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Holy Tea update with testimonials

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 I continue to be thrilled with the results of drinking Holy Tea. It's fantastic to have something so very easy to do that impacts your health so greatly!

I've been asked how long to stay on the tea--my answer is "as long as you're exposed to toxins"! Because we live in an environment where we breathe in pollutants, partake of a food supply laced with pesticides, heavy metals, and plastic residue, and drink water that has heaven-knows-what in it, we're continually taxing our bodies and causing it, at the least, to be less efficient. When we drink the tea on an ongoing basis, it relieves our kidneys, liver, and colon of a huge load so that they can more effectively clean our blood as they are designed to, so that healing of all kinds is promoted.

In particular, for me, the most dramatic difference I've experienced is in my joints. Apparently, poor colon function causes toxins to be reabsorbed into the bloodstream and then to settle in your joints, causing inflammation. Since I've been drinking the tea, my mobility has improved immensely. My knees, which were seriously compromised because of arthritis and a exercise-induced injury, are now working almost normally. I was limping severely, and needing a cane to walk, which was causing lots of problems with the rest of my musculo-skeletal system. But now I am able to walk with a normal gait without a cane or other assistance, and I'm working up to greater stamina. Next, the stairs! Though I've done many other things in the quest to heal my knees, and I know they've also contributed, I did not experience dramatic improvement in my knee function until I'd been on the tea for a couple of weeks.

The range of benefits the tea offers is truly exciting. Here are some testimonials my sponsor, who has been involved with the tea for a few months longer than I have, has received about other amazing results of drinking the tea:


"I'm telling everyone about the Tea. I'm Losing lots of weight and looking better then  I have in years, so that's the best advertising. The black I've had under my eyes that I've had all my life is going away. Also, my Hot Flashes are gone. I noticed that this moring at work. I realized I haven't had one since I started the Tea!"  --Sharon

"I am really enjoying the tea.  I have for the first time in my life been regular.  I never thought I would be so happy to poop!   I have not had any other symptoms, just an over all sense of well being...Thanks for letting us know about the tea!         --Julie


"I am very delighted with the Tea results. I lost 6 lbs in 4 weeks; effortlessly:-)And, I feel better then ever!"  --Sabine

"...My IBS symptoms came back  (while I was off the Tea) so I am glad to be drinking it, again."   --C

 "I had my daughter sign up wholesale for the Tea. (She is on auto ship so she gets it monthly) She had a stroke in 1989 and since then has had a paralyzed colon. She has a terrible time evacuating and had to resort to laxatives or enema's every 3 or 4 days. Since she started on the tea she is regular and feels so much better. It has been a real blessing for her." --Jean


"I have suffered from IBS for years. (Irritable Bowel Syndrome.) I never took meds for it because they always caused me other problems. At the time I started drinking the tea,  I was having a particularly bad episode that had been going on for a week.  The tea settled my stomache IMMEDIATELY and untied the knots!! Within a few days my BOWEL MOVEMENTS were "normal", something I had not experienced in years.  I was so relieved!  (literally, haha)
Also, I have always had skin problems, a ZIT or two always.  They are GONE,  My mom noticed the change in my skin right away. 
AND, (this one is a little embarassing but funny).  I have always been a STINKY-GIRL.  There's just no other way to put it. I have had to buy the strongest deodorant,  feet stink, sometimes in the summer, I have actually ruined clothes.  Even drinking lots of water.  NOT now! After a few weeks on the tea I noticed I had NO SMELL!  It's really amazing.    This has been my favorite change I think.  
I must be SLEEPING BETTER, because I wake up refreshed and ready to go.  Before, I was dragging! 
AND, I'll let you know more on this later,  but I have a CYST thing on my arm that I have planned to get cut off for a couple years.  I swear I think it is SHRINKING!
This tea is truly amazing stuff."      --L

Here are some links to other blog entries where I've talked about the tea and shared about some of the additional benefits I and others are experiencing:


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Expansive conversation

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Wow. I feel like I've ingested some kind of rocket fuel! I have been feeling on the cusp of major expansion and today, I entered into a new phase of it.

