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I discovered last night that I have been trying to write my book about Easy World while dwelling in Difficult World. That is obviously not going to work! Actually, I haven't been in DW all the time while writing, but far too much.

I started noticing a couple of days ago that my shoulders and neck were so jammed together as to be practically parallel and hard as brick, too. My muscles were so tight, they were like steel bands. That is NOT how one feels in Easy World! I have just been so doggone stressed out about meeting the expectations about this book, that I have been forgetting the basics, like specifically invoking Easy World before writing (wow!), like consciously radiating Love as I write (doing that is how
Recreating Eden became such a powerful energy booster), and offering gratitude for the privilege of writing this book.

So I made a list, which is now by my keyboard, so I will remember to do those things. The muscles have greatly relaxed due to a massage this afternoon with my favorite massage therapist in the world,
Melinda Wilkins, and she also did a little spontaneous Matrix Energetics session on me to help me let go of my issues around trying to live up to others' expectations. If you live in the Denver area, I highly recommend Melinda--she gives the most amazing massage, and she has a host of other healing tools in her repertoire!

The first Easy World Power Thought (EWPT)  message went out today. We reached our magic 100 subscribers very quickly and I drew the name today for the Easy World cap winner. I'll be announcing that Wednesday in the EWPT mailing. If you're not already on the list, I hope you'll sign up for a daily reminder to choose Easy World. Hey--even I, the "Queen of Easy World," needs that reminder, so of course, I'm on the mailing list, too!

One thing that helped me notice that I was not where I needed to be vibrationally to write the book was that a friend of Rick's from the blogosphere--Olivia of Happy Luau--read Recreating Eden this weekend and
blogged about it and wrote an Amazon 5-star review of it. Turns out, Olivia is a Top 50 Amazon Reviewer! She loved the book and wrote one of my favorite reviews of all of them. Her comments on the energy in the book and the nudge I got to re-read the preface to RE that reminded me of how hard I was on myself much of the time while I wrote it reinforced the realization from the night before about relaxing, invoking Easy World, and radiating Love. Thanks, Olivia!

Tomorrow--I mean tonight (Tuesday) since it's currently after midnight Mountain time, is October's free teleseminar, Easy World or Difficult World--It's Always Your Choice, plus we'll do some "group radiance" to raise our vibration so that we'll experience the presidential election at the highest level possible. And, we'll see if anyone has questions about the Vibrational Shelter talk I did back in September when we had the malfunction when someone's burglar alarm took over the call. Here's a link to the talk if you'd like to listen to it--feel free to join in for the Q&A right after the meditation at the beginning of the call. Vibrational Shelter recording

Hope to talk to you on the call tonight!

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