No self abuse in Easy World! (and a gift for you)

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I'm just checking in briefly to say that I've been really keeping busy with finishing up the book. It's been an interesting process. I have tried, at times, to whip myself to get the work done, and yet Easy World doesn't include self-abuse! So I'm having to stay very honest with myself and trust myself to get it done regardless of the fact that I am only inspired to write a few hours a day!

The interesting thing is that I get more done in those inspired few hours than I do when I make myself sit at the computer longer. It feels pretty good to be muting the voice of the fearful ego telling me I have to spend all day, every day writing and, instead, conforming to the Easy World rules for action: Act only when inspired and energized. It really works. I'm loving what's coming through. I really am pleased with this book! I think you'll love it, too...

I sent out a mailing today with this year's holiday gift in it. If you aren't on my main mailing list or the Easy World Power Thought list, you might want to be so you'll get the gifts in the future. But while I'm thinking of it, I'll go ahead and post a link to the download here, too. This is a PDF of a mini-poster with a decree on it that I hope will help you move through the holiday season with ease and grace. Enjoy!

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