Helping Amanda Get to College!

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My friend, Marisa del Rio, is doing something novel to send her extraordinary daughter, Amanda, to college.

I'll let you read about Amanda and her situation at   Be sure to read "From Amanda" and "A Message from Amanda's Mother." I'm betting you'll be as inspired to do what you can to help her as I am!

I just love the spirit of this--everyone chipping in just $10 and then spreading the word so that a bright light like Amanda can have the chance to shine her brightest. Such a little bit to do, but when enough people do it, it changes a life--and, when you read what Amanda has to say, you'll see that it may someday change yours!

I'm thinking that beyond just raising the money for Amanda to go to Wellesley, we're showing her the power of dreaming big and how the Universe always comes through for you when you allow it to. AND that human beings are basically loving, supportive, generous and caring.

But the benefits aren't just Amanda's--just from making my small donation, sending an email to 20 friends, and blogging about this, I feel like a million bucks!

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