Hanging with the Big Kids

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Donna Michael & Julia INATS 2010 sm.jpg
This weekend was really cool. It was INATS (International New Age Trade Show) West weekend, which, as long-time readers of my blog know, means Donna Michael, my buddy since 7th grade, was here in Denver for it. She was one of the entertainers..

We had our customary girlfriend day on Thursday, and ended up going to Golden again even though we had considered heading up to Boulder to check out Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant. (Turns out it was fine we missed out on Leaf as Rick and I are going to Boulder this week to take Allison, Stepdaughter #2, who is now vegan, to dinner there.) So Donna and I enjoyed our lunch, sitting outside overlooking Clear Creek Whitewater Park, watching the tubers shoot the little rapids in front of us. It was a perfect weather day--warm, dry, and sunny with a breeze. Magic!

We then went to Red Rocks Amphitheatre--Donna had not been there before and it's a must-see, especially for a musician like Donna! So beautiful and the energy is sublime there--lots of music vibes and happy feelings stored in those ancient  rocks!

On Saturday and Sunday, I went to INATS and my desire to "play with the big kids" (which you read about in this blog entry) found a new level of fulfillment! Okay--I didn't play with them much, but met and talked to them! Here I am with Louise Hay, Denise Linn, and Joan Borysenko:

Julia w Louise Hay INATS sm.jpgJulia w Denise Linn at INATS 2010 sm.jpgJoan Borysenko & Julia INATS West 2010 sm.jpgI also was delighted to get an email from Gay Hendricks saying that I can add him to my list of spiritual author all-stars who will be participating not only in the book launch, but the 10 Radiant Seconds event! So far we've got Gay, Marci Shimoff, Joe Vitale, Peggy McColl and Patrick Combs lined up for 10 Radiant Seconds PLUS my awesome musician friends, Laraaji, Donna Michael, Brenda McIntyre and Teresa Albright with LaDon Jones. I'm so excited about this!!! You can bet that there will be more forthcoming about this event...

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