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Something I'm coming to realize in a big way is that if you're going to be the Easy World messenger, you need to be in Easy World! Or at least make a total committment to being there and then sticking to it. But that's the one thing about Easy World that is sometimes not easy: talking your ego into letting you be there when it is all stirred up.

What has it stirred up at the moment is that my agent, Lisa, told me today that my editor is expecting the book to be published in April or May 2010. More than a year away. I have found myself from time to time feeling sick at the thought of waiting even till next March to get this book out there. I can hardly even go on Powerful Intentions, because most every question that someone is asking there is answered in the book, and it just makes me frustrated that they can't yet read it.

So I'm thinking the only thing to do is find other avenues for getting the Easy World message out there. For starters, I'm teaching a class that will be recorded and made into an info product that will be available for sale on my website(s). It's called How to Tap the Power of Easy World for Joy, Prosperity, Peace and Love. The class filled quickly today when I sent out an announcement about it. I was surprised not to get any signups from my much smaller Easy World Power Thought list yesterday, because it's a $111 value for only $22! But I am sure that the people who are a match for the class are the ones who will be in it.

So I'll be doing lots of stuff to get the word out in other ways and I have lots of other ideas for projects. Jennifer (my editor) wants to take time with getting the book out so we can maximize marketing/publicity efforts, which is great and even though I'm feeling impatient, I am grateful.

We had a meeting yesterday--Jen, Lisa, and I--to come up with a dream list of A-list authors we'd like to have endorsements from, and though I've only had time to approach 2 so far, I'm 2 for 2 as far as saying they're willing (YAY!), and Lisa has had great luck with one as well as with another big, big name who has to run it by his publisher. Fingers are crossed. Jen is going to be pursuing some really big names as well. Easy World will get the right endorsements--of that, I am sure. Meanwhile, it's fun to send out the manuscript so that at least somebody is getting to read it! (Or, skim over it, as the case may be!)

I'm also certain EW will assure that Choosing Easy World appears in bookstores at exactly the optimal time, even if my ego doesn't approve of the schedule!

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Michelle S. said:

Hi Julia,
I know you're far more familiar with the subtleties of Easy World than myself, but as I read your post my Inner Voice practically shouted, "Source is orchestrating this delay because she's going to be busy opening other doors, encountering other people/places/situations that are perfectly synchronous in the mean time, and whatever all she's doing in that mean time is meant to compliment the emergence of the book in exactly the most perfect way." Does that make sense to you? I think I've phrased it a bit awkwardly but hopefully this messenger didn't mangle the Message too badly! I thought I'd send you the thought just in case it might offer you bit of Ease in a frustrating situation.
Be peaceful, be easy, be joyful
Michelle S.

Julia said:


You are exactly right!

That is what I know at a higher level. The "me" that's been working toward this for 30 years and who is not that fond of self-promotion, etc., is just sometimes tired and at a lower vibration, out of Easy World!

Thank you for your loving words of support. That were just what I needed to hear.

OH! Funny! The "captcha" letters I'm filling in to be able to post this are kptsmp. I'll have to figure out what the "k" stands for, but the ptsmp must stand for "perfect timing St. Martin's Press"! Nice little Spirit wink, eh?!



Michelle S. said:

I just LOVE spirit winks! Had one just today. And you get part of the credit for it! Thanks in HUGE measure to your kind words of wisdom to me, I made enormous progress today in discovering a lot of what's been keeping me in resistance to allowing my New Perfect Job! Ecstatic with all I'd discovered and needing a moment to absorb it all, I left my journal and walked outside to enjoy our gorgeous weather for a bit. I silently repeated my epiphany to Source, feeling for the answer -- it felt so right, it had to be right...right? As if on cue, a small white feather floated down from seemingly "nowhere" (now-here?)and settled beside me. ...A white feather is the first thing I ever set out to bring into my experience and I did it Easily!
As to the "K" in your own wink hmm.. "keeping", maybe?
Thanks again for all you've done, you're a gem! Have an Easy, peace-filled evening,

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