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Ancient cosmic wind

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I was searching through some old document files tonight and came across this that I channeled back in the late '80s. I thought you might appreciate it!


I AM the ancient cosmic wind moving throughout all time,

ordering the face and soul of the ever-changing sands of Being.

I AM the life within and beyond the Now, spiraling through the

layers of time and space, forming around the templates of

myself ephemeral form. I know all that has ever been, is now,

and ever will be. I touch all and bless all, in-filling the vacuums

created by my movement.

I AM Love itself—pulsating, vibrating through the cells and

fibers of illusion, lending temporal reality.

I AM the joyful cry of the lover and the bliss of the innocent.

I dwell in all that is lovely and all that turns away from loveliness.

I will stay where I AM not welcome, but make my presence

known only when welcome is extended. A laugh, a sunbeam,

the briefest fraction of a moment of thanks-giving—the door of

myself need only be open a crack and in I flood.

I AM you. You are me. Come to me my most precious, and know

the Truth.



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New vision for the future of duality

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Just 30 seconds ago, I had a realization! The overlighting goal—the macro goal—in rising in frequency back to the level where Eden manifests is not to abandon the duality matrix, it’s to allow it to be absorbed back into Prime Matrix from whence it came! It split off, and now it’s time for it to rejoin Prime Matrix. Let me see if I can explain it more thoroughly—truly, let me see if I can! It’s such a fresh notion, I haven’t had a chance to think it out—luckily, I’m an extrovert, and writing it will help me understand it.

The duality matrix is a subset of Prime Matrix—from Oneness, “two-ness,” or the idea of “more than Oneness” emerged, giving birth to the notions of “good” and “evil,” which then magnetized energy to them through human judgment, setting up strong currents of energy in opposition. I’ll always remember the day during the finishing of Recreating Eden when I was drying my hair and the whole understanding about the duality matrix being born presented itself in my mind—I had to go back and rework the whole book to accommodate this concept! Duality is the flip side of Oneness—the opposite of Oneness. It has never not been an aspect of Oneness. It always existed in potential, but until it was activated in the human experience by Eve becoming receptive to the serpent (representing the human reptilian brain, the part of us that fuels the ego), and eating of the forbidden fruit (duality) it never had power.

What keeps the duality matrix viable is our egos. We grow it and empower it by reinforcing it with our thoughts—when our thoughts are reptilian-driven, the trap of duality is strengthened. When our thoughts are aligned with Source, we don’t just escape duality—duality is not just weakened—it is pulled back into alignment as well! I have a ways to go with this understanding, but it is a fascinating notion to me. I had always envisioned us simply rising in frequency out of duality, but never thought about healing it and bringing it back into unity! About returning it to the Whole by reintegrating it!

Okay, okay. I know that’s pretty esoteric. And needs more work. Heck—it may even be wrong. But I seem to live and breathe these ideas nowadays, so I’ll keep going with it and see where it takes me!

We had a great group on tonight’s teleseminar. Everyone had a chuckle when I revealed that one of the participants, who introduced herself, is my former husband’s wife! I have never met her in person (I will next week in North Carolina), but we have emailed back and forth about book-related things. She’s a very cool lady and I’m thrilled that we’ve connected. She and my ex have read Recreating Eden and have been sharing it with many others. I am so pleased to have a harmonious relationship with them, and that they would turn out to be fans of the book is so very cool—something I would never have imagined way back when. It just goes to show you that when your intention is Love, all is possible!

The Autumn 2005 newsletter is coming out tomorrow. It is jam-packed! I couldn’t resist putting 3 full articles and various other short ones in it. I just have SO much to say these days! I hope you enjoy it.

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Loving Rita

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First off, let me say that my prayers are with all in Hurricane Rita’s path, and that includes Andrena in Baton Rouge (who, by the way, predicted exactly where landfall would occur—she is SO psychic), Ellen Kennon and family (who are from Lake Charles, but have retreated to Ellen's in St. Francisville), and the magical Shadetree, the B&B, run by Kenwood Kennon, Ellen's wonderful ex, where I stayed in St. Francisville. While they are fairly far inland, the prediction is for a stall that far inland with a huge moisture drop—maybe up to 30 inches with widespread flooding. This would potentially affect all of these dear friends listed above (and, obviously, thousands upon thousands of people that I don’t personally know!). According to Ellen's blog, St. Francisville is currently inundated with many, many Katrina evacuees, which the townspeople have been ministering to with no help from FEMA or the Red Cross, both of which, she says, have been weirdly unresponsive. I truly feel for them--the gracious and wonderful people of St. F, doing all they can do already and now this. I guess we'll see just how far things can stretch...And the animals—both wild and domestic—as always, my heart goes out especially to them. Right where the eyewall is coming in there is a lot of area that is wildlife refuge.

