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Holding the line vibrationally

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Though I’m trying to remain somewhat dispassionate, I must admit that I am in a mild shock with what’s happened in Louisiana, Mississippi and all the places devastated by Hurricane Katrina. As an empath, it's more challenging than it is for some to maintain an objectivity and not feel the pain and distress of others. I've been using my "inner centrifuge" technique a lot the past few days

I’m particularly moved by the situation in New Orleans. While most of the places that were hit are at least (though amidst carnage), able to look toward the future as they begin to consider recovery efforts, New Orleans would seem to be far from being able to pick up the pieces and rebuild. With 80% of the city under water, and no electricity or potable water, and so many people still stranded--some in perilous positions on their roofs with floodwaters rising and rescuers racing to reach them before it's too late, the end is not in sight for them. With all the ramifications of the flooding—the toxic waste, the dead bodies of people and animals in the water, the potential for the proliferation of West Nile—all the myriad factors bringing the potential for disease, not to mention the personal property damage and losses, both the personal and the big picture financial losses—not the least of which is tourist revenues—and of course, the loss of loved ones and pets—it’s just so overwhelming, I can hardly stand to think about it. But I’m doing my best to enfold them without going to the stressful place myself. As I said about the tsunami, the most valuable response to such a situation is the refusal to be pulled down into the fear and the stress. Yes, it is important to hold the line, stay in the higher-frequency joy space as much as possible, and to send Love to those parts of Creation which seem to be calling for it most powerfully.

Of course, it’s times like these that often catapults people to a higher frequency because they become so overwhelmed that they give up and give it over to God. I pray that such a response is happening to multitudes during this devastating situation. And that they are remembering to call upon the angels. I saw the governor of Louisiana on the news tonight calling for tomorrow to be a “day of prayer.” I’d be surprised if there were even a handful of prayer-inclined people in that state who haven’t been praying continuously since Sunday, and I’m sure there are some who are praying who’ve never prayed before. Maybe that is one of the small blessings in such a situation!

I know I’ll be praying without ceasing tomorrow, as I am today, and will be next week and so on—but I don’t know how much of it will be traditional prayer. I’m going to do my darnedest to radiate Love and find joy tomorrow for all those who will find it impossible to because they are in such shock and fear. Someday, I might need someone to “hold the joy line” for me when I can’t do it myself. You know, I’ve often thought that the Creator gives us the awareness of certain connections we have because we are “in charge” of caring up close for those people, places, animals, etc. And then there’s the rest of Creation, which, of course, we respect and honor and care for, but not as personally as we do for those we know and are personally close to. I believe that it is the job of those who are not ]close to those who are suffering to be the ones who maintain the objective view so as to keep a sort of energy scaffolding in place so that those who are affected personally will have an energetic place to anchor their lifelines. Please join me in devoting time to radiating Love and rising in frequency on behalf of those who are finding that so very hard to do right now! Because, of course, when you raise your frequency upward to the joy space, you raise the frequency of the Whole upward, too. Upward is the way out of turmoil, pain, fear and stress. And the people who’ve been hit by Katrina really need some frequency-boosting right now.

I was happy to learn that my wonderful friends in St. Francisville are high and dry. Thankfully, the storm missed them, and they are high enough above the Mississippi that flooding isn’t a problem. I haven’t yet heard from Andrena in Baton Rouge. I’m going to assume that she is okay, but I’ll be very glad to hear from her!

On a different note altogether, tomorrow, via email, I’m announcing a series of 3 free teleseminars for September. For more information, just sign up to receive emails from me and get the phone number to call and the access code! I'm happy to be doing these.

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The eye of the vortex

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Oh, boy! Or, shall I say, “Oh, girl!” (That will make more sense in a minute!) I was working on a brief article about where joy resides, and was trying to explain the frequency hierarchy in the simplest way possible, when I suddenly understood that God is a hole! Source is nothing! No-thing. (Don’t freak out—this is not “bad”—you must have no-thing before you can have some-thing! And God is also some-thing—very much Some-Thing.) But it would seem that at the center of all things is an empty space.

This realization answered for me the question, “which came first, the female principle or the masculine principle?” It was the female—which is the hole—the empty space. God, at the core, is female! Of course, there can’t be “female” without “male”—such is the language of duality/polarity. But the power of the hole—the nothing—is truly immense! If you think of it, the nothingness at the Core of Creation is SO powerful, it magnetized something out of nothing and attracted it back to itself…ItSelf. Is this making any sense at all?

