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I did not become a Holy Tea Club distributor with building a business in mind. I just generally don't like doing that. But it seems that this is an Easy World business--it builds itself! After simply responding to inspiration and energy, I blogged about it here and posted about it to a health list I'm on, and I have somehow attracted something like 16 people (things are happening so fast, I can hardly keep track!)--7 retail customers and 9 distributors --with no effort at all! (It's not effort when you're inspired and energized and just do what you are excited to do--that's the Easy World way!) This great wave of response could have something to do with the fact that it's a very new company and getting in on the beginning is so appealing, but it's more than that. It's EW magic!

It stands to reason that something like the tea, that is so powerful but works so easily, would be in alignment with Easy World. I just wasn't expecting it.

Let me give you a little background.

The evening before blogging about the Holy Tea Club, I said to the Easy World angels, "It's time to make some money. But I'm not willing to do anything that I don't want to do. I'm only willing to take inspired, energized action in alignment with Easy World. Please come up with some easy ways for me to make money that will help people."

Actually, I had been mostly focusing on offering some new classes as the way to help and make some money and not thinking about the tea when I asked the angels for help. And I will, indeed, be offering some exciting new classes this winter--lots of potential to really help people elevate their vibrational state which I'll soon be telling you about--but the Easy World angels apparently had more in mind! Thanks, angels! (Did you hear John Forsythe's voice saying that like I did?!)

I am truly continually astonished and thrilled at how easy things are when you invoke Easy World, do what you're inspired and energized to do, and just allow things to work. Oh, how I love Easy World!

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Holy Tea!

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I want to introduce you to the "Holy Tea Club." I discovered Dr. Miller's "Holy Tea" through Venus Andrecht's blog, and the minute I read about it I just knew it was what I needed. I had finally been doing a mercury detox a year and a half after having my mercury amalgams removed--I had been waiting to get my colon, liver, and kidneys ready to do that and finally felt it was time to, but after a couple of weeks of it and feeling really crummy, my chiropractor muscle tested me and said my liver was overwhelmed and that before taking more of the homeopathic mercury detoxer, I needed to detox my liver. This occurred around the time I read about the tea, which is called "Holy Tea" because it contains a large percentage of milk thistle, also called "Holy Thistle," an herb that supplies silymarin, which is a liver detoxifier and support! How Easy World is that? I didn't have to pursue the answer--it came right to me.

I immediately ordered a trial amount of the tea, and started using it as soon as it came. I loved it right away! Very, very cleansing--but very gentle. In fact, it was so gentle, I upped the dosage and started getting more dramatic results. As soon as I was certain I wanted to stay with it, I signed up as a distributor (for free) so I could get a better deal on it. I decided to wait till I was absolutely sure of the results till I shared it with you, and now I am.

Without going into gory detail, I am cleansing at a level that is surprising from just drinking 14 or so ounces of the tea per day. I love the flavor--very mild--and I have to guard against drinking too much because I don't want to cleanse too fast! Instead of telling you what I'm finding in my"cleansing evidence," I'll refer you to the list of benefits of the tea and let you deduce! As for the benefits I'm experiencing, I just feel so much cleaner inside, less bloated, skin is soooooo soft, joint discomfort has diminished, brain fog is lifting (and that's even with the toxic Christmas load I added!), sleeping more deeply and feeling more rested, having more energy and stamina. I'm really psyched about this! It's not only cleansing my eliminative organs, it's helping to detox the mercury as well. It's wonderful to be able to do something so easy that has such a big impact.

Holy Tea is quite an Easy World product. I have taken a lot of cleansing products in my time, but I have never experienced such benefits without discomfort! Do go look at the products page on my Holy Tea Club website and see what you think. Check out the list of benefits and read the testimonials.

What a healthy way to start the New Year--clearing away the old toxins and reclaiming energy and clarity! With ease!

