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I guess it only stands to reason that when you commit to writing a book about Easy World, you will be tested to see if you can stay in Easy World yourself! This last month has brought several major challenges to my residency in EW, culminating with what one might consider to be the biggest one (at least I sure hope it is!), which I'll tell you about in a moment. But so far, so good. Not that I haven't dipped into Difficult World, but it hasn't been for long and it hasn't been as painful, despite the stuff that would have, in the past, catapulted me into the pits. As I recently wrote in the book, the more time you spend in Easy World, the less deeply embroiled in Difficult World you are when you slip back into it; the less you are fooled into believing that Difficult World is real; and the easier it is to get back to Easy World.

So here's the one that would have knocked me for a loop if I didn't know about Easy World and if I hadn't been devotedly choosing Easy World particularly religiously while writing this book: After celebrating 20 years with the same company the first of last week, Rick was given his walking papers from that company last Thursday in a layoff of a number of IT folks. Some new executive blood came into the company over the last nine months or so, and they are cutting folks loose right and left to bring in their own people. It saddens me a bit that they have no clue the measures to which Rick has gone to bring what was a struggling department when he took it over eight years ago to the smooth running operation it was on the day he left. It was also hard for me to witness how this hurt Rick. (He has been amazing, though.)

But the fact is, as shocking as it was, and as uncertain as the future looks to our limited left brains, this departure is a blessing. I'd even go so far as to say it is a major gift from God.

The day after he was given his walking papers, I raised my vibration really high by swimming, etc., and I rose up to that magical place where problems are no longer problems but blessings. I was able to see with great clarity that this is truly a gift, not a tragedy. First off, the situation he was in was toxic and he just simply wasn't a vibrational match for it anymore. Being there was extremely stressful, and having a break from that can only be beneficial for his health and total well-being.

The bonanza for me, personally, is that with him not having to go to the office everyday, it frees him up to help me and to get lots of other stuff done. He's not only helping me get this book finished and polished up by being my cheerleader, consultant, and copy-editor, he's been taking over some of my household duties like doing the dishes after dinner and such so I am more free to work when I feel Spirit calling me to the keyboard. Plus, I love having him here. I just seem to focus better when he's in the house. I had prayed for help in getting the book done. Seems my prayers were heard!

Thankfully, after 20 years with the company, he has a substantial severance package which gives us quite a few months' worth of income, etc. This means that there is no immediate pressure for him to jump into a new job. He's not going to dilly-dally, but he's going to wait till it feels right. He needs--and has earned--some time to rest. regroup, and get psyched up for it. Never mind that the Difficult World mindset says that with the economy in the dumps, a 54-year-old computer guy might have a hard time finding a job and that there's no time to waste. We are going about this from an Easy World stance, knowing that the right job situation will present itself when the time is right, and the way we coordinate with that is to only act when inspired and energized to. It surely does not yet seem like time for him to start looking. I'm sure we'll know--he'll know--when it is.

Meantime, I'm amazed at how calm and optimistic I feel about it all. I've had a couple of fearful-ego-based outbursts, but I've been able to stay in observer mode with it. Basically, I've really been in Easy World with this, trusting in the process and even being grateful for it, despite my pitiful inner child's fears about her future.

It's really cool, too, that writing this book necessarily keeps me focused into EW. What with my January 2nd deadline, I simply cannot take time off to wallow in Difficult World! I wonder if this was all planned at the Spirit level so that I would be extra prone to being in the flow with all this. Spirit is so efficient, you know! I do feel very spiritually enfolded these days. Reading back over what I had written in the chapter I was working on just prior to learning of Rick's dismissal was eerily like reading a pep-talk from my Spirit to me about this very situation. Just like it was all in Divine Order...(wink) What a great story this is for the book!

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Sibylle said:

Hi Julia!

You are, as usual, setting an example - as you know, I too have lost my job recently, and in my case, finances don't look good, but I'm happy to say I still don't panic but practise staying receptive to what hints life will send me next to nudge me in whatever direction I'll go from here.

Great to see that you and Rick are enjoying your time together (that's one thing I realised lately - while I have the time on my hands, I might as well make the most of it!). It is truly a blessing. How many people have that luxury?


Hi, Sibylle~

So glad you're staying calm with all this. It's for sure that worrying simply puts us in Difficult World and blocks our ability to receive Spirit's guidance as to what our next step is on the path.

There is always a place in the Design for Harmony for us, but we can't click into it if we're not relaxed and available to it!

Thanks for stopping by and adding your energy!



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