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What a wonderful Easy World day I had today! After a somewhat shaky start (sorry, sister Ann!), I clicked right in and was totally in the flow with the writing and had a wonderful time finishing a chapter that I hadn't really been looking forward to finishing. I received inspiration for just the right personal Easy World stories to add in, and writing those is always fun because it connects me with the magical energy of Easy World.

Sweet Julie, my inner child, was especially pleased today because she was craving a cafe mocha after going cold turkey from coffee for the last 3 weeks, and Rick picked her up one when he went to the bank, which happens to be next to a Starbucks. It was delicious. Now, maybe I can go another 3 weeks without one! I've actually been fine without coffee because I've been drinking Dandy Blend, which is roasted dandelion root, chicory and barley. I know you're probably going to think I'm lying when I tell you it tastes close enough to coffee that if you didn't tell someone it wasn't, they'd totally believe it was! Instant coffee, but coffee nonetheless. Another thing that Rick did that I was really pleased about was that he did some spot cleaning of the filthy carpet. I am loving having him around, and not just for his many great services!

Anyway, I had a fabulous, refreshing, enlivening swim, thanks in part to my new SwiMP3 player that I bought with a little bit of my advance money. (I decided it was a fitting expenditure since swimming helps me to be in Easy World and music helps me swim more vigorously!) After my swim, while I was showering, I was way up there vibrationally, and feeling a tremendous amout of joy and appreciation for the moment. I was happy with the day, and happy that we'd be having dinner courtesy of our favorite Vietnamese restaurant. As I was revelling in the moment, appreciating the day and thinking how great it was that Stepdaughter #3, who has been away at college and has been seldom seen lately, would be coming for dinner tomorrow night. Suddenly, I felt my vibration drop as the thought intruded, "You're a fool to let yourself feel this good--something could happen to mess things up and if you're flying this high, it will really hurt to land!" It was really a split-second, non-articulated thought until I slowed down and deciphered it.

Imagine--the fearful ego removing you from Easy World and the joy that's found therein by telling you that being there is risky--that you won't always be there, so better to get out before you're forced out. That's preposterous! I wonder how pervasive this problem is? I wonder how many times that's happened without me noticing it? I know that it is a so-called protective habit that some of us form--to not allow ourselves to really soar so that the "inevitable" fall from higher frequency will not be so jarring. The "Difficult World  Dictator" (the term I'm using to describe this part of you that's invested in you staying in Difficult World) has what seems like an infinite number of strategies to pull you out of Easy World, but this is one of the sickest! Go ahead and fly as high as you can! The more you do, the more faint the DWD's voice will become. The way you say no to the DWD is by choosing Easy World as many times as it takes.

Have you ever exited joy--or decided not to even go there--due to your fearful self trying to "protect" you?

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FritzM said:

Hi Julia I got off the coffee too. I feel so much better and I am never going back to the caffeine. Today I am very grateful for difficult world because it is a flag for me to get back where I belong which is EASY WORLD where the magic happens!
I have accomplished so much with EASY WORLD. Things just happen by magic. One week after this weekend I am going to Seattle to particpate in a Matrix Energetics seminar. That is opening up another world for me.
Julia have a wonderful thanksgiving

Sibylle said:

Hi Julia,

you know what, I actually think the fearful ego is responsible MOST of the time when we switch from EW to DW, because analysed rationally, most of our daily worries and fears are completely unfounded and irrational. But after all this life-long "training" and media brainwash most of us have had, it can be sooo hard to remember this sometimes...

It's wonderful to see you flying in such bliss!


Julia said:

Happy to hear from you, Fritz!

How exciting that you're doing Matrix Energetics! I had a spontaneous M.E. session with my massage therapist, who is completing her training in it, and it was really helpful. I had been very stressed out about needing to please my publisher and feeling like I didn't have time to do a perfect job, which we addressed, and now I'm far more relaxed and confident about it all! It really freed me up.

Keep allowing and enjoying the Easy World magic!!!



Julia said:


You nailed it. Only it's not just most of the time, it's EVERY time. Even when it's tangible stuff that yanks us out of Easy World, it's the fearful ego that interprets any event as "bad" or "wrong" or other than simply the way it is.

And you're right--we've been totally brainwashed by the DWD and that is supported by a whole society built on Difficult World principles.

You're going to LOVE Choosing Easy World. I'm so excited to be coming down the home stretch with the writing of it!



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