Celebrate the "can't have it" message

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I started writing a blog entry to follow up on the last one, but what came out was so much more substantial than expected, I decided to make it a whole article. If you're not already on my email list, be sure to add your name (on this blog page or any page of www.JuliaRogersHamrick.com) and it will come to you in a mailing soon.

What I'll post here are the original thoughts that inspired the article--basically, my notes, taken with fumbling hands as the concepts blazed into my consciousness. (I think that I should be able to put them in writing as fast as Spirit downloads them to me, but they come into my head more rapidly than I type!)

Here is something that I have been saying for awhile now: A desire is your Spirit's notification that something you would love to have is ready to be delivered.This is the backdrop for the following:

The "can't have" reaction some of us experience when we are reminded of something we desire is the DWD's defensive move. It is for the purpose, as always, of keeping us out of Easy World, where true fulfillment is experienced. It's a threat response. A survival mechanism. The Difficult World Dictator / fearful ego can't survive if we allow the fulfillment of our desires. It needs our wanting and longing and sense of unfulfillment to maintain its very existence. When we experience joyful fulfillment, the DWD evaporates.

So, when you get that pesky "I can't have that" reaction, just take it as a sure sign that ego is threatened. And if ego is threatened, it means fulfillment is very close, indeed. It's a sign you can, indeed, have that which you desire--and already do, in Easy World.

Next time you experience a desire, and that "can't have it" pang strikes, celebrate! It is evidence that the fulfillment of your desire is, indeed, close at hand. Not to mention, celebrating moves you into Easy World, where all your desires are fulfilled.

As long as you don't buy into that sad, tired "can't have it" song and dance that keeps you in the vibrational realm where you can't possible see it, much less enjoy it, and as long as you breathe...relax...allow...enjoy, what you desire will show up in divine timing--in Easy World, of course!

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Ah HAH! (Yes, I just had an "ah hah" moment.) And the reason the ego is threatened is because if you have whatever it is, it will mean that the self-constructed world and identity that your ego clings to (because, face it, that's its job!) will be seen to be not correct.

In other words, if my ego has constructed as part of itself the idea that, for example, "I could never get a book published," and I persist in writing one and working to get it into print, etc., then the closer I get to actually getting a book published, the more my ego is going, "Wait! In MY reality, this can't happen!" If it DOES happen, the ego is on wobbly ground and since it's only built of twigs of thought and habits of ideas and bits of memory stuffed in the holes, it's always at risk of falling down if things get too rough.

Hehe. Good. Thank you. Thank you very much. I wanted to share the joy of my Ah HAH moment with you. :)

Julia said:

Hi, Caterpillar Woman~

Yes! I like the way you expressed that from a slightly different perspective.

LOVE those aha! moments! So glad I could catalyze one for you!

Thanks so much for sharing the joy of your moment with me!



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