You may remember in an entry from the recent past that I decided it was time for me to accept greater abundance, and I asked for Easy World ways to make money. That's when the Holy Tea Club thing started taking off in a big way. It's also when I decided I needed to offer some classes. Suddenly, my attunement calendar started filling up as well, and the energy in the classes and the feedback I'm getting is like leavening! I've had several raves about my attunements, and comments that I am underpricing for the immense value of what I offer. Add to that the money that is coming in, and it is fueling my confidence that, indeed, what I have to offer is a lot more valuable than I have been willing to take a stand for till lately. It feels wonderful. I'm ready to value myself and what I do!

I decided some weeks ago that I might need a virtual assistant to help me with some things so that I could focus my energy on doing what only I can do and what I love the most. So I went to Google and put "virtual assistant spiritual" in the search window. What came up in the top couple of results was the website for Donna Marie Castaner (, who promotes herself as a "holistic virtual assistant." As I read through her website, I felt a door open within and a fresh breeze blow through as I experienced a preview of the relief having help in getting everything done that I currently do by myself would be. We exchanged emails--interestingly, she was already familiar with my work, is an Easy World fan, and was on my mailing list--promising signs--and we decided on today as a day to have an exploratory chat as Mercury, which has been retrograde for several weeks, was to go direct again yesterday (the 19th).

As time for the call approached, though, I was a little stymied about what it was that needed to happen. I wasn't at all confident that I could pay her fees at this point unless we generated some new streams of income, and I even wondered if our talking would be a waste of both our time since not only was I not yet sufficiently funded to pay her, but that I wasn't sure exactly what tasks I was ready to trust someone else with. Because she mentions setting up tours and helping Lightworkers expand their platform and visibility, I thought that perhaps she might be able to create a way to pay her way by finding me some gigs that would be lucrative, but I still just didn't feel like that was going to be a happening thing. Even though I felt a bit like cancelling, I was clearly guided not to. When we connected today, I told her right away that I was really unclear about everything, and she was very reassuring. We agreed to just let Spirit lead (ALWAYS a wise plan!), and so that's what we did.

It was a very fast hour. Donna Marie is obviously very intuitive and a creative, possibility thinker. As we talked, I could feel my energy rising. Actually, I could feel an evolutionary synergy at work and I knew that there was a divine reason we had connected. Although we agreed that what I really need right now is more along the lines of a PR agent, and that probably it's not time for me to hire her, she was very happy to spend the hour with me brainstorming. This lead to some superb ideas, one of which I am very excited to implement. You'll be hearing more about that later. I suggested that she bill herself as a "visionary partner" and charge consultation fees to do what she did with me today because she's really great at it! I have requested a "get acquainted" consultation with a spiritually oriented PR person Donna Marie referred me to, and I'm excited over all the new possibilities opening up! So glad I listened to Spirit and didn't cancel that appointment today! Once again, Spirit knows best. As always!

Oh--Webmaster Tony got the guestbook I've been wanting for the Easy World site finished and ready to go live today. I'd love it if you'd take a minute and just go sign in and say hi and make a comment about Easy World. It could be a quick EW anecdote, or simply "I love Easy World"!

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Where does the wisdom come from?

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In my work, I have now come to peace with simply saying that I channel "Divine Mind." As I have blogged about before, I have been firmly guided away from naming a particular entity that I channel. And only through my ego's insistence was I even able to wrangle the label of channeling "Divine Mind" because I needed some way to describe where what I teach comes from, inveterate human that I am!

As I was writing Recreating Eden, I did stay in continual dialog with an energy entity that I powerfully perceived as being the intelligence of Jesus--or maybe, more accurately, the Christ energy--but was given specific instructions not to advertise it as such. That was hard for me as it was so exciting to be touching into such crackling high frequency and to be getting the level of insights I was that were clearly not something coming from my ordinary level of consciousness. I had many hints that Jesus was feeding them to me, as well. My ego was so excited over this and, as egos do, wanted to quantify, qualify, and give it a name. But I was steered away from that.

The reasoning I was given for not attributing the wisdom to a particular entity is that if I am teaching Oneness--that there is only ONE and that our individuality is an illusion that the ONE created--am I not just confusing the matter if I put an individual label on where the wisdom comes from, other than from mySelf, who is inseparable from the ONE which includes Jesus, and everybody else? My instruction was to claim my own divinity and my own access to Divine Wisdom as a way to invite others to claim their own instead of continually ascribing wisdom to some "superior entity."

