Never really cut off from one another...even when it seems like it!

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Tonight's teleseminar "A Simple Matter of Allowing" was wonderful--at least it was from my perspective, and that of several folks I heard from afterward. We had a great turnout, and the energy was really nice. Somehow, though, we got cut off near the end of it, and I was challenged to get back on the line. I dialed in but didn't have the organizer access code at my fingertips and so I used the participant code--no one could hear me! But I could hear them, lamenting that the call was cut off before things had wrapped up! So frustrating!

The funny part was that someone, in the process of asking a question, had  just commented that she felt isolated from others when she was aligned, in her joy and feeling higher in frequency, and I had just noted that we were on a call with 60 or so other people who were of like mind and who were at higher frequency, too, and that the separation was just an illusion...and we got cut off! It would have been funny...but it wasn't! (Funnier now!)

When I finally located the organizer access code again (when I first dialed in, I had been looking at it on the website, but my session timed out and it automatically closed the window!), there were still a few people there, and so I answered a few more questions--which I love doing--and we finished up about 8:30 Mountain Time.

If you were on the call and didn't get to say "goodnight," I am really sorry! I have no idea why we were cut off, but I'm sure it was all in Divine Order. Anyway, I do hope you'll come back next month!

Here is a snippet from my notes from tonight in case you missed the call:

"A desire means you've received your Wise/Provider Self's notice that something is on its way as long as you don't block it! As long as you allow it.

What if someone you knew to be fabulously wealthy, completely benevolent, generous, loving and has your highest level of well-being in mind called you up and said, "I'd like to give you your heart's desire and I'd like to deliver it today, no strings attached"

What would be the proper response? THANK YOU!!!

What is the proper response to the recognition of a desire? THANK YOU!!! It's a done deal as long as you don't block it with doubts, pushing, worry, or fear-based thinking of any kind.

When a desire comes, don't mess with it!!! Don't doubt it. Simply hold it quietly and knowingly within. Know that by simply relaxing and trusting in your Wise/Provider Self and its perfect coordination with Divine Order and Divine Timing, it will appear in your experience in exactly the right sequencing and timing, be that in seconds from now, or years from now. (If you are not in your ego, that will not matter one little bit to you!) The less concerned you are with the details, the faster whatever it is will show up as long as it fits into the Divine Design for Harmony and supports your true well-being.

Choosing Easy World is very supportive of the process of manifestation via allowing."

 Goodnight, everybody!

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Donna said:

Dear Julia,
I had the pleasure of being on your call last night. In the past few years I have heard so much about Goal setting. Setting intentions, etc. I have struggled with this concept, since I have always just went with the flow in my life. Always knowing, that everything is being taken care of by the Creator. Your comment about Desires, and Inspiration was exactly what I needed to hear. I have been struggling to find something...set a goal. Have intentions, but all of that has been ego based, surrounded with fears. Fears of failure, responsibility, what if's. Thank you for saying what my soul has known all along. The true Desires come to us, we just need to recognize them and allow them to be.
Thank you for being you and sharing with others.
Donna in Chicago

Julia said:

What a lovely message.
I, too, struggled with that stuff for years, until I finally realized that, just like fighting my naturally wavy hair was a losing battle, so was battling my natural way of operating. But I still felt guilty for not hanging in there and trying anyway.
When I wrote Recreating Eden, it all became so clear that we are *not* being lazy when we don't do things that are hard for us; or society's idea of what we *ought* to do--even if it's "newer" strategies such as the various so-called success techniques. We're *not* defective if those things don't fit for us!
When we force ourselves to do what is not natural for us, we are stepping out of The Flow and working against ourselves instead of *for* ourselves! Not to mention, we are disrupting the Whole by not being relaxed and available to heed our inspiration.
Thank you so much for your comment. I think this is an article--maybe a whole book--that needs to be written.
As for my part, you are so welcome. It is my joy to do what I do!

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