My baby has a face!

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This was approved today! What do you think?




Patra said:

so...where's the link to buy it!!!

Julia said:

LOVE it, Patra!

That will come in the months ahead. I feel sure St. Martin's will have some kind of pre-ordering system, but for now, one can only gaze on her face...;)

May will be here before you know it. May will be here before you know it. May will be here before you know it...(My new mantra!)

PJ said:

It simply Glows !

Julia said:

Thanks, PJ! It does glow, doesn't it?! It's the energy of Easy World shining through...

JenniferR said:

Julia, you are such a blessing to all of us who know you ! Thank you ! love, Jen

Julia said:

Why, thank you, Jennifer! What a lovely thing to say. You've warmed my heart on this cold, gray day just before the snow is due to fly here in Denver!

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