I have to say, this prohibition has, at times, really frustrated me. Seeing everyone going ga-ga over those who are channeling and naming the entities they channel, while I am just a relatively unknown human being bringing forth higher-level wisdom without having some ascended master's name to put out front in lights as a hook, has felt a little limiting to my ambitious ego. And yet I do trust that my guidance is correct in this--for me, at least.

I have great respect for Esther Hicks who channels Abraham. And my ego is envious because she can be her human self--just the messenger--and ascribe the wisdom to Abraham. And this is just my perception, but I believe she is tapping Divine Mind in the same basic way that I am and just perceiving it as being a group-consciousness named "Abraham" because she has an easier time getting herself out of the way that way. She became a channel many years ago, back in the days when channeling an entity was the way she was able to give herself permission to open up to this higher level of Self.

What I have been told (from within) is that the days of naming entities are now over and that it's time for us to claim our own ability to directly tap Divine Mind. Kind of like for a Catholic to realize they can talk directly to God without an intercessor, however lovely Mother Mary is. It's just a shift in perception. (I think I regularly tap into the Mother Mary/Divine Mother Love energy, too, by the way, and it is often just what someone needs when I'm doing an attunement for them!)

I fantasize that if I had been able to say, "I channel Jesus," or even "I channel Mickey Mouse," I might have had an easier, faster time promoting the message I feel it is my mission to offer. After all, I'm a human being and the overall low self-esteem of other human beings sometimes preclude them from thinking a fellow human can possibly have a line on Higher Wisdom to the same degree that some unembodied entity in another reality can. Without someone famous to give credit to, and, at first, no one knowing me from Adam, I have often felt at a disadvantage even as I knew that what I was bringing through was every bit as powerful as those who are naming entities and attracting masses of people!

OH! Speaking of Adam, maybe I should have claimed to be channeling Adam in the writing of Recreating Eden! (That was a joke.)

Envy or no (and what part of me is it that is envious?!), I do see that it is in alignment for me not to claim to channel an individual entity or entities because it wouldn't resonate as being in alignment for me. I do perceive that there is only ONE mind and we all have equal access. Jesus' aspect of Divine Mind, for example, is available to everybody who seeks it without going through someone else if they raise their vibration high enough. We are all the messengers when we stop playing small and looking to someone else to communicate with God for us! That said, I'm happy to keep sharing what I get in case it supplies a piece that you aren't yet getting on your own! (wink)

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Bright lights ready to grow!

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Tonight was the first session of A New Paradigm Course in Becoming Your Self. It was wonderful! The people in the class are all such bright, shiny lights, and even though there are 6 of us in total instead of the 13 I had first imagined, it is very clear that it's all just as it is meant to be. It's a great size for intimate sharing and for everyone having a chance to contribute. I was thrilled that all 5 were so ready, willing, and able to MOVE and to embrace their God-Beingness.

Interestingly, I had a crisis-of-confidence meltdown this afternoon. My ego-mind was intent on making me think I was in grave danger of failure for having promised so much (I, personally, did not promise it--when I came up with the course and the bullet points, I was taking dictation from Spirit) and brought to mind every time in my 3 decades of teaching that I ever did anything that was not as well received as I had wanted it to be. Sheesh! But a great chance to retrieve the energy from the projection and absorb it back into the Light.

So I worked with that a bit and then employed the Step-By-Step Frequency Raising System. I had myself a good ol' #3 and used some other frequency-raising tools (aromatherapy, breathwork, music) and by the time the class started at 7:00 p.m., I was in a fabulous space of trusting and allowing. I finally remembered to invoke Easy World and guess what! It was SO EASY! Once I remembered that I was simply facilitating the process of these folks being more of who they already really are, and recognized that all I needed to do was get out of the way and allow my Spirit to lead me (DUH!), I relaxed into it and everything flowed beautifully.

I have never claimed to be a teacher because I personally always have it all together! I just know how to get it all back together when it gets away from me!

