It's a magical time

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Whether it's simply that my particular point of attraction is currently causing me to see a disproportionate amount of signs of unity and hope, or whether everyone who is willing to see it is seeing it too, it sure feels like change is in the air. Could it be that we've traveled far enough into the photon belt that the energy that stimulates the reptilian brain has diminished sufficiently to raise us all up a little closer to the vibrational level of Oneness? As Rick put it this morning, "It's a magical time." This was his comment on today's election.

I'm feeling it, too--now. I had slipped for a bit. But Rick's heartfelt comment pulled me right back into my optimism and reminded me of the truth. I'm creating this. I'm creating my experience. And I can create it in Easy World, where magic is the norm, or I can create it in Difficult World, where sh*t happens and disappointment is the status quo.

I confess that my fearful ego's continual picking at me and reminding me how crushed I was 4 years ago the morning after the election had me in its grip when I woke up this morning. I was afraid to get my hopes up--afraid to believe the nation would choose something healthier. Fortunately, I know how the Difficult World Dictator works. I've got "his" number. One of his favorite techniques is to remind you of past disappointments in order to drag you down to that same vibrational level so that you create from that place and your disappointing experience repeats itself--a double bonanza for the DWD. The fearful ego really loves for us to be in Difficult World as it is the only place he exists and will use every means it can to keep us there. Once you realize that, you have a choice. My choice?

I choose to live in Easy World where everything is easy. I choose to live in Easy World where magic happens. I choose to live in Easy World where Love and harmony reign!

My hopes are flying high. Dreams come true in Easy World. So that's where you'll find me! Meet me there, okay?

Oh, yeah--if you're in the USA, please exercise your power and go VOTE!

Are you feeling the magic, too?


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