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White Christmas

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Apologies for my silence of late! Despite choosing Easy World much of the time, I let myself get a little overwhelmed during the Christmas whirl, and just plain tired. So I chose Easy World again (and again!), and only did what I was inspired and energized to do and, evidently, that wasn't blogging! So, I guess an apology really isn't appropriate since I was simply following my own energy flow and ignoring the "shoulds." Isn't it funny how trained we are to have expectations of ourselves and then to apologize when we don't live up to them?! So, on second thought, no apologies!

We had a white Christmas--that was fun--about 10 inches of snow to add to our already-snow laden backyard. Now, two days later, it's snowing again! Really beautiful, but it can stop anytime now...This photo is from Christmas Day and you can hardly even tell there's a street between the dead flowers and the fence! That diagonal line on the left side of the photo (look closely) is the front of our Honda Odyssey van! Everything looks pretty much the same today only more so...

I'm spending some time this week developing some spiritual empowerment classes to offer, so be on the lookout for some smaller-group opportunities to make progress in raising your vibration and being more of Who You Really Are!

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The Fixers

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I got an email from a woman named Enocia Joseph from England yesterday, introducing herself and saying how happy she was to have found the Easy World site. In her email, she included a link to an article she wrote and it is clearly EW related. I just loved it and think you will too! It reminds me of what Mary Mooney, my Results therapist, says about there being angels for every conceivable task that are just waiting to be asked to do their job. They can't interfere without permission, so you need to ask them and they handle whatever needs to be handled. Obviously they are Easy World entities! Maybe when you invoke Easy World, you are activating them without asking for specifics. Hmmm...something to ponder.

Anyway, back to Enocia. Her entire blog--okay, what I've read of it, anyway--is awesome. I've only read a few articles so far (definitely planning to read more), but they are, as they say in her home country, "spot on." I think you will love her writing, too, so I am I'm giving you the link to the article she sent me. Be sure to click the links at the end of it, and just generally poke around on her blog.
I am so attracted to her energy and message!


Oh--and here's something else to enjoy. I was lurking on the PI Forum today, and someone was talking about her 80-year-old dad being very much into bubble wrap and how he had thanked her not only for her gift that she sent but for the bubble wrap it came in. Someone piped up and suggested she send him a link to a virtual bubble wrap site. Apparently, this has been around for eons, but I had never discovered it before (I may now be the last one to discover it!). Well, I Googled virtual bubble wrap and found this site:

It is totally addictive if you use "manic mode," so have fun, but be forewarned...

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Here are some links that relate to tonight's teleseminar, "Easy World Holidays."

Ear points for acceptance, etc.

Acceptance essential oil:

Step-By-Step Frequency Raising System

Easy World Website with freebies page for downloading EW tickets, posters, etc.

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My EW Christmas Tree 2007

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I've been trying to think of what I need to share with you--after the last entry, you may be wondering. Well, I'm fine and have almost regrouped! Whew! And that's all I'm going to say about that for now...

I've been wanting to share a picture of this year's Christmas tree. Yes--this is the faux tree about which I waxed ambivalent in a prior entry. I must say, it's been something to get used to--the not watering it, not worrying about the needles drying out (here in Colorado, having a real tree is extra-challenging with the extreme dry air), and not worrying that it might catch fire because of the dryness and the resin. I still miss the energy of a real tree, but this one is fitting nicely into Julia's Easy World Holiday 2007! And I have fir essential oil from Young Living for when I need a little dose of holiday evergreen aromatherapy.

Speaking of Easy World Holidays, I just finished putting together the announcement for Tuesday's "Easy World Holidays" teleseminar, which will show up in your inbox Tuesday a.m. with the access details for that night. I'm so glad I'm doing it--it will keep me "honest" and devoted to staying in Easy World as preparations ramp up. I'll be baking the traditional neighborhood gifts (not ready to give that up yet!), cooking for family gatherings, wrapping presents, etc. (I just about bought out Walgreens' gift bags the other day--gift bags are definitely Easy World!), and I'll be extra conscious of walking my talk!