If you consider that the highest vibratory frequency is at the Core of Creation, and that as frequency is stepped down and lowered, things become more dense, it must mean that what is at the Core is the least dense. And what is less dense than Light? Nothing! No, I mean no-thing! I wish I had a better, more tangible grasp of this so I could explain it, but I’m seeing in my mind’s eye, and maybe someday I’ll be able to make something out of nothing! Hmmm…

Anyway—I realize this is not cause for alerting the media. I’m sure I’m the million fifty-eleventh person to come up with this idea, and I realize it’s only half-baked, AND predicated on a linear view that is surely not accurate in a holographic universe, but anything that helps one grasp an understanding of how the universe works is cause for celebration! It is exciting to me because it went “ker-chunk!” and with it, a whole lot of puzzle pieces fit into place.

On another note (or maybe a similar note, actually, since hurricanes are vortices with empty centers!), my prayers go out to the people of New Orleans tonight, as well as all of South Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and the Panhandle of Florida, waiting for Hurricane Katrina to make landfall. I scared the bejeebers out of myself reading how Katrina might very possibly turn New Orleans into Atlantis, with floodwaters as high as 30 feet in parts of town. In addition to prayers for the people and animals of N.O., I’m sending calm and dry thoughts for my friend Andrena in Baton Rouge , who reads this blog regularly, and for Ellen Kennon and all the lovely people in St. Francisville who were such amazing hosts for me in May. You all are in my thoughts and I am visualizing your well-being!

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Hummer time

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I had yet another epiphany today. I was sitting out on the patio, intending to work on the outline for the next book, and as I contemplated what to add, I found myself “distracted” by the beauty of the day. There’s a shift in the quality of the light at this time of year, and it is such a refreshing change! Here in Denver, the Mile High City, the hazy summer turquoise canopy has given way to crystalline, cobalt skies, shimmering with bright light, making everything just that much more glorious to behold. The paper in my lap did not hold a candle to it, and I found myself in a reverie of appreciation for my surroundings.

Our transient hummingbird (who seemingly has fought off the only competitor we’ve seen this year) was alternately milking the sunset hyssop, and retreating into the shade of the apple tree branches. As always, I was mesmerized. I knew my frequency was climbing just from being outside, and felt it rise exponentially as I focused on the glory of the flowers and perfection of the hummer and other winged creatures working the garden. I thought, “My, how hard he’s working!” And then I realized—he wasn’t “working” at all! At least, not in the sense of efforting, or in the sense of it being difficult. Without an ego-mind to distract him from his purpose, he was totally in the flow. And talk about your high vibrations—a hummer is the epitome of something moving so rapidly, it is partially invisible! That little being was simply being a hummingbird, doing what hummingbirds do, at the highest frequency at which a hummingbird can operate! And being a total inspiration to me.

As I continued to relax in complete appreciation, I could feel my frequency continue to rise. Magically, I began to spontaneously have an influx of higher and clearer ideas to add to the outline. It was thrilling! I was not making any effort whatsoever—I was simply being Julia, doing what Julia does—and it was so easy! I realized that our egos are so sure they know what we are supposed to be doing, they freak out when we relax and aren’t doing it! But (at least) two important things happened by me simply relaxing and allowing my frequency to rise instead of being uptight about getting my work done.

One, I came up with super, creative ideas that were totally aligned with the purpose of the book, instead of straining to churn out a lot of stuff that wouldn’t really fit once I boiled it all down. And two, I recognized that by relaxing and allowing my frequency to rise by appreciating all that was going on around me, I was naturally radiating Love—easily, effortlessly, and without having to think about it. I was a crystal-clear transmitter of Love, creating a “sweet spot” of joy in the stew of less-than-joy that is being created by all the many people efforting, struggling, and being caught up in the ego-driven world as they work. It was truly a beauteous thing to behold: the clear knowing—not just the theorizing—that my peace, joy, and Love were making far more difference to the uplifting of the world than all the efforts I’ve made to that end! The next time you are feeling guilty about relaxing, please think of that. (I know I will!)

