How to shed 55 excess pounds (and get healthy!) in Easy World

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Julia green soup.jpgThis is me at a restaurant a couple of days ago, eating raw green soup. It was delicious and I've been thinking about how to recreate it ever since.

Julia fat in 2007 at restaurant.jpgAnd this was me before, at a restaurant a couple of years ago, eating some kind of cheesy sandwich and chips that were totally unmemorable. I don't even know what I weighed at that particular point, but it was at least 50 lbs. more than now. I hadn't even topped out by then--I certainly didn't get on the scales very often!

So many folks have expressed a desire to know how I've so easily dropped so much weight, so I'm going to hit the highlights. I've already outlined some of this in other entries, but not from the place of having trimmed down to this point! This blog entry will be a multi-parter. I'll put the rest up in the next day or two.

The first and most vital thing, was that I had to finally wake up and face the fact that I was unhealthy and fat because I was living out of integrity with my Self and the divine blueprint for my health. I was not in alignment with the Design for Harmony within me. My health was deteriorating and I got to the point where I was unable to even walk without excruciating pain and was rapidly approaching not being able to walk at all. So I guess that actually the first thing was I needed to get to the place where I was sufficiently motivated to change. The specter of not being able to walk is very motivational!

I had abdicated responsibility for my health and I was also in a co-dependent relationship with Rick which centered around food--not so much "bad" food- but food that wasn't right for my body. Food that I was eating to soothe myself emotionally and, I suspect, to create some sort of insulation from the stings that come along with living on one's Pluto line and dealing with challenging blended family issues, etc. I did a whole lot of stuffing of anger and feeling powerless and stuffing myself with fattening foods.

One day, as I sat on my bed for a half hour or more, as had become routine, trying to get up the courage to make it the 5 feet or less to the toilet in the master bathroom because my knees were in such horrendous pain, something said, "Julia--this is not very Easy World." (Ya think?!) 

I'd been using a walker to get around and a wheelchair when I had to go more than about 30 feet--VERY humbling and definitely not an EW experience for me. As I contemplated my need to live my truth about Easy World and everything else, especially since I'm the Easy World messenger, I realized that in Easy World, all this was already solved. I realized that I needed to surrender it to my Spirit, my personal Easy World guide, and let the Easy World magic transform me. I needed to do whatever I had to in order to get back to Easy World and its miracles.

So I surrendered. I sincerely surrendered and said I'd do ANYTHING and I'd let go of
ANYTHING in order to heal. I meant it. And the guidance came.

Here's what I was guided to do. I was guided to refuse the powerful rheumatoid arthritis meds the rheumatologist said was the only answer (and it was, indeed, the only answer he had for me) and to get off of the one I'd been on for 10 years that was suppressing my immune system. I always felt I was somehow betraying my body's wisdom and violating a sacred trust when I was on this, but for a lot of years, the drug allowed me to stay in denial and eat the way I was eating without much pain. No more! That same medicine I'd been on for so long is renowned for adding pounds, but I can only blame that for so much!

So I decided to let my Spirit direct my healing and knew that a big part of that was that my weight would normalize. I instinctively knew my focus needed to be on feeling good and giving my body what it needs to feel good. And that the rest would magically take care of itself!

I was guided to go to a holistic clinic in Spain--Buchinger Marbella--to fast/cleanse and rest for 3 weeks. There's a whole cool story about how the Universe financed this for me, but I'll tell it later--don't want to get too bogged down in details. Suffice it to say, it was amazing the way everything was provided to make following my guidance possible even when I hadn't at first figured out how I could.

To be continued...

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY, friends in the USA! Hope you're enjoying the holiday and appreciating your freedom.

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FritzM Cat said:

It gets easier as we move along.

From alcohol world to cigarette world--easier

From cigarette world to eating too much world easier

From fat world to too much caffeine world easier

From caffeine world to exercise world easier

then since I had lost the above friends I noticed that I was getting bouts of anger

so I joined the complaint free world process.

Now I spent much more time in EASY WORLD and also

in exercise world

Kris Iselin-Bradley said:

Julia! This is amazing. You are giving yourself LIFE. You have inspired me. I made a kale, pineapple and blueberry drink yesterday. My girls LOVED it. I can't wait to read more of your blog. XOXO ((((HUGS)))) Love, Kris

Francesca said:

Congratulations Julia! This is wonderful, and you look fabulous! ♥

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