So, without further ado, here's the tree, as viewed from the daybed, my favorite place to relax:


You can see my last Christmas tree, a Grand Fir, if I recall, in all it's authentic, radiant and aromatherapeutic splendor by visiting this blog entry from December 12, 2005. (I opted out of decorating altogether in 2006--and that was before I discovered Easy World!--so there's not one from last year). As I think I mentioned before, I'm not abandoning real trees forever--just until the inspiration and energy return, giving me the sign that having one will not invite me out of EW.

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Yesterday, I had an encounter that really knocked me sideways. I collided with someone else's ego which was thoughtlessly indulging in very rude behavior. What happened wasn't exactly personal, but as is the way of we humans, I took it that way. In retrospect, I can see how it happened--can see my part in attracting/creating it, and even that it was a necessary thing in the bigger picture to help me wake up about something, but when it occurred, I was exhausted, and my heart was wide open, so the jolt was extra shattering.

You might say I had let my frequency drop, and I've been about 300 miles outside of Easy World since. As the initial shock wore off, and I was able to come to a rational peace with it, there was so much energy lodged within my solar plexus, it felt like it would take a bulldozer to relieve it. I let myself cry some of it out, and that helped,
but I think there is still some more emotional release for me to do.
Rick, bless his heart, sat with me as I cried, and tried to help, but he went into male "fix it" mode, when all I wanted was for someone to listen.

I think I really just need a big #3 (if you don't know what that is, check out the Step-By-Step Frequency Raising System). I have been neglecting my emotional maintenance of late, and I am truly feeling the results. When you already have a block in the pipe and something like this happens, it's even more challenging because your frequency is already somewhat depressed and when the new dissonant energy hits the old stuck stuff and reactivates it...well...OUCH! Not to mention, I haven't been getting the rest I know I need lately, and that's a frequency lowerer.

Note to self: get more rest, clear out and keep emotions moving, and find some balance!

I woke up this morning still feeling like I'd been run over by a truck, so I took the day to just be a blob. (Sometimes, that's what you need to do, especially when you've been working overtime and not taking time to just "be" as I have been lately.) It was snowing today, so that triggered my raised-in-the-South hunker-down response. I made
myself a mocha latte and I even whipped some cream to put on it--so you know my inner child is the one feeling dissed! (I made my mocha with chocolate syrup I made from xylitol, a natural low-glycemic sweetener, since sugar is another frequency reducer and I did NOT need the sugar blues on top of it all!) I watched a Travel Channel show about private islands and took a nice long nap. I'm feeling better! I just applied some Release essential oil to my solar plexus and inhaled it, so that's helping, too. I'll just keep working the steps.

Anyway, it's all going to be just fine--better than fine--but the point of me telling you this not just to get it off my chest, it is to provide an object lesson. Yesteday's trauma triggered me to question everything I've been doing, and everything I am. Imagine that--I let my fearful ego's voice drown out my Spirit's voice and question my very worth as a human being, and the value of what I have to offer to the world. It brought up all my insecurities. Good grief! It was just me investing a bit too much in something, and someone else not realizing how they were coming across. And yet it shook me to the core. This is not rational. This is having a pile of old stuff reactivated.

If you experience that phenomenon, just know it has happened because you have not been keeping your emotional body clear. It means you've dropped in vibrational frequency and need to do whatever it takes to rise up again out of the territory of your ego's influence. I know there are some folks who experience that constantly--I was one of them for many years. It has only been since I comprehended the correlation between vibrational frequency and perception that I have become more proficient at managing it. So just know that if you hear that ugly, fearful voice, or feel the pain that is disproportional to what actually happened, it's time to do what you know how to do to rise in frequency, even if it's temporarily raising the volume of it by doing a #3 so that ego feels heard and will let go and allow the Love to flow freely once more. Then you'll move out of the realm of pain and hear the beautiful tones of your Spirit's voice of truth.

Aaaahhh...being human. What an interesting--and not always fun--experiment!

