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I am taking this quick break from working on the book because I just have to share something that moved me profoundly. It started when Rick emailed me a link to this YouTube video (yes--we are in the same house and we also email just like we were still in different states!).

I had just been writing about how music bypasses the fearful ego--"he" who separates--and moves you into Easy World, the realm of Oneness when the link to this video came to me.

This is cry-for-joy material--at least, it was for me:

I then found this video of Bill Moyers interviewing Mark Johnson, the big dreamer and manifestor who came up with Playing For Change: Peace Through Music--SO inspiring:

Here is a link to the Playing For Change site:

I'm feeling so much optimism these days...Oneness: It's unstoppable!

Please comment if this moved you--I'd love to hear from you about it!

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bonni said:

Regarding the emails, my husband and I still IM each other in the same house! LOL! It's just easier than shouting from one room to the next (our computers are in different rooms).

Thanks for the videos, too, of course. ;)

Jacqueline said:

Thank you for sharing this, Julia.
It is beautiful, inspiring, and encouraging.
I love how the hope and perseverence of the human spirit shines through!

Love and Joy!

francesca said:

how beautiful! yes, i am crying tears of joy.
thank you julia. i am going to add their link to my blog as well.


Bonni, Jacqueline, and Francesca!

So happy you stopped by and saw the videos and that you commented--I think the more comments, the bigger the energy and the more attractive--I'd love for word of this project to really spread. So thanks, Francesca, for adding it to your blog, too!

I started to post a long, sort of philosophical comment back, but decided to use what I was writing for a new blog entry which I'll plan to post a little later today.

Anyway, I am loving these times of people finding unity again in so many ways.



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