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As is sometimes the case, I came away from Tuesday night's teleseminar feeling that I could have done better if I had managed to be more focused. I was a little all over the place in my mind for a number of reasons. So, after the main talk about how it's always--no matter what--your choice whether to be in Easy World or Difficult World, I think I may not have managed to communicate something as clearly as I would have liked to when answering a question. So I'm going to do that here.

I wish I could quote this exactly, but somehow, even though I was recording it, it ended up not being on the tape! Someone asked me about staying in Easy World when the economy is in crisis--they were facing some potential problems--and I said something to the effect that when you're in Easy World it doesn't matter what the economy is doing in Difficult World. I then said the thing that may have been misunderstood. I said that I had not been affected by it at all--that I simply couldn't get myself worked up to even be concerned about the downturn in the markets, etc. And that's true.

But when Rick and I were talking about it while eating dinner after the teleseminar ended, he suggested that it might have come across like I was implying that we had so much wealth amassed that I was insulated from the problems manifesting in the economy. So I want to set the record straight. That is absolutely not the case! It's just that I haven't felt drawn to that particular quadrant of Difficult World. I simply have not been seduced by the Difficult World Dictator into being concerned about it. It's not that it couldn't happen--though I sure don't plan on allowing it. It's just not something that is standing out for me at this time.

I have been spending as much time in Easy World as possible, especially because of writing this book and wanting it to be imbued with Easy World energy, and I think when you do that, you begin to understand that borrowing trouble is ridiculous! If you encounter a problem in Difficult World, you just need to move into Easy World and it will be handled. When you do that, you are surrendering it to your Spirit, who is your personal constant connection to Easy World, and if you allow it, it will be resolved no matter what is happening in DW! Having a financial buffer isn't anywhere near as powerful as knowing how to choose Easy World!

Here is a little excerpt from Choosing Easy World I think is pertinent:
"Now, let's examine this false but pervasive notion: The key to security is having lots of money. Even in Difficult World, although it's one of the main concepts the DWD is constantly hammering, the key to security cannot be found in having a stash of money to protect against hunger, homelessness, or some kind of attack.  Stashes of money can be stolen, devalued, or otherwise lost. In DW, there is no true security.

"But in Easy World, you are always inherently secure because there is nothing at all to threaten your well-being. In Easy World, there's no starvation, no homelessness, no loss of status--no threat of any kind. And everything you need is always supplied with ease. Because EW is a completely different reality matrix that is built upon and runs on total integrity, Difficult World rules simply can't be applied to Easy World."

I hope I have managed to explain what I meant about not being affected by problems with the economy that are manifesting in Difficult World!

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Practice what you preach, Julia!

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I discovered last night that I have been trying to write my book about Easy World while dwelling in Difficult World. That is obviously not going to work! Actually, I haven't been in DW all the time while writing, but far too much.

I started noticing a couple of days ago that my shoulders and neck were so jammed together as to be practically parallel and hard as brick, too. My muscles were so tight, they were like steel bands. That is NOT how one feels in Easy World! I have just been so doggone stressed out about meeting the expectations about this book, that I have been forgetting the basics, like specifically invoking Easy World before writing (wow!), like consciously radiating Love as I write (doing that is how
Recreating Eden became such a powerful energy booster), and offering gratitude for the privilege of writing this book.

So I made a list, which is now by my keyboard, so I will remember to do those things. The muscles have greatly relaxed due to a massage this afternoon with my favorite massage therapist in the world,
Melinda Wilkins, and she also did a little spontaneous Matrix Energetics session on me to help me let go of my issues around trying to live up to others' expectations. If you live in the Denver area, I highly recommend Melinda--she gives the most amazing massage, and she has a host of other healing tools in her repertoire!

The first Easy World Power Thought (EWPT)  message went out today. We reached our magic 100 subscribers very quickly and I drew the name today for the Easy World cap winner. I'll be announcing that Wednesday in the EWPT mailing. If you're not already on the list, I hope you'll sign up for a daily reminder to choose Easy World. Hey--even I, the "Queen of Easy World," needs that reminder, so of course, I'm on the mailing list, too!

One thing that helped me notice that I was not where I needed to be vibrationally to write the book was that a friend of Rick's from the blogosphere--Olivia of Happy Luau--read Recreating Eden this weekend and
blogged about it and wrote an Amazon 5-star review of it. Turns out, Olivia is a Top 50 Amazon Reviewer! She loved the book and wrote one of my favorite reviews of all of them. Her comments on the energy in the book and the nudge I got to re-read the preface to RE that reminded me of how hard I was on myself much of the time while I wrote it reinforced the realization from the night before about relaxing, invoking Easy World, and radiating Love. Thanks, Olivia!

Tomorrow--I mean tonight (Tuesday) since it's currently after midnight Mountain time, is October's free teleseminar, Easy World or Difficult World--It's Always Your Choice, plus we'll do some "group radiance" to raise our vibration so that we'll experience the presidential election at the highest level possible. And, we'll see if anyone has questions about the Vibrational Shelter talk I did back in September when we had the malfunction when someone's burglar alarm took over the call. Here's a link to the talk if you'd like to listen to it--feel free to join in for the Q&A right after the meditation at the beginning of the call. Vibrational Shelter recording

Hope to talk to you on the call tonight!

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Gratitude works!

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I've been working a lot lately, what with writing the book and getting out my Autumn newsletter, which I emailed to Tony to format last night/this morning around 2 a.m. I didn't turn my light off till 2:30, so I wasn't planning to get up early this morning--I figured if I slept till 10:30, that would give me 8 hours, so that was my plan. I was awakened at 9:00, however, by my white noise machine--or, rather, by the stopping of it. The power had gone out.