To top it off, I was wishing I had a dripper for the hummingbird to bathe in, since they don’t particularly like stagnant water. I suddenly had the thought that if I took a gallon water jug, filled it up and capped it, hung it by its handle on the shepherd’s hook over our hanging birdbath, and punched a tiny hole in it, I’d have a dripper. So I did! Took about 60 seconds from the time I thought of it till I had it hanging up. (Talk about easy!) And it worked great! I’ll have to refill it in a few hours, but in lieu of a “real” one, this is a fine solution! How many times have I wished for a dripper but didn’t think of this? Why today? My relaxed, higher-frequency state, of course! High frequency IS the mother of invention, after all! It’s where creativity thrives.

I haven’t seen the hummer in the dripping water yet, but it’s located under the apple tree canopy where he loves to rest, so I imagine he’ll discover it soon…

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A house divided

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I’ve been dealing with a flare up of rheumatoid arthritis of late, and when I checked in and asked my Spirit to help me understand what the current problem is and what it is I need to do to help myself, I started asking about diet, supplements, activities, therapies, etc., but I kept getting “No, that’s not it.” (I was using dowsing rods to confirm or negate my statements.) Finally, what dawned on me to check was my relationship with myself. What I got was that my own self-loathing was the issue I most needed to look at. Yoiks! Now, this is not a totally new concept for me—I’ve been dealing with this on and off for more than 2 decades, and I’ve looked at it from all sides. R.A. is the perfect metaphor for self-attack. It’s an autoimmune disease, and autoimmune diseases are about the body attacking its own tissues as if they were invaders. What more appropriate disease to manifest when you have a pattern of being abusive to yourself?!

But, while I've intellectualized about it, I haven't managed to really solve the problem. I think, however, that I've almost reached a new level of understanding with it. Today I realized that my schizophrenic way of treating myself (which I got from my upbringing—one minute, I’m the special princess, the next, I’m a screw-up who just can’t do anything right) does not allow for me to be okay. Having recently emerged from an immersion in the family dynamic, and having family patterns on my mind a lot since I returned a month ago, I realized that despite all the many years of inner work I’ve invested in transformation, and all the layers of the onion I’ve peeled, I’ve never managed to transform my way of relating to myself—never managed to shake that damaging cycle of swinging from one way of treating myself to just the opposite! I go from treating myself like a rarefied being, to treating myself like a repulsive, worthless screw-up (which, sadly, is frequent), with almost no time in the in-between place. My self-talk during the times I’m feeling like a screw-up is often quite abusive. The feeling I have is of being repulsed by myself and wanting to get away from myself, and since I can’t, I start beating up on myself, figuratively speaking.

As I was sitting listening to beautiful, frequency-raising music in the garden this morning (it was blessedly peaceful, with all the neighbors absent), I started seeing more clearly as I rose higher, and as I attuned with Spirit more closely, I had an epiphany. Yes, I’d had the realization before that my pattern caused my illness, but I hadn’t realized what a deeply-seated pattern it is for me. And never before had I realized that there was such an exact correlation between the way I've never allowed myself to be okay with myself, and my not being physically "okay." I had not fully realized how truly, fundamentally exhausting and stressful it is on me to swing from one attitude to the other. I had the sense of there being a huge chasm within me—not just a lack of inner unity, but a big, bloody rip. No wonder I'm sick!

“A house divided” is the phrase that had come into my head the other day when I was dowsing for answers. And while It’s what tripped the trigger to make me realize that the most important thing to address in my quest to feel better is my relationship with myself, I hadn’t put the whole thing together. Don’t you love that? “A house divided against itself cannot stand”—that, from Abraham Lincoln, about the situation in 1858 with half the states being for slavery and half for freedom. Believe me, there have been times over the last month that “standing” was very hard for me! And it’s for sure that there is a type of serious tyranny that has been going on within me that has kept me a slave to the old pattern. I have, for sure, been the epitomy of a "house divided." And it’s exhausting. You just have to love the way your Spirit gives you clues. SO very clever!

“Acceptance” is the other cue Spirit is giving me when I ask to be shown the way to heal this. I get the sense of some sort of energetic harmonization occurring. I trust that as I continue to walk as closely in alignment with my Spirit as I can, and rise in frequency, I will be shown how to love and accept myself as my Spirit does. I am happy I’ve made enough progress that I’m ready to see this about myself, and do this vital—if challenging—healing work with myself! After all, I am okay. (That’s an affirmation!)

