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This is going to just be a quickie to check in and let you know that I'm kind of tied up in working on revisions to the book. It's turned out to be more time-consuming that I had planned as not only am I needing to cut down the length, I've decided an additional chapter is needed to focus on the problem-solving aspect of Easy World. Naturally, that is woven all through the book, but when my editor asked for more focus on how to deal with problems we consider to be quite serious, I couldn't figure out a better way than to do that than in a new chapter. So...please bear with me while I get this done!

OH! I forgot to report that I did finally get feedback from her, which is obvious from reading the above, and she loved the book! Her exact words were "You've written an amazingly powerful, inspirational book that will help so many people! It has definitely changed my life; I look at things in such a different way now! Thank you for all your wonderful work."

Her primary issue was that the book was too dense with some redundant parts, and that I need to cut it down. She said the book she bought was about 2/3 as long as the one I turned in. This was absolutely perfect as I had never wanted to write such a long book and had padded it a lot to get it to the length it was. I had ignored my own guidance and had done what someone else had led me to believe that she wanted.

That's a lesson I guess one can't learn too many times--listen to your own inner guidance! But I'm much happier cutting out the fat and have no problem with doing that at all. If you read Recreating Eden, you know I'm into streamlining and condensing so that every word contains maximum energy.

Anyhoo, here's a little snippet from the new chapter:

What creates the seriousness of any problem is the amount of resistance we apply in the face of it. The amount of resistance is almost always directly proportional with the degree to which we don't want something to happen. Therein lies the rub. The more we don't want something to be happening, the more resistance we apply. The more resistance we apply, the harder things get, the more we don't like them, and the deeper we sink into DW, and so on. It's a trap, indeed. Thankfully, we know the way out of the trap.

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