Itchin' to go home

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The countdown has begun. I'm leaving for my homeland pilgrimmage Tuesday morning, and I am so excited.

Rick has been devoted to watching the Masters this weekend, and thus I've been watching a lot of it, too. I always love it because Augusta National is the most beautiful golf course in the world (in my not-so-humble-opinion) and looks like home to me. They always, or so it seems, have the tournament just slightly after the peak of the azaleas and dogwoods, but still while everything is just achingly beautiful before the heat of summer sets in--so green and pristine and lovely, as only Spring in the Southeast--or maybe it's as only Spring in the Southeast at a perfectly manicured golf course--can be.

I'm thrilled to know that I will be hitting parts of North Carolina during the peak of the dogwoods and azaleas. That is what I miss more than any other phenomenon--the magic of Spring back home. My sister in Raleigh, with whom I'll be staying first, says it'll be a few days past peak there, but further west, where I'll be going next, will be at almost exactly peak. Regardless, it will be a balm to my soul. This is a photo I took of the spectacular display several years back during a trip home. It is of a yard in the neighborhood of our former family home.

Nell Greens house in April.jpgAlso balm to my soul will be seeing my sisters and dad again and getting together with friends. I don't know if I've ever mentioned this on the blog before, but Denver is not a place where I've made friends. Friendly acquaintances, yes. Buddies? No. About a year after I first moved here, I had an astrocartography reading done, and the astrologer confirmed that this is not a social locale for me, but a learning/teaching place, and somewhere for me to be in my "spiritual cave." She was so right. But I have an extroverted side that desperately misses getting together with friends, so my annual trips to NC allow me to fill up that hole--or what feels like one. As usual, my week is stuffed with social plans--just the way I want it!

So I may get a chance to blog between now and the time I return, and I may not. We'll see. I have a lot of organizing and packing and healing to do before my plane leaves the ground this Tuesday morning. I am in the process of overcoming a case of bronchitis, which the doc thought might be pneumonia, but determined it isn't thank goodness. For the first time in over 20 years, I'm on anti-biotics as there just wasn't time to do the job completely naturally with essential oils, etc. Sometimes you just have to do what works (hopefully, this is working--I've had an allergic reaction to it and I'm very itchy!), even if it's not in alignment with your ideals. When my doc said she would advise me not to fly if I didn't get this knocked on out before my travel day, I said, "give me the antibiotics--I want to go home!"

Anyway, I'll get back to the blog as Spirit moves me to!

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