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I want to apologize for not blogging more often--I've been spending a lot of time on my Facebook Fan Page, though it's not called a"fan page" anymore now that you don't become a fan, you just "like" a page. Anyway, to stay current with what's going on with me, I invite you to "like" my page! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Julia-Rogers-Hamrick/355243384767

I have been digging through my old documents lately, and I found this and thought you might find some value in it. I don't remember this exchange, but I'm thinking I was conversing with someone in a Powerful Intentions forum. I seem to have been trying to explain the difference between hardcore judgment, which keeps us stuck in Difficult World, and preferences.

Preferences are like "judgment lite"! You are acknowledging what feels better to you. All comparison is duality based, and as long as we're in duality, that's a given! But designating preferences acknowledges that what you're thinking is an opinion--not the ultimate truth--and that there are other possible opinions.

It's not reasonable to expect that you can give up judgment without transitioning out of it. It's something you do little by little by simply becoming aware and deciding to take whatever little steps toward it that you can.

Please know that I do not claim, by any stretch, to have forsaken judgment completely, however much I'd like to. It is what the duality matrix is built on and it is entrenched in the human consciousness. Like I said, though, the unwillingness to simply take a neutral stance is what keeps humanity trapped in a world where evil can exist.

Here is the crux of the matter, really: Judgment is the tool your ego uses to withhold Love. Ironically, the very thing necessary to transform what you perceive as bad or wrong is more Love. Love is the only transformational force in the Universe.

I'm not talking about loving the perpetrator of a crime--in fact, we are not called upon to love ANYONE! We are only called upon to love, period. And that is for our own benefit.

Whenever you block the flow of Love from Source moving through you during judgment, you are depriving YOURSELF of Love--of Life Force--not to mention, the rest of Creation. So, key in transitioning out of judgment is a commitment to what I call "unconditional radiance" which is loving no matter what and not allowing anything to cause me to stop the flow of Love through me.

Here is an excerpt from Recreating Eden that addresses this issue. It is in the chapter that talks about our Qualities of Origin, the energy-moving tools we were born with. (When we are born, we are still dwelling in Paradise.):

Unconditional Acceptance is a most powerful quality. You were born accepting everything without qualification. You accepted your body, your mother's love, your drunken uncle, the shack or mansion you lived in--even your feces--without judgment. (Remember judgment? The very stance that shifts you out of the Garden?)

Granted, some of the things I named were not necessarily in harmony with the Whole, and you may certainly have liked some things more than others, but you did not judge. Until you were taught to do so, you made no judgments about anything!

Remember--in the Garden (where you were dwelling in consciousness at that time--or at least in the close proximity of it), nothing is good or evil, right or wrong, it simply is. Unconditional acceptance does not mean you condone something, it merely means you acknowledge it without judgment. And if you believe something needs to change, it's still necessary to accept how it is first.

Acceptance is the point at which true change can occur, as only when you are in alignment--in non-judgment--can you marshal the Love that is necessary to transform anything.

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Michelle Smith said:

Wonderful, Julia! Sorry I've been away so long, I hope you really enjoyed your trip to NC. I haven't been able to get back home in a couple of years now, and I sure miss those Carolina mountains. I love this piece on judgement -- one of my personal bug-a-boos. Thanks for transforming my day today! Big hugs,
Michelle S.
Pearland, TX

Julia Author Profile Page said:

Thanks, Michelle~I did, indeed, love being back home during azalea season!

I think judgment is one of everyone's bug-a-boos! (love that word!) If my bringing your attention to it could help uplift your day, I am so glad.

Hugs back atcha!!!

Nice to follow you on blog jog day!

Barbara Techel
Award winning author of the Frankie the Walk ‘N Roll Dog Book Series
My passion is bringing a positive face and voice to animals with disabilities
Frankie is Wisconsin Pet Hall of Fame Companion Dog

Julia Author Profile Page said:

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi, Barbara!

I will go check out your blog--I am a lifelong dachshund lover and have had 2 dachsies with disabilities (the typical dachshund issue--paralysis from disk problems). One used a cart with great success, and the next one refused and decided the very day I tried it on her, to will herself to walk again!

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