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There is so much going on right now! With the launch of Choosing Easy World coming up August 3rd, there are a million critical tasks that all seem to need to be completed at the same time and the pressure of feeling everything has to be done perfectly and completely or I will miss my big chance to not just launch the book, but launch my dream.

So, how have I been handling it? Like a champ--I got sick! I took myself out of commission for more than a week by getting a monster cold/sore throat/ upper respiratory infection. I was not kidding around--something inside me was saying STOP!!! You're not in Easy World!!! And I created it so that I had no choice but to reassess and regroup.

Turns out to have really been a helpful thing, though I would like to think that next time, I could just figure out that I was putting too much pressure on myself and voluntarily pull back. Now that I am mostly on the other side of the malady, I am being much more relaxed about everything. One thing I have realized is that in order for this to be successful, I have to live the message--I have to BE in Easy World! And I definitely was not. Breathe...relax...allow...enjoy...and watch the magic unfold.

As I move through the next 6 weeks, I will do it knowing that I am not only more efficient and effective in Easy World, it's the only place I'm going to see my dreams coming true!

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