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This may be the most beautiful place I have ever been. The building is very traditional Spanish architecture with white stucco and arches everywhere with bright yellow awnings. Against the blue sky, it's stunning. But it's the flora that does it for me, and the lovely vibes here.

My room has a balcony with a distant sea view, overlooking the clinic's central garden, and it's utterly breathtaking. I have always loved palm trees, and the ones here are stunning. They're not the swoopy, windblown kind that you see on a tropical beach, but the upright ones you see in those British colonial prints that are so popular in decorating--the ones with the monkeys and such. (I'm sure there are botanical names for each variety--I just don't know them!) They are sturdy and look like green fountains. Many other trees as well--cypresses and hardwoods like giant oaks of some variety--at least I think that's what they are, as I see acorns on the ground around them.

The perfectly tended garden also has prolific plantings of roses, bird of paradise, African daisies, lots of succulents, and all sorts of things not in bloom right now in the winter. The bougainvillea that drapes around all the arches and spills off the balconies is gorgeous and prolific. According to those who live here, Marbella doesn't have fall or winter--it's always spring or summer.

I neglected to bring a camera, but I'm having Rick send one, so I'll hopefully be able to share pictures of this soon...

When it's sunny in the morning, as the last 2 have been, I've loved sitting on my balcony soaking up the Vitamin D-creating rays and meditating. Lots of birds singing and clinic sounds, which I love because this is such a loving, nurturing place. The air temp is chilly, but the powerful sun makes the balcony toasty warm.

As for my progress, I just weighed on the nurse's scales and was excited to see that I am down 6 lbs. since I got here 5 days ago, and down 20 lbs. in all since I started shedding weight end of October!

I'm starting to feel better, too--the most important element of this. The detoxing stirs things up so you don't necessarily feel great at first, and, indeed, I have felt worse for the last 2 days, but I know the drill so it does not worry me at all and this morning, I feel better than I have in a while. I can tell things are definitely moving in the right direction.

I had my first of three colonics on Friday and I'm sure I lost at least a pound then and also lots of toxins. It feels good to be so clean inside--and getting cleaner.

Fasting has been easy. As long as I don't think about food, it is totally fine. I'm very motivated!

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