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In an average week, I am asked at least a couple of times to help promote the books of other authors. You've read about some of these in emails from me and on this blog. Because of the volume of requests I receive, I'm having to become more selective about which books I help promote.

These days, I'm saying "no" more and more often. Thus, when Richard Blackstone, an author I'd never heard of, approached me to help with his book campaign when I was already booked up with stuff to get done before leaving on vacation, I was pretty sure I was going to decline. But something nudged me to ask to see a copy of his book before making a decision. I read over it, and my mind was changed. I loved it!

Richard's book, Nuts & Bolts Spirituality, is a perfect book for those just awakening to their spirituality--but I'd also recommend it for you and you
Nuts & Bolts Spirituality photo.jpgr friends who have been consciously on the path for awhile as it will affirm what you already know and show you some things from a helpful new perspective. Nuts & Bolts Spirituality provides an amazingly comprehensive and clear view of spirituality, showing what is required to find alignment with Source and create your life by the divinely implanted blueprint your Spirit administrates for you. I love Richard's style of writing. It's very personal and friendly--very accessible.

If this sounds like a book you'd love to have or give to someone you care about, you're in luck! If you buy a copy (or more!) of Nuts & Bolts Spirituality today--that is, October 8, before midnight-you will be able to download a boatload of great bonus gifts, including a chapter from Recreating Eden and a chapter of my upcoming book, Choosing Easy World, from me! Check out the bonuses and find out the easy steps it takes to gain access to them here:


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