Being human: not always fun, but always interesting

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Yesterday, I had an encounter that really knocked me sideways. I collided with someone else's ego which was thoughtlessly indulging in very rude behavior. What happened wasn't exactly personal, but as is the way of we humans, I took it that way. In retrospect, I can see how it happened--can see my part in attracting/creating it, and even that it was a necessary thing in the bigger picture to help me wake up about something, but when it occurred, I was exhausted, and my heart was wide open, so the jolt was extra shattering.

You might say I had let my frequency drop, and I've been about 300 miles outside of Easy World since. As the initial shock wore off, and I was able to come to a rational peace with it, there was so much energy lodged within my solar plexus, it felt like it would take a bulldozer to relieve it. I let myself cry some of it out, and that helped,
but I think there is still some more emotional release for me to do.
Rick, bless his heart, sat with me as I cried, and tried to help, but he went into male "fix it" mode, when all I wanted was for someone to listen.

I think I really just need a big #3 (if you don't know what that is, check out the Step-By-Step Frequency Raising System). I have been neglecting my emotional maintenance of late, and I am truly feeling the results. When you already have a block in the pipe and something like this happens, it's even more challenging because your frequency is already somewhat depressed and when the new dissonant energy hits the old stuck stuff and reactivates it...well...OUCH! Not to mention, I haven't been getting the rest I know I need lately, and that's a frequency lowerer.

Note to self: get more rest, clear out and keep emotions moving, and find some balance!

I woke up this morning still feeling like I'd been run over by a truck, so I took the day to just be a blob. (Sometimes, that's what you need to do, especially when you've been working overtime and not taking time to just "be" as I have been lately.) It was snowing today, so that triggered my raised-in-the-South hunker-down response. I made
myself a mocha latte and I even whipped some cream to put on it--so you know my inner child is the one feeling dissed! (I made my mocha with chocolate syrup I made from xylitol, a natural low-glycemic sweetener, since sugar is another frequency reducer and I did NOT need the sugar blues on top of it all!) I watched a Travel Channel show about private islands and took a nice long nap. I'm feeling better! I just applied some Release essential oil to my solar plexus and inhaled it, so that's helping, too. I'll just keep working the steps.

Anyway, it's all going to be just fine--better than fine--but the point of me telling you this not just to get it off my chest, it is to provide an object lesson. Yesteday's trauma triggered me to question everything I've been doing, and everything I am. Imagine that--I let my fearful ego's voice drown out my Spirit's voice and question my very worth as a human being, and the value of what I have to offer to the world. It brought up all my insecurities. Good grief! It was just me investing a bit too much in something, and someone else not realizing how they were coming across. And yet it shook me to the core. This is not rational. This is having a pile of old stuff reactivated.

If you experience that phenomenon, just know it has happened because you have not been keeping your emotional body clear. It means you've dropped in vibrational frequency and need to do whatever it takes to rise up again out of the territory of your ego's influence. I know there are some folks who experience that constantly--I was one of them for many years. It has only been since I comprehended the correlation between vibrational frequency and perception that I have become more proficient at managing it. So just know that if you hear that ugly, fearful voice, or feel the pain that is disproportional to what actually happened, it's time to do what you know how to do to rise in frequency, even if it's temporarily raising the volume of it by doing a #3 so that ego feels heard and will let go and allow the Love to flow freely once more. Then you'll move out of the realm of pain and hear the beautiful tones of your Spirit's voice of truth.

Aaaahhh...being human. What an interesting--and not always fun--experiment!

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Kelly said:

I needed this post today. I had a trauma today, as you did. Someone took a stab at me when I was way too open and vulnerable. I will do what you recommended to help clear out this emotional tornado. Thank you...

Julia said:

Ah, Kelly. Thanks so much for letting me know that my traumatic experience could assist you with yours!
I see you releasing this in perfect timing and seeing whatever it is you need to see as it moves on out and reverts to being Love once more.
You know--poop is excellent fertilizer once it's been transduced...

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