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 I continue to be thrilled with the results of drinking Holy Tea. It's fantastic to have something so very easy to do that impacts your health so greatly!

I've been asked how long to stay on the tea--my answer is "as long as you're exposed to toxins"! Because we live in an environment where we breathe in pollutants, partake of a food supply laced with pesticides, heavy metals, and plastic residue, and drink water that has heaven-knows-what in it, we're continually taxing our bodies and causing it, at the least, to be less efficient. When we drink the tea on an ongoing basis, it relieves our kidneys, liver, and colon of a huge load so that they can more effectively clean our blood as they are designed to, so that healing of all kinds is promoted.

In particular, for me, the most dramatic difference I've experienced is in my joints. Apparently, poor colon function causes toxins to be reabsorbed into the bloodstream and then to settle in your joints, causing inflammation. Since I've been drinking the tea, my mobility has improved immensely. My knees, which were seriously compromised because of arthritis and a exercise-induced injury, are now working almost normally. I was limping severely, and needing a cane to walk, which was causing lots of problems with the rest of my musculo-skeletal system. But now I am able to walk with a normal gait without a cane or other assistance, and I'm working up to greater stamina. Next, the stairs! Though I've done many other things in the quest to heal my knees, and I know they've also contributed, I did not experience dramatic improvement in my knee function until I'd been on the tea for a couple of weeks.

The range of benefits the tea offers is truly exciting. Here are some testimonials my sponsor, who has been involved with the tea for a few months longer than I have, has received about other amazing results of drinking the tea:


"I'm telling everyone about the Tea. I'm Losing lots of weight and looking better then  I have in years, so that's the best advertising. The black I've had under my eyes that I've had all my life is going away. Also, my Hot Flashes are gone. I noticed that this moring at work. I realized I haven't had one since I started the Tea!"  --Sharon

"I am really enjoying the tea.  I have for the first time in my life been regular.  I never thought I would be so happy to poop!   I have not had any other symptoms, just an over all sense of well being...Thanks for letting us know about the tea!         --Julie


"I am very delighted with the Tea results. I lost 6 lbs in 4 weeks; effortlessly:-)And, I feel better then ever!"  --Sabine

"...My IBS symptoms came back  (while I was off the Tea) so I am glad to be drinking it, again."   --C

 "I had my daughter sign up wholesale for the Tea. (She is on auto ship so she gets it monthly) She had a stroke in 1989 and since then has had a paralyzed colon. She has a terrible time evacuating and had to resort to laxatives or enema's every 3 or 4 days. Since she started on the tea she is regular and feels so much better. It has been a real blessing for her." --Jean


"I have suffered from IBS for years. (Irritable Bowel Syndrome.) I never took meds for it because they always caused me other problems. At the time I started drinking the tea,  I was having a particularly bad episode that had been going on for a week.  The tea settled my stomache IMMEDIATELY and untied the knots!! Within a few days my BOWEL MOVEMENTS were "normal", something I had not experienced in years.  I was so relieved!  (literally, haha)
Also, I have always had skin problems, a ZIT or two always.  They are GONE,  My mom noticed the change in my skin right away. 
AND, (this one is a little embarassing but funny).  I have always been a STINKY-GIRL.  There's just no other way to put it. I have had to buy the strongest deodorant,  feet stink, sometimes in the summer, I have actually ruined clothes.  Even drinking lots of water.  NOT now! After a few weeks on the tea I noticed I had NO SMELL!  It's really amazing.    This has been my favorite change I think.  
I must be SLEEPING BETTER, because I wake up refreshed and ready to go.  Before, I was dragging! 
AND, I'll let you know more on this later,  but I have a CYST thing on my arm that I have planned to get cut off for a couple years.  I swear I think it is SHRINKING!
This tea is truly amazing stuff."      --L

Here are some links to other blog entries where I've talked about the tea and shared about some of the additional benefits I and others are experiencing:







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