Having recently been through this same scenario, I had the drill down--pull my laptop out of the docking station and shut it down, call Rick at his office to see if it's a widespread problem (it wasn't), then go call Xcel Energy and report the outage. Oh, yeah--then, let the dogs out and feed them. THEN, because there's nothing I could really get done without electricity, and because I needed the sleep, I got out my travel white noise machine, put in some batteries, cranked 'er up, and the pups and I crawled back in bed. I left my bathroom light switch in the "on" position so that I'd be able to tell when the power came back on.

I snuggled in, closed my eyes, and willed myself to sleep. But even though I was tired and sleepy, I couldn't relax. I just felt jumpy. Thoughts of not being able to work on the newsletter with Tony today intruded. (While there's no critical reason to get it out tomorrow, I just want to check it off my list and get back to working on the book.) I started thinking about how vulnerable we, who depend on the power grid, are. I started thinking about how I wanted to create it so that our next home at least had a back-up system, or how it might be best if we were off the grid entirely. I thought about how chilly it is outside, and wondered if the power would come back on before the house got cold--if not, what to do with the Three Mousketeers so they wouldn't suffer?

Then, I caught myself, spinning trouble out of nothing. I reminded myself that right NOW, we were warm, we had everything we needed, and we were extremely comfortable in our 600-thread count sheets, on our cushy mattress topper, under the down comforter. 

Then, I was suddenly seized with the idea to offer gratitude for the power coming back on. So I laid there, eyes closed, facing the bathroom door, and said--and felt-- "Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for the power coming back on!" At the very instant I said "on," the light in the bathroom came on! I could see it through my closed eyelids! Wow.

One of the articles in the newsletter includes info. on the power of gratitude to change your vibrational level, and, thus, your reality. I'll say! Gotta love getting reinforcement! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Spirit, for such a "powerful" example!

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Good morning, little mouse!

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Christina holding tail.jpgJust taking a quick break from my writing to share this photo from this morning. I found the mice sleeping in the piece of a papier mache bottle-packing device that I put in their cage yesterday. They LOVE anything paper or cardboard (or derivations thereof) like TP tubes, etc., to play with and turn into habitat, and they love to find nooks to snuggle into. The papier mache thingy has been wildly popular.

Before I could snap the photo of them sleeping, Christina woke up and grabbed the tail of Britney. Or was she holding it in her sleep? Is it her security object? Anyway, it's a cute picture of our smallest, prettiest and shyest mouse.

The writing is going great as long as I stay in Easy World (duh!). I've spent time out of it when the task has seemed overwhelming and that's not been much fun. The cool thing is that whenever I just invoke EW and get myself back there, solutions pop up and I move through the blocks with ease and speed. I will never write another book without being in Easy World to do it! Good grief--I'll never try to live life without Easy World!

Here is a little blurb or 2 from the chapter I'm currently working on (so that this blog entry will have a little redeeming value besides the cute mouse photo!):

+ + +

Remember this when you are up against a DW meme: Easy World does not follow the Difficult World "rules."


No matter what is going on in Difficult World, and no matter how much time you're spending there, Easy World is still operating on your behalf to bring your intentions to fruition. However, in order to reap the benefits and experience the magic, you have to be there.

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Aspen viewing, 2008

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Rick and I went on our annual aspen-viewing trip on Friday, and though the picture taking wasn't quite up to usual par, the actual viewing itself was the most spectacular ever--it just wasn't particularly photogenic! We decided we'd done the Squaw Pass route from Evergreen to Idaho Springs just a couple of months ago, and we hadn't been on Fall River Road in a few years since we'd started doing Squaw Pass, so it was time.

It was sprinkling by the time we got to Idaho Springs and Fall River Road, which is just beyond it a couple of miles, but that only managed to make the leaves seem even more gorgeous. It's a really beautiful route, with plenty of aspen in view both close to the road, and on the mountainsides rising from either side.

At almost the top of the road is the trail up to St. Mary's Glacier, which we hiked about 9 years ago--knees can't do that anymore--and just beyond that is a lovely pond (pictured above) with a few nice cabins, some (frankly) depressed-looking condos from the 80s (strange, and hard to imagine looking at this gorgeous photo), and a few defunct businesses, their log buildings now sporting commercial realty signs. (I don't hold out much hope for leasing them! That is one long, steep, windy road, and it is hard to imagine sustaining too many businesses at the top of it.) One business that is gone is what used to look like such a great B&B just up the hill from there in a big log house that overlooked another big pond. We drove by it and saw that, not only was it closed and for sale, the front door had been bashed in. Pretty sad.

On a somewhat humorous note, though I'm doing my best to not be overly political on this blog, the yard signs we saw all the way up the road were McCain/Palin signs (Denver is very liberal; rural Colorado--not so much!). We saw only one Obama/Biden sign and a bunch for local politicians. All other signs were for realtors--lots of homes for sale. Why is that humorous? Because of the economically depressed situation so in evidence, juxtaposed with a show of loyalty to the party that got us in this mess. How is it that so many people are seeming not to be able to make the connection? Fortunately, I believe enough are...Anyway...

Rick got a nice panorama of the pond, as you can see, with lots of gold in it, and I got a couple of decent leaf shots (below), even if they weren't extraordinary. I don't know how well you can tell it from these shots, but there was a lot more orange in the leaves this year than we remembered seeing before--aspen leaves are generally green, yellow and gold only. I did take video, and maybe I'll manage to upload some, but don't hold your breath!

aspen from turnout.jpg


aspen mtn top wires sm.jpgAfter the leaf viewing, we headed to Tommyknocker Brewery in Idaho Springs and had our traditional Buttheads and a very early dinner. Then, we dropped into my favorite little coffee place there before hitting the road for home again, where I managed to get some writing in before bedtime. Gotta keep on top of it!

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