Back from my trip & so much to do! (My new, wiser approach)

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Since getting back from a wonderful week in beautiful North Carolina on Wednesday night, I've been allowing myself a gentle re-entry. I've been especially mindful of my inclination toward being impatient with myself during times of transition. I have not always given myself time to rest and to reassemble all the parts of me that seem to be in disparate places right after a trip--not waited for all aspects of me to catch up and reintegrate before expecting peak performance. "So much to do, so much to catch up on!" is the thought that echos in my mind after a time away from the office, and it only serves to panic me, rendering me ineffectual.

But this time, I really saw this in a new, clearer way and was wiser about it, giving myself the leeway to feel a little discombobulated, emotional and lost for the first full day back and then some. I'm actually still allowing myself some "getting up to speed" time.  In such a situation--and, indeed, in any situation--impatience only serves to rocket one to Difficult World!

Humans are process-oriented beings, and the more one honors her processes, the more easily one moves through them. Even though the Difficult World Dictator will use every opportunity to take over if it sees that you are not in your most centered state, you can prepare by planning in some days to become re-centered after any major event that might require subsequent readjustment like travel or other big change in your routine. When that impatient "you should " voice turns up the volume to bully you into doing the many things on your to-do list before you feel really ready, simply choose Easy World, breathe and "re-boot" with the Easy World invocation and actions. Remember that you are your most efficient and effective if you only allow true inspiration and energy to motivate you--not "shoulds"--and you need time to rest and regroup before you'll be aligned to receive inspiration and feel totally energized.

I've been going over the "2nd pass pages" I got back from St. Martin's--they're the typeset pages that look exactly like the book will look (once they're trimmed out and bound). It's the only major project among about a dozen waiting in the wings that I've felt truly inspired and energized to work on since I got home (and a good thing, too, as I have to have them back in NYC by the 26th.). This is my last chance to find any typos or make any changes of any kind before the book goes to press. Yikes! This is getting very real now! Sooooooo excited!!!

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