Easy World is everywhere!

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Check out this list:

Brighton South Australia Australia
Vicenza Veneto Italy
Kenora Ontario Canada
Esztergom Komarom-esztergom Hungary
London England United Kingdom
Quebec Canada

Kelowna British Columbia Canada
Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Budapest Hungary
Amsterdam Noord-holland Netherlands
Bangkok Krung Thep Mahanakhon Thailand
Amman 'amman Jordan
Copenhagen Denmark
Göteborg Vastra Gotaland Sweden
Gyor Hungary
Istanbul Turkey
Ottawa Ontario Canada
Melbourne Victoria Australia
Tauranga Bay Of Plenty New Zealand
Northampton England United Kingdom

These are just some of the international locations from which people have accessed the ILiveInEasyWorld website over the last week. I copied and pasted them from the stats for the site (no idea why some are listed with city, region and country, and some only with country). When I looked at the recent visitor map, there was even activity from somewhere a few hundred miles off the coast of Western Africa, right on the equator, with no country listed--I wonder if it was someone on a ship! Ah--my imagination loves that one...

The U.S. visits were far too numerous to list, but suffice to say, they cover the country from coast to coast.

This just makes my heart leap up with joy! Every day, more and more people all over the globe are discovering Easy World and finding out about the liberation it offers. I am constantly amazed to see how Easy World is making itself known with only a relative tiny bit of inspired action on my part. It truly does have a life of its own.

Just this week, I received an email from a young man from Hungary who said his friend had told him about EW and he was hungry (not a pun!) to learn more. He wanted to know where he could get books about Easy World in Hungarian. I told him there were no books yet about Easy World in any language but that I was working on it.

Meantime, I pointed him to a translation site so that he could read ILiveInEasyWorld.com in Hungarian. Want to see what that looks like? Just click here. You can even click on the menu items and they'll take you to the corresponding page, translated to Hungarian. (That same site translates a long list of language, so if you want to share EW with a non-English speaker, it might be a helpful resource.)

As word of Easy World spontaneously spreads all over the planet, I am so very, very grateful to know that it has multitudes of international P.R. agents I'll never know the names of!

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