The Won Thing

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What is the ONE thing that will be the ticket to having all your dreams come true? That's what Peggy McColl asked herself over and over again on her waythewonthing.jpg to becoming the mega-success she is today. In her latest book, The Won Thing, she shares her journey from being a disheartened, small-town single mom to becoming a highly successful business woman, Internet entrepeneur, motivational coach and speaker, NY Times Best Selling author, millionaire and most importantly, someone who is living a deeply fulfilling life with a husband and child she cherishes.

I was privileged to read Peggy's book over the weekend, and found it inspiring and energizing. I love her voice in it and the loving energy that comes through her words. Over the last few years, Peggy has become a friend of mine, but even if she's not yours yet, you'll feel like she is from the easy, accessible way she speaks to you through her writing. Clearly, Peggy's intent is to take your hand and support you in finding your own "Won Thing." Not content to simply enjoy her own success, you can tell from this book that she won't stop until she has shared all she has learned with others on the path in service to their own fulfillment.

You won't find anything particularly cutting edge in this book, but I don't believe that's its purpose. Sometimes we need to be brought back to our foundation, and that's just what this book does. What you'll find is a really well-presented self-development primer, laid out in a very easy-to-assimilate fashion. For me, it is a reminder of the metaphysical and success basics I immersed myself in over the years but have not always kept in my focus. I needed to revisit some of them and this little book came right on time for me.

The Won Thing will make a really super gift for someone you know who is just opening up to a more metaphysical approach to personal development, and I'm willing to bet you'll find that it has just the reminder and energy boost you need!

It's the perfect time to buy it--right now, in celebration of the official launch of The Won Thing, there are all kinds of cool prizes (they're worth big bucks, too!) you're eligible to win when you purchase a copy! Be sure and visit to find out what they are!

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