Oh, happy day!

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Friday, that is. I'm not saying today isn't a fine day or that yesterday wasn't, but Friday was fabulous! And it came just in time as Thursday found me in the pits. I had let all the uncertainty in my life and all my ego-based fears (that's redundant--ego-based fears!) get the better of me. I was definitely not in Easy World!

Of course, life is always uncertain, but I'm talking about the "known" uncertainties like "When will Rick get a job?" and "Will the severance money last till he gets one?" as well as "When will I hear back from my editor and will she like the book--what if she doesn't?" All scare tactics from the Difficult World Dictator, of course. There was another scary thing I don't want to talk about that was really getting to me, too, and I had just been reminded of it right before I went to get my hair cut and highlighted.

That meant there was no time to process and release my fear before being "trapped" for a couple of hours in a place I didn't feel comfortable crying, so I had a lot of emotional stuff right at the surface I had to hold in all afternoon. I was so low by Thursday evening when I got home, I had a somewhat involuntary #3 (see the
Step-By-Step Frequency Raising System)  and it seems to have made all the difference--that, and the total surrender I did to my Spirit and the choosing of Easy World I did right before I went to sleep that night.

I have definitely found that it is easiest to enter Easy World and still be there hours later when you do it right before you go to sleep.

When I got up Friday, the likely solution to the potentially devastating mystery (the one I don't want to talk about) had presented itself, I felt good (I've been physically really not feeling good for a couple of weeks as I'm doing a new therapy that's causing a healing crisis and making me ache all over), and Rick had gotten a call for a job interview--his first since this whole lay-off adventure began.

I got a call from someone I talk to just once a year at the end of January (that's a whole 'nother story) and she convinced me that I needed to email my editor and just ask if she'd had a chance to read the manuscript yet and if not, when she might. So I did.

She answered right away and said she'd finished it and she really loved it! She thinks it needs to be chopped down--which is great because I had padded it (again, a whole 'nother story I'll tell you later) and so I totally agreed with her. She wanted to go over it again over the weekend and give me notes on Monday. I was thrilled! I can hardly wait to start chopping!

After that, I went with Rick to buy an interview suit (he hasn't worn a suit since our wedding in 1999!), and Men's Wearhouse had a sale so he got 2 gorgeous designer suits with shirts and ties to go with them for a really great price. Score!

It was really warm here in Denver Friday--very Spring-like, and I had Spring fever, which always makes me feel on top of the world. Somehow, all the unknowns and the DWD's fear mongering just evaporated.

We decided to celebrate our progress, so we went to dinner at
Tables, a funky chic little restaurant we'd been wanting to try. It was amazing. The whole day was.

It's crazy how when we're low, we forget how to get back to joy again. Thankfully, there's only so much stuffing of feelings and fears one can do before we can't stuff any more and joy calls us back Home again!

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Olivia said:

Lots of really good news here, Julia! I am happy for both you and Rick. Thank you for your encouragement today :) xxoo, O

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