I'm really happy to have five more sessions of this course with this great group, and 3 sessions of the
Raise Your Vibration, Transform Your Life telecourse (which starts Tuesday), with what I'm sure will be another great group, ahead of me. I just LOVE facilitating them and being with people who are so spiritually focused and ready to grow!

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Happy Birthday, Rick!

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Today is Rick's birthday, and I'm feeling overwhelming appreciation that he decided to show up on the planet when he did! Interestingly (or, at least, it's interesting to me!), he was born 23 days and five minutes sooner than I was, in a town about 60 minutes from where I was. He was born in Chapel Hill, NC, on the UNC campus and I was born in Lexington, NC.

That wouldn't be all that interesting except that when I met Rick, I was in North Carolina and he was in Colorado. We were both 43 at that time.We met online and for the first couple of weeks of our online friendship, I had no idea that he had NC roots--that his parents descended from generations of North Carolinians. I, on the other hand, am the daughter of NC newbies--my family has only been there for 60 years or so.

I always imagine that we were buddies in another realm and decided it would be fun to incarnate on Earth. I see the conversation as going something like this:

I say, "Look--it promises to be a grand adventure and all, but I'm not all that sure about it--could you please go first and check things out to be sure it's okay?"

And then Rick says, "I'd do anything for you, baby!" and leaps into the abyss, finding himself in a cradle in North Carolina (definitely God's country). He sends a message, "It's OOOOOOOOOOOKKKKKKKKKK...come on down!" And so I wait till the timing is perfect, and I leap, too, finding myself blown off course a little so that I end up in a body in a cradle in a town not too far away, but just far enough that we don't find each other for quite some time.

Okay. A fantasy. But it does feel we were destined, even if it took more than 4 decades and a lot of mileage to find each other again.

I actually started writing this because I wanted to pay tribute to Rick's wonderfulness. He's not only my lover and best friend, he's like the big brother I always dreamed of having--you know, the one that takes care of you and protects you and gives you really good advice and helps you remember who you are, putting you in your place when needed!.

Here is a list of just some of the things I love about Rick besides that he is devoted to me and is always doing things to make my life richer, more fun, and easier. He's:

  • brilliant
  • insightful
  • articulate
  • compassionate
  • quick-witted
  • funny
  • intuitive
  • giving
  • patient
  • helpful
  • easy-going
  • loyal
  • wise
  • trustworthy
  • mine! (okay--so no one belongs to another, but you know what I mean!)

Happy Birthday, my love!

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Bits and pieces, chips and dip

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Nothing too profound tonight...just little bits of news...

We made a new batch of videos today--this time, about Easy World. Rick will be editing them and getting them up in the next couple of days. Loving them! I've been wanting a video for the home page for quite awhile. I think we've got one--or several to choose from--that will work just fine. I put one of the other videos (Solving problems by raising your vibrational frequency) on the PI Forum, and it has been very, very well received. I checked the stats on it at YouTube, and it has had 114 views so far. If you feel like it,
please go see it at YouTube and rate it!

The courses I'm offering this month are filling, but more slowly than I had expected based on what I'm charging. I've been wondering if I've seriously underpriced them! Maybe people think they aren't going to be worth their time since they're offered at such a low price. Someone in the teleseminar the other night piped up and said, "These are an amazing value--I encourage you to take a look!" I really appreciated her saying that because it's so true. I think if people realized what's being offered, they'd jump on them! And so I'm intending that they will!

I've been putting together a promotional email for the courses to send out Tuesday, and I'm offering anyone who takes either class the chance to have a one-hour personal attunement at 20% off in Feb. or March. We have enough in each class to go ahead with them, but I'd love to have more people for a fuller dynamic. I guess I'll just stay in Easy World with it and know that we'll have exactly the right configuration!

Tomorrow's going to be like another Saturday as Rick's taking Monday off (yay!) because it's his birthday, so I'll probably be relaxing too. Mine's not till Feb. 27th, so he'll officially be older for just around 3 weeks. We'll be 54 this year! Unbelievable. We're planning to have a little private Super Bowl party--not because we care that much who wins, but because it's a great excuse to have a Margarita and eat chips, guacamole and Mexican 5-layer dip! Gooooooooo Broncos! I did you say is playing?

Found out today that my first month's commissions from the
Holy Tea Club add up to close to $350! Not bad for doing hardly anything...

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