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Yesterday was the first time our cleaning lady was able to really clean in my office. Before the new desk and new bookcases, there just wasn't enough room to maneuver, nor enough surfaces exposed! Even on the floor! Some pieces of furniture were completely blocked by boxes and piles of stuff. There's still a pile of boxes--need to decide which ones to keep and which ones to break them down for the recycle bin, which always seems like a challenge because of the need to have boxes for shipping books to Amazon, etc. I'm just going to trust my intuition and only save the ones I feel I'll need soon, instead of going by that old Difficult World fear-based notion of "the minute I get rid of it, I'll need it." In Easy World, you always have what you need, when you need it, no matter what.

In these photos, you can see my new desk with my old desk pushed up underneath it, providing a home for my docking station, printer, and a place for Rick to sit with his laptop (still just a wish!) just as if it was meant to be! You can tell that the new desk and bookcases (on the same wall as my desk) match the old desk and bookcases like they were special-ordered, which, in a manner of speaking, they were (from the Universe). Now, I know some of you will look at these pictures and wonder why I'm showing them. I mean--my office is not exactly glamorous, and, for sure, it's cluttered! But if you had seen things before, you'd know exactly why I'm so proud!

The feature of this picture is the empty floor next to the desk! (You can see just the very edge of my little office mates' headquarters on the floor in the bottom right.)

J's desksm.jpgJ's desk 2sm.jpgHere you see my office mates coming to work:

L & R come to worksm.jpg

And this is my monitor with Easy World wallpaper. You can get your own on the EW Freebies page (scroll down to bottom). It's a great reminder to stay in Easy World!

EW wallpapersm.jpgYes--I'm ready for expansion, and, indeed, things are moving rapidly. I have had a couple of great conversations with my Easy World book editor since she got back from her vacation Tuesday, and I'm very psyched! As promised, I'll tell you all about everything SOON!

On a different note, Andrena called yesterday from Gustav-ravaged central Louisiana and said her neighborhood looks like a war zone, with most everyone's homes damaged from fallen trees and wind, but that her house has not had any damage at all. The power is out and may be for weeks, but they are safe and sound and feasting off the food that all the family members that came seeking shelter brought with them, cooking on the gas stove whatever would have spoiled had they left it, and living on a generator which is keeping the lights on, refrigerator and freezer going, and a window air conditioner cooling at least one room of the house. They are not suffering beyond their choice to do so due to some inconveniences! Ladies and gentleman: the power of vibrational shelter! If you haven't listened to the free download of the Vibrational Shelter teleseminar yet, you can
access it here.

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