Water World

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No, not writing about the water park. Our house!

The last 48 hours have seen a lot of water-themed events at the Hamrick house. I am not even going to relate them all...

First--and this was planned--Peter, our wonderful pool guy, came to empty the pool, uninstall the stainless-steel benches and the current generator, scrub it all completely, reinstall everything and refill it. The water has been murky for a long time despite our efforts to clarify it, and I finally could not stand it any longer. I was in denial about its safety because I hesitated to spend the money to get it done, what with Rick having still not found a job. But it was definitely the thing to do. When he pulled out the benches (these are an integral part of an Endless Pool as they create the return channel for the water when the current is on), there was hideous thick, brown sludge hiding under and behind them. ICK!!!

We have a chlorine-free pool which is purified (supposedly!) by an Eco-Smarte system that uses ultra-violet light and copper ions. It hasn't been doing the job, obviously. It wasn't cheap, either, but at the time we got it 2 years ago, it was pretty much the only viable candidate. (As a disclaimer, Endless Pools does not endorse the Eco-Smarte. The standard issue with an EP is a mild chlorine with copper and silver ion system.)

The pool holds between 2500 and 3000 gallons of water, and it had to go somewhere, so it went to water the garden. Rick stayed outside and made sure it was spread around equally. Being that it was a gorgeous, dry, sunny day and the garden needed the moisture, that was really a timely event. I thought. But it rained last night and again today. Not a problem--just one of those ironies!

So, the day was spent dealing with water. And so was the night. The pool was full again with fresh water by 5:00 p.m. but it had to warm up before I could swim in it. So my watery adventure of the evening wasn't from the pool, but the bathroom.

I went to my bathroom (the one that was remodeled 2 years ago) around midnight, after not being in there for a couple of hours, and found water all over the glass vanity countertop which had run under the glass and between it and the fancy wooden cabinet frame, into the under-sink cabinet, and the drawer as well. Since I had lined them with plastic liner, I had to pull it all out and dry the wood thoroughly, which meant taking everything out of the cabinet and drawer. It was enough water to soak 3 thick bath towels and an oversized beach towel. What a mess!

Now, you may be thinking I had left Easy World, and I suppose I had, but the gift in all this was that in the vanity drawer was a printout of an ebook I had stuck in there a year or so ago while hastily tidying up, folded to the page I'd last been reading. I had spotted it a couple of times while getting something out of the drawer and it had kind of called to me, but I'd been too busy to stop and just hadn't gotten to it yet.

On that page, whose contents I hadn't remembered at all, was the exact answer to a heartfelt prayer I'd sent out just minutes before I had discovered the flooded bathroom. I don't want to share about that right now, but suffice to say that there was absolutely no mistaking that I was meant to encounter that information as a result of the water problem. Spirit moves in mysterious ways and will get your attention however it has to!

The plumber came this afternoon (during a thunderstorm when it rained again!) and showed us that the ceramic cartridge of the fancy tower-style faucet was cracked and that's why it was leaking. He didn't have a replacement and so far, I haven't found one either, even after spending a lot of time online and Rick going to 2 places locally. But I'm sure it will work out just fine. It already has in Easy World.

Oh--last night as I was getting into bed, after the evening rain, the mopping up of the bathroom, and so on, I heard the sprinkler system come on. I didn't even waste time feeling guilty about it. In fact, I chuckled. It was just part of  the crazy--divine--uber water day.


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