Flagstaff House

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Just a quick report on our anniversary dinner at Flagstaff House: Food was amazing. Service was top notch. But the best thing about Flagstaff House cannot be described. So we took pictures!

These are all taken from our table which was outside on the lower patio. Just below us, wildflowers were blooming down the slope. It was perfect weather for dining al fresco, and though it was overcast most of the evening, it was glorious.  I wish we had gotten a shot or 2 of the gang of hawks which were enjoying the thermals when we first got there. At one point, there were close to a dozen hawks making lazy circles in the sky! Really breathtaking.

View overlooking the city of Boulder:

view of Boulder from Flagstaff Hse sm.jpg

Looking back toward the foothills:

Julia & Rick Flagstaff Hse sm.jpg

A better view of the celebrants:

Julia & Rick Flagstaff Hse 2 sm.jpg

Compliments of the house (it looks like all we got was tiny food, but these were just the extras!)

Happy 9th Anniversary from Flagstaff Hse sm.jpg

Nightfall arrived not long before we departed--nice of Boulder to put on a light show for us!

our table Flagstaff Hse sm.jpg

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Andrena said:

Congratulations, Julia and Rick!!!! The girls are lovely.


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