Easy World magic strikes again!

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We have been in need for awhile--and now in dire need--of having our master bathroom--our Lilliputian master bathroom--remodeled, due to some loose tiles around the shower which have fostered mold and rot of the wood structure. No point in just fixing that, when we're going to need a complete remodeling for when we sell the house in a few years, so...

Earlier this summer, I got some designers lined up to come over to give us ideas and estimates, and our first one was a design-build guy who was not very warm, and not very creative--clearly not anyone I was eager to work with. His talk of this crew and that crew trooping in and out of  my small bedroom and tiny bathroom in our little house while I was at home trynig to work (I'm used to peace and quiet to write, etc.) gave me the willies. I am very particular about the energy here--it's my spiritual cave. So, because the thought of going through all that so turned me off, I just cancelled the other appointments and postponed the project!

I said to mySelf, "the only way I'm going to be able to stand this is to do it in Easy World. I would love for it to be arranged so that I can be gone while it's going on." I tried to figure out how that could happen, but felt very overwhelmed and was very clear I did not want to have to figure it out! So I put it on the back burner and went on with my life and figured I'd be given notice when it was time.

But the moldy shower continued to haunt me and the thought of falling through to the basement while I was showering has been a constant niggling fear...

Meanwhile, in what seemed a totally unrelated event, Rick and I decided we'd like to vacation at Lake Michigan in September where my family has been going for generations--just the 2 of us (plus the pups) for some much needed R and R together. Rick had 2 and a half weeks of vacation saved up--just enough so that we could drive up (2 days there and 2 days back) and have 2 full weeks of time to just be there, so we set it up to go.

One day, while showering, appropriately enough, and seemingly out of the blue, I remembered a guy named Patrick that I had connected with while looking for a house/dog sitter a couple of years ago. We had emailed back and forth a bit because he was into Gary Renard's first book (based on A Course in Miracles) which I had helped promote via an Amazon best seller campaign. At the time, he told me he did renovations and handyman stuff, so I found his email address again, sent him a message, hoping his address was still the same. I heard back from him right away and we set up a time for him to come and talk to us.

Long story short, he was delightful! We LOVED him, and feel we've reconnected with a long lost spiritual family member! I knew right away I would not mind having him in my space, and since he does all the work himself, it would be the least disruptive to my peace. He estimated it would take 2 weeks, plus or minus, to get the job done. We discussed that we would be on vacation in September and he said that was fine as he was busy till after we got back. So we planned for him to start in early October. Then he volunteered, "too bad I'm tied up with a big kitchen remodel while you're gone--wouldn't it be great if I could do it while you were away and you could come back and it would be done like magic?!" OH, yes it would! He said he'd let us know if his schedule changed, because the kitchen lady was having a hard time making up her mind about things.

Fast forward a few days and he calls to say his schedule just opened up and that he can, indeed do our bathroom while we're on vacation! AMAZING!!! AND, he's going to take care of the garden while we're gone! His business name certainly seems appropriate: Happy To Help Home Improvement!

So, though it's required a lot of time and energy to get all my choices made and the gazillion pieces and parts chosen and ordered before I leave, everything is falling into place beautifully!

I sooooooo love Easy World.


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Sibylle said:

Aaaaaah. Isn't it wonderful? I'm glad it's worked out so well for you!
I've just had (yet another) Easy World experience myself. With my upcoming move, lots of work, and a slight health challenge, I wasn't keen on the weekend my beloved and I had planned to spend at his parents'. I decided to stay in EW though and take it, well, easy. Lo and behold, I had two nights of beautiful long sleep (I often have trouble sleeping in other people's houses), I feel completely healthy and well again, and my mind is a lot clearer for the upcoming challenges. The parents are great and I love every minute here. EW is pure magic :-)

Julia said:

That's exciting! Loved the parents and felt comfortable. Very cool.
So happy you chose EW! I confess I've been spending more time out of EW than I'd like, but everytime I remember to re-choose it, it's magical, indeed!

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