We Have a Winner in the Blog Anniversary Contest!

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And that winner is Sibylle L., from Dublin, Ireland! Sibylle got all the answers correct--she was one out of only two who did. Should I be embarrassed that such a tiny percent of my blog readers were brave enough to tackle 11 questions about stuff in my blog?! When I told her she had won and had been up against so little competition, here's what she said, "It looked like a lot of work, but once I got started searching for the answers to the questions, I had so much fun, I didn't want to stop."

Sibylle wins the grand prize package of an Easy World mug, an Easy World wand, an Easy World button, and a signed first edition of Recreating Eden.

The runner up is my old buddy and high school boyfriend, Steve S., from Lexington, NC. He'll be getting a free download of his choice from the Recordings page on www.JuliaRogersHamrick.com.

I'm happy that at least 2 people had fun probing 5 years'-worth of Julia's Blog! For the 10th anniversary celebration, I'll come up with something a little less daunting!

Congratulations, Sibylle and Steve and thanks for your entries!!!


Sibylle said:

Hi Julia,

I am soooo happy!! The moment I saw a picture of that wand, I knew I REALLY wanted it :-D And in my mind, I read the book that bears your signature, and had good Irish tea out of the Easy World mug. Process of manifestation? You bet!

Thank you so much for having this fun competition!


Steve Swaim said:

I truly enjoyed the contest. I was finally able to catch up on a portion of your life. I haven't spoken to your Dad laterly. I hope he's doing well.I'll download a recording this afternoon.You and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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