True security

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I'm having a wonderful time writing this book! I'm so, so excited to be able to turn people on in a major way to Easy World. Wow. What a privilege!

As I was searching my desktop (I just LOVE Google Desktop!) for something else just now, I came upon this that I had saved, and thought it might be useful to put on the blog. It is from a reply I once gave to someone on The Secret Forum (now defunct).

Consider this: your fearful self--your ego--thinks there is security in a steady job, paycheck, etc. But those things are temporal. There is no security in them. Especially if they are not in alignment with the highest possibilities for your life. The part of you that is aware of that will not likely allow you to successfully continue avoiding expansion!

The REAL security is in having complete and utter faith in the Universe (You-niverse) to provide for you and to be continuously advocating for you. There's no job steady enough or no paycheck regular enough to provide true security. Those are just pacifiers for your ego and can so easily go away. But when you build your faith in the Universe's absolute devotion to serving your highest interests, now THAT is true security.


I wrote that before I was blessed with the concept of Easy World, but the nature of Easy World is that it is absolutely devoted to serving your highest interests and providing total well-being. Once you understand Easy World, you just don't have to worry about security ever again. Everything you need is there and is yours when you simply show up in Easy World to claim it.

Can you imagine how your life will change--how much less stressful it will be, with all the benefits a lack of stress confers--once you fully, completely understand that you never ever need to worry again because everything you could ever need is already yours in Easy World? And that worry is just a trap the fearful ego sets to hook you into Difficult World so it can be fed with the energy that sustains it?

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Licia said:

Oi Julia,

I want to let you know how much I apreciate your blog and your "Easy world" idea. Everytime I am a bit overwhelmed I come here and thereĀ“s always a reminder to me of how life really IS - easy and simple and joyous.
Thank you very much! Its a pity that many here where I live (Brazil) dont understand english and therefore cannot take advantage of your great work. I wish that soon it will be a concept that will spread all over the world!

All the best for you!

Julia said:


I'm so happy to tell you that the day my agent posted a notice in Publisher's Weekly that St. Martin's will be publishing Choosing Easy World, a Brazilian company contacted us about buying the Brazilian rights! So I believe it will be published in Portuguese and available in your country. I don't know exactly when (next year sometime, or early 2010 is my best guess), but certainly in Divine Timing! So keep a look out for it...

Thanks so much for your words of appreciation and support--they mean a lot!



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