Wild weather at the cottage

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I just realized that I completely forgot to post about this! We're safely home now, but we were a day late leaving the cottage because the weather made it nearly impossible. There was rain and wind gusts to 50 mph + off the lake the day we were supposed to leave and our car was about a quarter mile away in the parking lot. For so many reasons, the idea of trying to pack the car and leave in the gale was too overwhelming, so we stayed put till Tuesday.

Here is a video I took on Monday, the day we'd originally planned to take off. I think it is fairly self-explanatory!
The clanging you'll hear is the rooftop vent for the fan over the stove. Oh--and you do realize that's a lake (Lake Michigan) and not the ocean, right? The waves were reportedly up to 16 feet high some miles from shore!


Rick said:

As much as this video illustrates the pounding rain, high winds, and obviously roiling lake (when was the last time you saw five-foot waves washing ashore on a lake?), I cannot emphasize enough how intimidating it was to be there when it was going on.

If you ever want to know, really know, how insignificant we are as individuals--not as our spirits, but just our little selves in our bodies--witness a big storm on one of the great lakes from a vantage point such as we did. It left me feeling like a twig in a hurricane.

It was an experience I will relish for years (and don't feel any need to repeat, just to be clear)!

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