North again

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I'm just taking a break from packing for our trip to Lake Michigan and writing copious notes for the housesitter/mousesitter, etc. Yes, we're going again, but this time, we'll be staying at the other cottage in the family. (You may remember that last year--see Sept. 2007 archives--we stayed at my sister Ann's cottage, but her hubby retired this year and they are there much longer than usual now that he's free.) This one has been bequeathed to my other sister (Linda) and me, but it's still Dad's to use as he wishes for as long as he lives.

My dad will still be there when we arrive and it will be great to see him if only for a bit more than a day (He leaves Friday morning.) He has healed very well from all accounts, including his surgeon's--he went back for his last visit a few days ago. Steve, my aforementioned brother-in-law is very kindly escorting him on the airplane trip home. That leaves my sister, Ann, still at the lake for us to spend time with. I'm very excited about that!

This will be the first time in my 54 years that I will ever have been at that cottage without a parent, and the first time I've been able to have the dogs there (don't ask--arbitrary parental cottage rule that has now been rescinded at last!). I am so excited to finally be able to be the adult in charge and have time to just relax there. Of course, Rick will also be in charge, but he's not my parent!

I'll be writing alot--I really need to put in much of my time working on the Easy World manuscript, as I've given myself a tight deadline in hopes of having the book out as soon as possible (think late 2009 instead of early 2010!). Rick and I chuckle at how slowly the mainstream publishing world works compared to small publishers like us. I finished the manuscript for Recreating Eden on March 14, 2004, and the book arrived from the printer in mid-May. With the big publishers, it generally takes between a year and two years from the time you turn in your manuscript before the book hits the shelves!

Anyway, we'll be on the road for 2 days and we've checked out a pile of audiobooks from the Denver Public Library. It will be a long trip but fun. We're definitely planning to travel in Easy World! I'll have email access by Thursday, and I expect to keep blogging, if, perhaps, on a more limited basis while I'm gone.

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