so challenging with the frequent snows and the bitter cold--and no real outdoor time like I have so much of during garden season, conditions are not as naturally conducive for me to feel constantly connected, so I need to be more proactive in that way. I intend to keep uplifting music on, some essential oils in the diffuser, and find some exercises that keep me oxygenated and feeling lighter.

The two youngest Hamrick girls were over tonight for dinner, and wanted to watch American Idol. Wow—it’s like watching a car crash. You don’t want to see the horror, yet you are transfixed and can hardly look away! I am appalled at both the insensitivity of not only the judges, but of the producers and directors and how they rabidly pursue the…um…contestants with the most likelihood to elicit ridicule and feelings of superiority from the audience. I felt myself torn between sympathy for their pain, and wonderment at how in the world these people could possibly so un-self-aware that they really thought they had a shot (not saying they shouldn't follow their passion, but it's painfully obvious that singing is not a passion for most of them), and more head-scratchingly than that, were willing to let themselves in for being treated so poorly!

One of the reasons we watched is that a friend of the girls was on American Idol tonight. Rudy Cardenas, (if you saw the show, he was the one from Venezuela ) went to high school here in Denver , and is in a popular a cappella group called “m-pact” that the girls and their mom have befriended. When they’re in town, the group often stays at the girls’ house. So they were extra excited to see his audition. He, indeed, did a great job like the pro he is, and made it through to go to Hollywood . So there will be more of his performances to watch. Thankfully, by the time he’s on again, they will be through the very painful initial auditions!

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Sibylle said:

Julia, you just reminded me of why I gave up watching TV! I can't stand watching shows, it drags me down into an abyss of low vibration. Guess I'm not nearly ""master of my life"" enough to not be touched by these things!
As for your hibernation. Here's a few thoughts from a ""witchy"" point of view: This is still the ""dark time of the year"", with the least light, although daylight is already growing again and has been since the winter solstice. It's a time of introspection, of slowing down, even of stillness which might be mistaken as stagnation when really it is just the quiet before the outburst of new life and activity in the spring. My impression is that you have been touched by this energy! And there's nothing wrong with that... it's part of the cycle of life... The stirrings you feel now is the foreboding of spring which is just around the corner, with the growing sunlight!
Well, that's my hagish interpretation anyway :-) If it doesn't make much sense to you, that's fine!
Much love and big hugs!!

Julia said:

Makes perfect sense! I know Spring is a ways off, but I can just sense the sap about to start rising. And the new moon has me energized--a big change from last week when it felt like winter would last forever and the moon was waning.
Glad you stopped by with a word of encouragement, Sibylle!
Love and Joy,

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