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Here's to the misfits

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Makes you proud to be a misfit, doesn't it?!

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Today I posted on my Facebook page that when you're in Easy World, perfect resources of all kinds just start showing up. Well, I was in Easy World today--really started feeling it while I was outside, on the deck, eating my brunch in the sunshine--and not only did a marvelous mood show up, but so did some great resources!

No surprise, the resources that turn up when you're in Easy World are ones that are totally aligned with Easy World and support you in being there when you use them!

Years ago, I had an email exchange with a guy named Noah St. John. I don't even remember why we were in touch, but he had an idea he was starting to put out to the world. At the time, I thought it was pretty cool, but didn't follow up on it--knew I'd do it later, when the time was right. Well, today, however many years later, the time was right!

Before I tell you the rest, check out this video of him on YouTube, talking about his idea, "afformations":

For some reason, my high vibrational state today had me suddenly, spontaneously, coming up with afformations! I looked up the video only after I'd written a whole bunch of them--Easy World just stimulated my memory of them and inspired me and energized me to come up with the ones that I needed.

One of the ones I think you'll like, too, is "Why is money flowing so freely for us now?" Rick loved that one, too, and we've been asking each other that (and several other ones) with lots of feeling in our voices. Fun!

Afform away! It's soooooooooooo Easy World!!!

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