My first days at the clinic

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After a rough journey of alternating between Difficult World and Easy World, I am here at the Buchinger clinic in Marbella. I can absolutely tell you that the Difficult World Dictator is no respecter of place and has no interest in allowing grace, even when you feel you really, really deserve it! (Deserving, of course, is a DWD illusion which he sets you up for and then loves to deny you a reward for!)

Even in this magnificent setting of total care, unparalleled nurturing and breathtaking beauty, I have managed to succumb to him over and over as extreme fatigue and almost unrelenting physical pain have placed me in space where I've been far too vulnerable. BUT, as I keep choosing Easy World and continue to unwind from the odyssey of getting here and making the transition to a whole new paradigm, I feel the longed-for space of healing opening up in me. As is typical, I wanted to feel that sooner. But I am learning to trust the process. And for the millionth time, realizing that pushing things only slows them down.

I am truly humbled by being here. The attention to detail is unbelievable. While it is a very expensive place to come for 3 weeks, it is very clear to me that every Euro is put to full use. From the housekeeping staff, on constant call and delivering things to your room such as bottled water, tea, comfort items (loving the hotwater bottle placed under the real down comforter every evening), and any meal you may not be able to go get yourself, to the nursing staff, available 24/7 (when I have more energy, I'll tell you a couple of funny stories about this!), the amazing food (I had a couple of days of "regular" food before fasting started yesterday) and dining room service--well, it's all absolutely amazing. The marriage between German efficiency and the Spanish setting is an alchemical wonder.

I need to go to my morning nurse's check-in right now and then to get my morning juice, so I'll sign off for now, but I'll write again a.s.a.p. I will monitor my energy to be sure I'm not leaking by spending too much time trying to keep up with normal life to be sure there is a maximum amount for healing. Thanks to the many of you who have offered prayers and visualizations of my glowing health and total well-being!

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