Just so you’ll know, my ego so very much doesn’t want you to know that I haven’t managed to fully rise above the illness, and doesn’t want you to know how badly I treat myself! It really wants me to stop and not post this entry at all. But my guidance says to go ahead and share. If what I expose about myself can be helpful to someone else, I guess it’s worth the discomfort to my ego!

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Judge Not

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“Judge not lest ye be judged.” I was thinking about that yesterday, and decided to do a Google search to see if I could come up with the right chapter and verse for it. I did (it’s Matthew 7:1), but in the quest, I came across a discussion on a message board that seemed to sum up many people’s issues with such a statement. Here’s the line that got my attention: “The inability to ‘pass judgment’[and to] know what is good or bad is the loss of personal values and human morality.”

I’m sure that the person that originated that statement meant it as an indictment of modern culture and sees it as an indicator of serious moral and spiritual decline. I wonder, though—could there be a more duality-oriented comment? And since duality is the realm of good and bad and personal values and morality, and conflict, I wonder if the blurring of morality and the seeming lack of ability to determine “good” and “bad” is, perhaps, less an indicator of moral decline, and more an indicator that the duality pendulum is beginning to come center again. What looks like something going wrong, may not be at all. As I stated in Recreating Eden, what appears to be something “bad” may not be if seen from the highest possible perspective, something that is impossible to have unless you are God-realized, which is dependent on being at the highest possible frequency—which is impossible if you are in judgment! We can judge something as wrong, but what does that actually do? Judgment always takes us out of perfect alignment with Source and reduces our frequency. When our frequency is lowered, our wisdom quotient is decreased.

The entire human family is addicted to the habit of judging—if we ever broke the addiction, we’d be out of duality and back into Oneness. Perhaps that’s what is actually occurring—I’d certainly like to think so! Yes—I know I’m very optimistic! Or, as Swami Beyondananda might say, I’m an “optimystic.” But the fact that the line between good and bad is blurred might just be…not bad…but good, speaking in duality terms, of course! Speaking in non-duality terms, it is clearly a part of the Plan.

Of course, the real issue I see is not that people have lost their ability to judge, but that so many people seem to have lost their ability to attune with their inner guidance. THAT is what I believe is our true “moral compass.” Morals and ethics are human creations, but God In Us can tell us the capital “T” Truth about any situation and steer us far more accurately than any mentally fabricated rules. Perhaps the waning of judgment will spark the resurgence of attunement with the voice of God sounding within us. Sometimes, we have to wander so far away from home, we are impelled to return. I believe that is what is going on with the “moral decline” people talk about. There is a line in Recreating Eden that says, "Maybe the Creator wanted to see just how misaligned and how far away from the core of Itself Its constituent parts could move before they were catapulted back to center. Maybe." Maybe, indeed.

Now, back to the statement, “Judge not lest ye be judged.” I wondered at the esoteric meaning of that, and what I determined is that what it means is that when you are judging, you are in the realm of judgment, and judgment is what goes on in that realm. Confused? What I mean to say is that you subject yourself to judgment when you play in the realm where judgment is part of the game. When you opt out of that realm and refuse to judge, you rise in frequency where judgment can’t occur—if someone judges you, you are completely unaware and unaffected by it. Try 15 minutes of non-judgment. It may not be as easy as you think! We tend to define ourselves by our comparisons and judgments, and when we let go of them—or try, we have the sense that we’re going to evaporate. That would be ego freaking out—ego is the very part of you that is in charge of keeping you feeling compartmentalized and separate. Ego is completely reliant on judging. So when judgmental thoughts come up, seek a higher orientation. Instead of “she’s so ugly,” transfer your judgment into “she’s one of the infinite expressions of God.” Until you get to the place where judgment doesn’t even enter your mind, it helps to shift your thoughts upward out of the comparison place into the truth statement place. Judge not lest ye be judged.

Now, down from my pulpit. I’m so happy to welcome Rick back home tonight! He’s been gone since Monday, on a trip to Upstate New York to look at colleges with daughter #2, and I missed him! We're planning a little half-day trip to the mountains tomorrow to celebrate his return. Yay!

