No borrowing trouble when you know to choose Easy World

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As is sometimes the case, I came away from Tuesday night's teleseminar feeling that I could have done better if I had managed to be more focused. I was a little all over the place in my mind for a number of reasons. So, after the main talk about how it's always--no matter what--your choice whether to be in Easy World or Difficult World, I think I may not have managed to communicate something as clearly as I would have liked to when answering a question. So I'm going to do that here.

I wish I could quote this exactly, but somehow, even though I was recording it, it ended up not being on the tape! Someone asked me about staying in Easy World when the economy is in crisis--they were facing some potential problems--and I said something to the effect that when you're in Easy World it doesn't matter what the economy is doing in Difficult World. I then said the thing that may have been misunderstood. I said that I had not been affected by it at all--that I simply couldn't get myself worked up to even be concerned about the downturn in the markets, etc. And that's true.

But when Rick and I were talking about it while eating dinner after the teleseminar ended, he suggested that it might have come across like I was implying that we had so much wealth amassed that I was insulated from the problems manifesting in the economy. So I want to set the record straight. That is absolutely not the case! It's just that I haven't felt drawn to that particular quadrant of Difficult World. I simply have not been seduced by the Difficult World Dictator into being concerned about it. It's not that it couldn't happen--though I sure don't plan on allowing it. It's just not something that is standing out for me at this time.

I have been spending as much time in Easy World as possible, especially because of writing this book and wanting it to be imbued with Easy World energy, and I think when you do that, you begin to understand that borrowing trouble is ridiculous! If you encounter a problem in Difficult World, you just need to move into Easy World and it will be handled. When you do that, you are surrendering it to your Spirit, who is your personal constant connection to Easy World, and if you allow it, it will be resolved no matter what is happening in DW! Having a financial buffer isn't anywhere near as powerful as knowing how to choose Easy World!

Here is a little excerpt from Choosing Easy World I think is pertinent:
"Now, let's examine this false but pervasive notion: The key to security is having lots of money. Even in Difficult World, although it's one of the main concepts the DWD is constantly hammering, the key to security cannot be found in having a stash of money to protect against hunger, homelessness, or some kind of attack.  Stashes of money can be stolen, devalued, or otherwise lost. In DW, there is no true security.

"But in Easy World, you are always inherently secure because there is nothing at all to threaten your well-being. In Easy World, there's no starvation, no homelessness, no loss of status--no threat of any kind. And everything you need is always supplied with ease. Because EW is a completely different reality matrix that is built upon and runs on total integrity, Difficult World rules simply can't be applied to Easy World."

I hope I have managed to explain what I meant about not being affected by problems with the economy that are manifesting in Difficult World!

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Sibylle said:

Hi Julia! Just so you see I'm still here - I am but for months my new computer wouldn't let me post comments on ANY blog (now it works, don't ask me how but I'm not likely to complain!).

I have recently lost my job due to economic-downturn cuts and so far I simply refuse to panic about it. There are moments when "how am I going to pay the bills" fears are creeping in but I spot them quickly and consciously return to Easy World.

I'm building my freelance work as well as my business and I simply have to trust that I can live off them!



So glad to hear from you!!!

I'd say I'm sorry to hear about your job, but I prefer to celebrate that as just a necessary event in your evolution! I have total faith in you and Easy World.

I'm excited to hear about all the EW magic that is unfolding in your experience NOW!

Love and hugs,


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