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Eat, Pray, Love trailer

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Here's the trailer for Eat, Pray, Love! At first I was challenged to imagine Julia Roberts as Liz Gilbert, but I think it works--what do you think? So eager to see the movie!!!


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I was recently interviewed about Easy World by Isabel Morales and it's now in the archives at Joy Vibe Radio and ready for listening! I think you'll enjoy the energy--truly a "joy vibe"!

Isabel is one of several who hosts on Joy Vibe, which was started by Sierra Goodman, the amazing woman who runs a dolphin and whale sanctuary in Costa Rica and who lost 180 lbs. through using LOA principles. Isabel, who I met through the old Powerful Intentions community, and I have great chemistry and she is very attuned with Easy World, so that made for a really fun time.

joy vibe radio logo.pngLiving in Easy World with Julia Rogers Hamrick on Joy Vibe Radio


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