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Living on my Pluto line

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I’m not astrologically astute, though astrology certainly interests me. I do feel a conflict sometimes between being influenced by astrological knowledge and being free to make decisions based solely on my in-the-moment perceptions by gauging the energy of any given situation. I’m sure there’s a way to balance that, but it seems that if I know something about the astrology of the moment, it does tend to color my responses to what’s going on. I wonder sometimes how much my knowing about what I'm about to share with you influences my experience as far as expectation goes, or if the knowledge makes things more understandable and manageable. Probably some of both...

An astrological factor that seems to have a huge impact on my life is the astrology of where I live. Years before I met Rick, I had an Astro*Carto*Graphy reading. That is a particular brand of astro-locality reading. At the time, I found the idea of Santa Fe quite seductive, since I was then very involved in visual arts and as always, eager to be somewhere that supported my less-mainstream ideas and lifestyle. The guy who did my reading said Santa Fe would not be a great choice for me for a lot of reasons, not the least of which was because it is on my Pluto IC line (not to mention, I crave lush green and wished to live somewhere tropical, and New Mexico just doesn’t fit that description! Neither, of course does Colorado, but…) He made a big point of telling me to avoid Colorado, as it is also on my Pluto line, but had even less mitigating factors for me than Santa Fe (the better choice, but not really a wise one if I wanted to be happy). All in all, the message was, “stay away from anyplace near your Pluto lines, particularly Colorado!” I had another astro-locality reading after I moved here, and the message was pretty much the same, but since I already lived here, the message was not focused on telling me to avoid this area, but instead, focused on how to maximize the experience of growth and transformatoin, and minimize the pain!

Let me quote here from the booklet that came with my Astro*Carto*Graphy chart about Pluto (I don’t remember the specifics of being on your Pluto IC—I think it has to do with mental development? This that follows is the general description of being on a Pluto line): “Total alteration and new directions in life can be taken under these lines. Exposure to, and concerns with death, regeneration, and mortality are common. You may feel isolated, alienated, and experience violent growth through intense upheaval, so that society seems vapid or persecutory. Personal depth is gained, but what is old and outmoded in life will be stripped away, so that complete rejuvenation and rebirth are possible.” I also recall reading somewhere that on a Pluto line is where you will likely experience a departure from your family of origin--you know, where you will experience an emotional distancing or wedge between you.

Does that sound like a fun place to live to you? Believe me, I did think twice when I found myself being powerfully drawn to Rick, who lived in Colorado! With four, at the time, young children (ages 5-11) who needed their dad nearby, it was clear to me from the start that if I were going to be with him, it meant living in Denver until the youngest flies the nest. The attraction was overwhelmingly powerful, though, and, throwing caution and astrology to the wind, I moved to Denver to be with him in 1998. And, yes, life on my Pluto line has been a lot like the description, especially the alienation and isolation, and intense upheaval parts.

For a long time, I was angry that my soulmate had to live in a place with so much potential difficulty for me. Gradually, though, it occurred to me that my soul had chosen this place of maximum growth, and that I had been gifted with Rick and the girls to make being here tolerable. I have to remind myself of that from time to time. If it weren’t for them, I would have moved on to an easier place to live years ago. What a perfect set up for making sure I would not be able to bail out on my soul’s commitment, eh?! If I am to be with the love of my life, I must stay here on my Pluto line until at least 2010! I do find it ironic that, living here in the place where joy may be the most difficult to sustain, my attraction is to cultivating joy as a way to raise frequency! Talk about your challenging place to stay in the joy space—one’s Pluto IC line is definitely it! But perhaps every moment I manage to stay in joy on my Pluto line is worth ten on, say, my Jupiter, Sun, or Venus lines!

At any rate, I will persevere and know that while I’m experiencing challenging lessons, I’m also being transformed. That’s Pluto—trial by fire, but the fire is forging a strong new character. By the time I leave Denver, I will be a completely different person than the one who moved here 7 years ago. I’m already that, actually. I do sometimes wonder what manner of soul has to choose the intense path of Pluto, but I must trust that there is method behind the madness, and that someday, the reward of taking the accelerated class will be obvious! Meantime, I’m here, seeking joy no matter what…

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Webmaster Tony and I are looking for new blog software (you’ll be seeing a new format—and faster page-loading—in September), and to that end, I was plowing through a directory of “spiritual blogs” today to see what formats I liked and didn’t like, when I came across a blog entry that catapulted me into a new perspective on manifestation and desire. This new perspective wasn’t really even the point the guy was making, but, what he saidat least the first paragraphcatalyzed my leap!

