Impatience is not a feature of Easy World

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I'm learning how to choose Easy World in the face of impatience. I turned in my manuscript 12 days ago and haven't heard a word from my editor yet except confirmation that it arrived in her inbox. To be fair, she said it might be 2 weeks till she even got to it. Of course, I can't bug her--she would probably just say (or think), "I thought you lived in Easy World!" (How embarrassing--and appropriate--would that be?!) So, naturally, this must be a great opportunity to practice actually being in Easy World!

Of course, my ego is dying to know how she likes the book. So much depends on that, it seems. When you're listening to your ego, you're absolutely not in Easy World! So I'm doing what I can to keep busy with other stuff--and there's a lot to keep busy with after putting everything on the back burner since September to immerse myself in writing--but still, the fearful ego is picking at me, trying to get me to worry that she won't like it.

I'm quite eager to take the next steps in the process, but I can't do that till I've gotten her assessment and talked to her about some nitty gritty details! I'm feeling frustrated. Clearly, I'm not in Easy World! I need to breathe...relax...allow...enjoy...again!

Tomorrow evening (U.S. time) is my monthly free teleseminar and I named it "The 411 On The DWD." The DWD is the "Difficult World Dictator," and recognizing when he's taken over and knowing what his techniques are for keeping you polarized to Difficult World will help you stay in Easy World. I hope you can join us! I am so glad that Spirit has set it up for me to be devoted to Easy World. I may need my teachings more than anyone! (There's a banner to the left that you can click on for more info about the teleseminar.)

I'm going to head back to EW now. I choose to live in Easy World where everything is easy. Breathing...relaxing...allowing...enjoying...

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Sibylle said:

It's the so-called "important, grown-up" things that make it easiest for the ego to take hold, isn't it? I've been all easy-world and allowing recently, and now that I'm waiting to hear back from an interview (and my intuition is telling me I didn't get the job and that is perfectly alright, as it means something better is on its way to me), I find myself slipping into really wanting their feedback, hoping they "liked" me, hoping to be reassured... which is not very Easy World at all!

All together now: ommmmmmmmmm... :-)


Julia said:

You got that right, Sibylle! Not so Easy World, but very human. Here's a hug for your insecure inner child who needs a little validation:


Are you still looking in Dublin? I need to get over and read your blog!

Breathe...relax...allow...enjoy...and watch the magic unfold!!! I just know the ideal job for you is calling you to it...



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