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Sneak peek

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I'm having a great time this weekend--hope you are! I've got all kinds of things going on--all Easy World related, which means it's all fun! Some of it I can't tell you about for a little while yet, and some of it, you'll hear about really soon. Be on the lookout Tuesday for a mailing from me with some really fun holiday gifts from me to you! (Be sure you're on my list--if you're not already, just go to any page of and put your email address in the little-bitty window in the left-side menu. You can find one on any page.)

Meanwhile, here's a little peek at just a very tiny bit of what I've been up to (if you want this as a mini-poster, you'll be able to have it Tuesday, along with others)


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And again

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I am pretty sure I was tapped as the Easy World spokesperson not just because I can't keep a secret, but because I need to learn how to stay in Easy World more than most!

I had a hair appointment this afternoon, and found myself dreading the trip for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that the salon is on the 2nd floor of a building that has crazy levels and only one elevator that is at the opposite end of the building from where I need to be, and on the back of the building when the salon entrance is in front. The back parking lot, which is closest to the elevator, is very narrow, and has almost always been jam-packed when I've been there, and even though they have 2 handicapped spaces near the elevator hallway, they have usually been occupied. If you go as far into the parking lot as you need to go to assess the availability of the handi-gimp spaces (there is a dumpster that blocks your view of them from the parking lot entrance), there is no easy egress and no easy way to turn around. You may have guessed by now that I've had some challenging experiences with this.

The other big thing I was concerned about was that I have been having a severe problem with my knee this week, and when I was at the health food store Monday, I wasn't sure I was going to even make it around the store because it was out of joint or something and there were severe stabbing pains when I tried to walk on it. So I wondered if I would be able to make the somewhat long walk from the elevator to the salon. In addition, I'm doing a colon and liver cleanse to detox from mercury, etc., and the urge to go to the bathroom has been striking without much warning, and it's been all I could do to make it to the bathroom in time. And as I prepared to leave the house, I had a bit of a headache, felt a little shaky, and remembered I hadn't eaten lunch and it was too late to do more than take a big swig of kefir, my emergency nourishment. All these things (and a few more not worth mentioning) are on my mind as I set out for the hair appointment.

So...I'm sitting at the light just before the salon, already trying to figure out what I'm going to do if the back lot is full (last time the lot was full, I had to walk a long way and climb the stairs, neither of which is the best thing for me, especially today). And just as I'm imagining being late, harried (not a hair salon pun), and having to haul myself up the steps, I realize what I am doing and I just say, "Hey wait a minute! I choose to live in Easy World where everything is easy!" then breathe and relax and feel the change in the air--it's like a shift to higher oxygen content with more ozone and negative ions. I immediately somehow knew that I would have no problem at all. Sure enough, when I got there, both spaces were free, so I parked easily, made the decision not to take my big heavy totebag, and just to carry my water bottle, car key, and credit card, which fit in my jeans' pocket. I had absolutely no problems at all--it didn't even hurt to walk (I confess that I had loaded up on ibuprofen in the morning in anticipation), the kefir had done the trick to settle my stomach, and I never even thought about the bathroom.

Who knows for sure how I shifted the parking lot situation by invoking Easy World? And all the other concerns? It for sure made a huge difference in the way I viewed things, which, as any physicist will tell you, affects outcomes. And really--that parking lot is always jammed and today, it was not...

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Easy World delivers again

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With David's passing (see my blog entry "Goodbye, David Enloe" from Nov. 28), I've been spending a lot of time reminiscing about 1979-80. (Funny how much that time period is coming up in my consciousness--notice it is featured in my Nov. 25 blog entry below "One of my most memorable Thanksgivings" as well). As I read others' blog's about David and watched the video tributes, etc., I started wondering if I had any photos of the Fabulous Knobs, or even any from that era, period. But I just couldn't face the thought of trying to find the box that had old photos in it after failing the last time Rick and I had looked for it in the jungle we call our basement. Because my knees don't like the stairs, I save my downstairs trips for the rare occasions I really, really need to go. So I said (in true
Easy World style), "No energy to look for it--I guess it'll just show up if there is one."