Try this on: Everything that exists, exists because of it’s desire to exist. (That part was what he said.) Now here’s my insight: Instead of creating from the standpoint of YOUR desire, create from the standpoint of assisting in the birth of something desiring to manifest! That takes your own self-worth and doubts and other lower-frequency stuff out of the equation. You are then a midwife for something that is longing to come into form. How do you know that it is longing to come into form? Because you are tuning into the longing when you become aware of a desire. I love that the word “desire” breaks down to “de” and “sire.” “De” in Latin is “of,” and “sire” is “father.” Therefore, the roots of the word “desire” are “of the father,” or should I say, “of the Father.” We’ll translate that into Recreating Eden-speak and say that desires come to us from the masculine, radiating aspect of God, and when Eve is in alignment to receive the desire, and Adam acts to manifest the desire, we have creation. When either the subconscious (Eve) or conscious mind (Adam) has issues that circumvent the successful manifestation, the desire goes unfulfilled. I know that in my own experience, one of the things that short-circuits the manifestation process is old tapes about limitation and unworthiness. It seems to me that taking the stance of midwife to something that is already sufficiently real that it has been launched from “the Father” and has come into my awareness might just be an easy way to get my personal issues out of the way!

This probably isn’t a revolutionary concept—for all I know, prosperity teachers have been teaching about being a midwife to the forms that are already longing to manifest forever. I know for sure that they have been teaching about desires being from God, but today’s realization was one of those times when it extended beyond a quick glimpse of an idea, and just went “ka-ching.” I don’t yet, however, feel complete with this new perspective--it seems the tip of an iceberg--so it will be interesting to see how it unfolds in my mind and integrates into my life over the next weeks!

Tomorrow, I go to get something done to my gums in preparation for having my mercury amalgams removed starting in September. I have 11 fillings that need to be replaced. I’m going to a dentist who specializes in mercury removal. Mercury does nasty things in the human body, and I believe it is doing unkind things in mine, not to mention, most of the fillings are old and need replacing anyway. How can it be that most dentists are still in denial about mercury and don’t even use precautions to keep it from being released into your bloodstream and the vapors into the air you and the dental staff are breathing when they replace fillings? And there are many, many dentists still putting it in people’s mouths! It’s insane. I’m fortunate that there is a dentist in the area that does the correct removal procedure. I was tempted to delete the foregoing, but decided to leave it in since there are probably many folks that do not realize that mercury in the mouth is NOT a desirable thing (since we're on the topic of desire!).


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I have done a whole lotta thinking about great names for workshops this weekend. What got me started is that I’m working with a couple of other women to do a cooperative seminar, and, because I love playing with design and color, I volunteered to create a flyer, which meant designing a logo, which meant coming up with a name. Being very precise with words is important to me—even in casual communication this is so, but most particularly, when the intention is to convey an energy, a perspective, and a potential, such as you do when you are creating an invitation to a spiritual growth event, it is crucial. I see using words as putting wrappers around energy, and the more appropriate and fitting the wrapper, the more accurate the delivery. In playing around with ideas for our little group’s flyer, I really got in the mode, and besides finding a great name for our cooperative seminar, came up with some ideas for possible workshops of my own.

I was also nudged, because of an email I got that I wanted to respond to, to look up some information I had read before about the function of three primary brain structures in marketing. In so doing, I did a search for the phrase “the reptilian always wins.” I remembered it because it stood out to me, and if you go to this website, you’ll see why (of course, if you’ve read Recreating Eden, you already probably know why such a phrase would stick in my head)! At any rate, a researcher by the name of Clotaire Rapaille has made a lucrative career for himself out of being a consultant to corporations that want to understand what motivates people to connect with and buy various items. He’s worked for a Who’s Who of biggies like Chrysler Corp., Nestle, DuPont, IBM and many, many more. Mr. Rapaille has discovered that we respond to things based on the original coding that occurs during our first exposure to things, and that the first part of us that is developed is our reptilian brain—we’re born with it operational—and that's why the reptilian response overrides the cortex and the limbic responses. (This is WAY oversimplified—to read a superb interview with him that gives a great overview of his theories, go to ) Thus, his motto is “the reptilian always wins.” He says that no matter what else you appeal to, unless the survival-oriented reptilian brain buys in, there’s not a powerful enough hook. The intellect and the emotions are important, and a marketing strategy must utilize all three, but it needs to appeal to the reptilian brain if it is going to really motivate someone. The primal reptilian response, according to him, is always more powerful than the intellectual or emotional responses, and thus overrides them.

