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In my quest to generate interest in Easy World and the other aspects of my ministry, I finally decided I could no longer afford to avoid Twitter. (I need to get a clickable banner to put on my blog, but till then, you can find/follow me on Twitter here: http://twitter.com/EasyWorldJulia) I came across an article that was titled "Twitter Is Not Stupid," and it made sense.

I was attracted to the article because I had been saying "Twitter is stupid," for months! I mean, it was hard to see how anybody would care what I'm doing--and I sure wasn't all that interested in what most everyone else was doing--but now I see that's just a default cue--you can say anything you want as long as it's under 140 characters. I signed up for it over a year ago and almost never used it. All that has changed.

I can surely see why people say it can suck the life out of you if you're not paying attention! Between last night and today, I've spent hours and hours learning about it and using it, however clumsily. It's a whole culture to assimilate and assimilate into, and I just hope I don't do something to get myself shunned!

My friend Jacqueline is helping me figure it out. She's a pro--the quintessential new-media networker. She's perfect for it because she is very personal-relationship oriented and loves to promote her friends. And she has a heart as big as the galaxy. She's done tons for me!

I want to use Twitter not just as a networking tool, but as a way to spread Easy World, so I'm doing "Easy World breaks." Jacqueline does "joy breaks" where she tweets (listen to me talking Twitter lingo!) uplifting words from time to time throughout the day. I decided to remind people to choose Easy World and to breathe..relax...alllow...enjoy...and watch the magic unfold!

So you know what the "Tweeter" is in my post title. What's the "Woofer" referring to? My computer speakers are a wreck--so messed up it drives me nuts to listen to them. Since I need my music to keep my vibrational frequency high, I consulted with Rick and he used the Amazon.com credit we've accrued (we have the Amazon.com Visa) to buy new ones. I'm excited. I'll have my music back! (Get it? Woofer and tweeter?)

Today was very Springish here in Denver. I had intended to go and buy pansies today, but was pooped and had a lot to do. Instead, I took a break in the garden and cleared some of the last year's dead growth from one of my perennial beds so that the tulips weren't covered up. Just stems and leaves so far, but the flowers aren't far behind!

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Michelle S. said:

Hi Julia! Well, since your blog is probably the third reference to Twitter I've seen in a couple of weeks and I've been curious about it for awhile, I figured I'd give it a whirl! Thanks for the inspiration, and see you on Twitter!
I fallowed my garden completely last winter, and just uncovered it a week or so ago. Now all that bare, rich, inviting soil is just begging to be planted. I can't wait till my tax refund check comes (yay, more abundance pouring in!) so I can get started on my veggies and herbs! Yummmm...
Have an Easy, Joyful day
Michelle S.

Francesca said:

I was so resistant to Twitter and Facebook also, but I recently jumped on the bandwagon as well. I'm still not very active with either, but it's really an accomplishment for me to be on them at all! See you on Twitter...

I've been on Twitter for quite a while now. It is a great way to drop a line or just be inspirational as the mood dictates. I also love following Twitter people of interest. Its so easy and it doesn't take up much time.

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