Happy Ease-ter!

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Please excuse my absence for much of the last week. I have been focused on creating the new Easy World website (and a lot of other things). I spent last weekend designing it and this week gathering and creating content for it. Tony (wonderful webmaster) dove right into it and, in true Easy World style, found it a fun challenge.

And in an Easy-World twist, though he had thought it would be the end of last week before he would be able to get to it, it turns out things magically rearranged themselves for him to start working on it Tuesday! I'm not sure when it will launch--there's still quite a bit of tweaking and adding to do. I realized this weekend that I had put too much on the home page--sometimes I need to remember that in Easy World, less is more! So I'm re-doing some things to make it very easy for people to get into.

One of the many EW website things I've been doing this weekend is gathering testimonials about Easy World. Wow. As Rick experienced, reading a whole collection of them in one place is quite an emotional experience. That such a simple, simple thing as "I live in Easy World where everything is easy" could be so transformational for so many is simply awe-inspiring and humbling. As I've said before, there's no way my ego can possibly lay claim to this phenomenon! Ego is waaaaaay too complication-oriented to have ever come up with this!

It's been the perfect weekend weather-wise for doing this. Although I would have thought I'd be outside planting pansies, fertilizing roses and doing other garden "chores" (though planting pansies for me can hardly be termed a chore--not much makes my heart leap up quicker than planting the first flowers of Spring!), it has been cold and snowy all weekend. Yes--I know. Snow and sub-freezing temperatures on Easter weekend. I need to have a talk with Mother Nature. Or move somewhere with less crazy weather...then again, I can just assume it was divinely designed to keep me at the computer so that the Easy World website will be ready to launch a little sooner!

Pool update: Peter, the pool installer, whom I have a little crush on (a kind of motherly crush--he's young enough to be my son. And not to worry--Rick is fully aware of my affection for the guy!), finished Wednesday with everything he could until the liner arrives. He's working in Arizona all this coming week, so the soonest he'll be back to install the liner and fill the pool and get it working is next Monday, and it will take another day after that before it's swimmable. I'm not going to allow myself to get antsy about it. Okay--no antsier than I've already been--but it won't be toooooo long before I can swim AT LAST! As much as I love Peter, and as relatively easy as it has been to have him here working, I will be very happy when our time together is over!

Happy holiday, everyone! Remember to keep the Ease in Easter!

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