I, of course, having written a book about what happens when the reptilian brain grabs attention away from Spirit, am fascinated and somewhat horrified to read what he has to say. (Of course, you can’t really define Spirit as dwelling exclusively in any part of the brain), so I kind of wonder if maybe that’s the trump card Spirit holds--of course, the real trump card is that Love is always more powerful than fear, since fear, and every other energy is a derivative of Love …At any rate, being that my intention is rising above the reptilian-driven ego and helping others do the same, I wonder how to use the knowledge about appealing to the reptilian brain to somehow grab people where they are and get them to rise up in frequency where the reptilian brain holds less sway! Can that even work? Is this approach destined to failure? Will appealing to the reptilian part of people somehow bring the aspect of themselves that we are trying to subdue to the fore, or will it, instead, be a successful strategy to get people where they need to be? It’s interesting to consider. I have the image of luring a crocodile with the promise of something it wants and then rubbing its belly till it is lulled into unconsciousness…

I'm sure I'll have more to say on this concept—I can already think of much more to say, but I've written enough for now.

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Sleep and frequency

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I’ve been giving more thought to the concept of needing rest and sleep to keep your frequency up. The reason it’s been on my mind is that, with the roofing and guttering projects, and workers showing up very early in the morning, I’ve had my most productive sleep time (early morning) interrupted a lot lately, and for various other reasons, haven’t been sleeping all that well anyway. You may have noticed—or maybe not—by looking at the time stamp on my blog entries, that most of them are posted in the late night and early, early morning hours, often between midnight and 2 a.m. I’m not sure if that’s because I’m particularly creative then, or if I’m such a procrastinator, that it’s only late at night that the pressure builds sufficiently for me to get things done. Whatever the case, I have a track record of not being productive in the normal morning hours, and do better late at night. ANYWAY, I do tend to burn the candle at both ends a lot, and have been thinking about how I need to pay more attention to getting enough sleep.

When I don’t get enough sleep, my brain is foggy (it sure was yesterday), I don’t feel as well or able physically, and most germane to this conversation is that I have a greater tendency to feel crabby and uninspired. It is far more challenging to stay in joy when you are tired. Why is this? I believe all the preceding is that lack of sleep and rest lowers frequency and makes you more vulnerable to the conflicting energies of the duality matrix. Something I mentioned in Recreating Eden is that when you are asleep, your left brain, conscious mind, “Adam,” is turned off and out of the way so that “Eve” (right brain, subconscious) can align properly to fully receive the flow of energy from Source for rejuvenation. If you’ve ever had a night where your left brain seemed to be unable to let go completely as you slept, and you waked up less rested, you’ll understand why that releasing of the reins by “Adam” is so vital to being able to receive the flow of revitalizing energy from Source.

Along with the revitalization of our physical and mental bodies through sleep, I believe that we receive higher wisdom by virtue of our surrendered rational minds. I believe that with Adam off the job, Eve is able to receive information that is normally blocked. As I said, I felt quite uninspired and unable to do much yesterday, but today, after nine hours of sleep, I was inspired and eager to convert that inspiration into various projects, and I got a lot done with a minimum of effort and what I worked on turned out quite well.

So, imagine how the frequency of the Whole would be raised simply by everyone on the planet being well-rested! Imagine the inspiration that might find its way through if we provided Eve the opportunity to align properly by sleeping well and deeply and enough. Think how much more joyful the world would be if so many of us weren’t sleep deprived and running on empty. Maybe it’s our responsibility—those of us who are conscious of this—to make it a sacred goal to get enough sleep and rest, because we really can’t change anyone but ourselves—and we don’t have to, since, by the power of unified radiance, that which we do to raise our own frequency affects others.

That said, I believe it’s time for me to get this posted and get to bed!

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