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I'm going to be on the radio today, Sept. 2nd, at 4 pm Eastern. I'll be on Welcome Changes Radio with host Velma Gallant, who calls herself "The Queen of Joy." Gotta love that! Almost wish I'd thought of it first. Of course, that does put the pressure on to be at high frequency all the time, and sometimes, just sometimes, one does drop out of joy momentarily, and then I can just imagine being taunted with "Hey! I thought you were supposed to be the Queen of Joy!" I'll just let Velma be TQOJ.

My dear friend, Andrena, is down in Gonzales, Louisiana (north of New Orleans, just south of Baton Rouge), riding out Gustav and its aftermath. I'm assuming they are still without power for the near future as those are the reports from that area, but I'm happy that they have a generator to keep their fridge and their "freezer full of shrimp," as she characterized it, going. Seems whenever there's a hurricane, her house fills up with her husband's relatives who live in the region. I wish I felt more generously about such things, but I'm not at all sure I could be the Queen of Joy with no a/c in muggy Louisiana and a house full of inlaws!

I had a moment of concern about her today and then I remembered that worrying not only does not help a soul, it actually hurts and keeps me out of alignment so that I'm not as useful. So I knocked it off and imagined her feeling grateful that she and family were fine and alive to be getting on each others' nerves...okay--I changed that to "fine and alive and having a great time together"! My other Louisiana friend, Ellen Kennon, took herself and her daughter to the luxurious Peabody in Little Rock so that some of her New Orleans friends could take over her home in St. Francisville (1/2 hour north of Baton Rouge). That's MY idea of riding out the storm!

I had my own interesting experience with Gustav this weekend. After I finished swimming Saturday, I was feeling quite aligned and high frequency (I had just the day before been measured by Dr. S at 1011 on the Hawkins Level of Consciousness scale) and I found myself thinking about the hurricane and, like everyone else, wanting it not to drown New Orleans like Katrina did. I have read a bit about people influencing the weather when their energy was in the frontal lobes of their brain (spiritual center of the brain), so I tuned into the storm--sort of "became" the storm--and commanded it to weaken.

Yes--I commanded it--in no uncertain terms. I felt something of an inner click, and then I felt hugely peaceful afterward. I pretty much forgot about it as I went about preparing dinner, etc. Imagine my surprise when I heard on the Weather Channel a couple of hours later that it had weakened! Cue the Twilight Zone theme.

Then they said, "It will likely strengthen again when it crosses the loop current, and become a Category 4 or 5 hurricane before it makes landfall." And the very, very clear, adamant message come through to me "No, it won't." Again, imagine my astonishment when, yesterday, they said that the storm had speeded up too much to pick up extra energy. And, indeed, it did not turn out to be the monster it had been predicted to be. Now--I am not looking to take credit for the lessening of the storm--I'm sure there were lots and LOTS of people praying for that--but I wanted to share what was quite an interesting experience! If this intrigues you you might enjoy going to and reading about

Anyway, the topic of the radio show is "Paradise is a Vibrational State." I hope you'll tune in to hear me with TQOJ--you can listen live or it will be available as a podcast to download. I'm sending out a mailing tomorrow--I mean, today--to announce the
radio show and my new Raise Your Vibration, Transform Your Life class. The mailing also includes the link to hear the Vibrational Shelter audio. But what the heck--I'll go ahead and include all those links here so you don't have to wait! If you haven't yet joined my email list, look to your left on this page and you'll find a little sign-up box.

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