A little back story: Last year, I shunned decorating for Christmas--too busy, too much trouble. This year, I mostly felt the same, but for some reason, decided to at least get a faux tree and decorate it as I so love my ornament collection. So we ordered a pre-lit tree. In the meantime, I thought "Shoot--why'd I do that? I don't like fake trees, and I don't want to decorate!" But after spending a bunch on the tree (I'm not one to tolerate a toilet-brush tree--giving in to an artificial tree was sinking low enough), I was committed. You'll be hearing and seeing more about that tree soon. Anyway...

Yesterday, hubby and Stepdaughter # 4 and I go to the basement to the one organized spot therein--the Christmas stuff. It's all in dedicated boxes and Rubbermaid bins, stacked together in a designated area so I could decide what to bring upstairs. When they asked which ones, I said, "Just bring it all up so I can decide." So they did.

Would you believe that as I plowed into the boxes, I discovered that somehow, a box of photos I had sent back from NC in the great cleaning-out of the family home had somehow gotten into the Christmas stuff? And that the photo on the very top of the pile was this faded, degraded Polaroid which Rick was kind enough to scan this morning and email to me?

Yes--that's me in the center.  David Enloe is on the far left, Dave Adams is next, then Terry Anderson, me, Dave Adam's then wife, Debbie, and Keith Taylor on the right.

If I had not had the inspiration to decorate this year, I would not likely have found that photo. I didn't have to search for the box. I didn't even have to dig through the box--it was on the very top! I LOVE EASY WORLD!!!

Of course, I did end up digging through it, and finding lots of great photos of my life. Who knows? I may subject you to more of them. For now, I'll just share the other one I had Rick scan this morning because it was so degraded and in danger of being lost forever. According to family lore, I had been crying my eyes out so they got the camera out as the sure-fire way to get me to stop :

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A few weeks ago, I issued a call via email blast and forum post to the EW Forum participants for their stories about Easy World. I'm writing a book about EW which will include a chapter featuring the stories of people besides myself (my stories will be peppered throughout the book) for whom EW has made a difference.

I can hardly believe it, but I totally forgot to mention that here! I know there are some of you who have embraced Easy World who have never visited the EW Forum, so I want you to have the chance to share if you have a story that is specifically Easy World-based.

I had asked for the stories to be sent no later than yesterday, and I got a bunch of great ones, but I don't want to leave anyone out! So if you have an EW story, please send it to me before December 11. You can use the Contact Us feature at to submit it.

The story doesn't need to be particularly well-written--I'll be re-writing it with your collaboration (and using your first name and initial of your last name with it). I just need the gist of the story. What I'm looking for are examples of choosing Easy World and having things work out wonderfully. It will help your chances of inclusion in the book greatly if you can state in your own way within the story that you chose Easy World and then things worked out with ease.

So please write out the gist of it as descriptively as you can, and email it to me ASAP with the subject line "Easy World story"! If your story is chosen for publication, I'll send you a signed first edition of the book.If you haven't yet discovered Easy World, delay no longer! Visit and learn all about the amazing parallel reality where everything is easy.

I've had a blast today working on my book proposal. I bet it won't surprise you when I tell you that everything about writing this book so far has been fun and EASY!

Oh, yeah--in case you haven't yet noticed, the December free teleseminar is Easy World Holidays on Dec. 18. Unfortunately, I'd already scheduled the Nov. call and advertised the topic as "Self-Acceptance" before I came up with "Easy World Holidays," so Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and one of the Moslem Dec. holidays will already be past. But I doubt there is any holiday more stressful for folks than Christmas, and at least it will be in time for that! Next year, I'll plan to do Easy World Holidays in November. Mark your calendar--even if your culture's December holidays are already past. This is information that applies any time of year!

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