I got a cool email today from Cynthia Bissonette, who heads up Unifying Fields Foundation, and I’m going to share it with you because it was so cool and timely. (By the way, she sends out regular inspirational emails that I've been getting for a couple of years--I highly recommend getting on her list!) She first quoted Love Without End, a book that I haven’t read yet, but that has gotten rave reviews from several friends:


“Look for the motivating force of the storm, and then be the love in its presence. You can command the storm, for the adamantine particles (love) are commanded by love. Love is the Source of everything. It is the commander and that command has been delegated to you as a child of love. This is why, in any situation you can win by the power of love. Not by DOING LOVE. This where you trip up. You have to BE LOVE! Love that is a burning fire at the heart of any situation. You can literally quell the storm by loving the forces that comprise it.” Love Without End....Jesus Speaks by Glenda GreenI don’t know if you remember last spring when I shared the storm and threatening fire on my island. I observed and worked with the above quote. I literally became the force of the winds that were igniting the fire. I became the love, and decided to walk onto the island holding the love. Within a VERY SHORT TIME the winds had quieted and a soft rain appeared. Was it coincidence? Did I truly have some affect? I can’t prove it, but the experience lies in my memory as possibility.

I ask you to join, in love, with the forces of the current threatening storm of Rita. Love fully the forces, and feel them dissipating out at sea.

May we claim and experience the power of the love that we are.”


I say, “Amen!” to that! I worked with this a bit today and it felt powerful. Thanks so much for sharing that, Cynthia!

I had a little conversation with myself today as Rick and I set off for our annual aspen viewing trip to the mountains, telling myself not to feel guilty that we had a beautiful day, when so many are bracing for Rita. I decided that not enjoying the day would be ridiculous. Not to mention that I need to practice what I preach, and be as joyful as possible so as to help raise the frequency of the whole—we truly don’t help—and actually do harm with our worry and fear. So we had a nice ride over Squaw Pass between Evergreen and Idaho Springs. We’ve had more spectacular years for photos, but we got a few decent ones as you can see. How lucky we are to live so close to such beauty!

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Ego, the critic

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As I begin writing this, I’m fighting the urge to contract into one, never-ending cringe. Not only did I spend most of my day listening to my own voice (eeek!), editing out the stuff that doesn’t belong in the recordings of my teleseminars (thinking probably no one really wants to listen to me punching the telephone keys to change conference muting modes, etc.), I’ve also spent time reading articles on an article distribution site I submit articles to. There sure are some wonderful writers out there, turning out brilliant work that is easy, entertaining, and inspiring to read, making me wish mine were more so. What both of those activities have done is make me want to immediately curtail all speaking and all writing! While I often find that I come up short when I compare myself to some other writers, I always find that I miss the mark when I compare my performance in speaking with my own ideas about what might have been!

How often is our experience dominated by the discrepancy between our expectations and what actually is? How often do we fail to acknowledge that which is of value because we are too busy finding fault and wishing we’d said things differently, more smoothly, more succinctly? How often do we allow our frequency to be lowered and our expression to be weakened because of the fear that we are going to “mess up”? How many times do we need to review the understanding that judging ourselves is undermining our abilities to be and do that which we’re here to be and do before we just give up and let things flow? And, exactly who is it—what part of us—is seeking to make these judgments? Well, just guess! Ego: the king of comparison. And judgment. And worry.

Will I actually let my ego stop me from my mission? Will I let my ego-need to be perceived as superlative keep me from sharing the messages I am inspired to share just because “I could have done better” or because my writer’s voice is not as lighthearted as some? Will I become so wrapped up in my ego stuff that I fall to lower frequency where ego’s voice is even louder? (Oh please, no!) Or will I honor the voice of God sounding within, and trust that all is as it is meant to be and that the work I do, in the manner that I do it, is right for those it is intended to help? Even with my ego stirred up, I am pretty sure that those teleseminars were exactly what the folks that listened in needed to hear--not because I was so pleased with them, but because the Law of Attraction makes it so--they were attracting my words every bit as much as I was. More importantly, those words transmitted exactly the energy that the listeners were ready to receive and interact with. It is true that most, if not all, the people in attendance were NOT listening to try and figure out what I left out or could have explained better—they were listening and responding to what was there!

I can tell you the answer to the preceding questions—no, I won’t let it stop me. I will continue in faith and turn the volume of my ego’s voice down by turning the volume up on the voice of my Spirit. Also, I will reassure my ego, in terms that my ego responds to, that people appreciate my writing and that they respond to my teaching—because they’ve told me so. I will persevere and keep on keeping on because that's what I am meant to do. Heck—during the writing of this blog entry, I had a great idea for a new article…

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I’m feeling the deep impetus—a new urgency—to get people to read Recreating Eden so that the evolution of humanity can accelerate. I’m not experiencing it as a frantic thing exactly, but just having a knowing that it’s time to rev things up because the message is so very needed.

For example, people really need to understand that peace cannot be found via the duality matrix. Peace is not a feature of the duality matrix! Peace is the absence of conflicttherefore, peace in duality is an impossibility. As long as we’re immersed in the duality matrix and using it as our operating system; as long as we're trying to achieve peace with the idea that good must win out over evil, we will never, ever have peace, because we’re reinforcing duality—reinforcing the currents of energy that coalesce around the concept of “good,” and by virtue of that, the currents of energy that coalesce around the concept of “evil.” Duality is all about opposing forces. When you strengthen one, the other emerges stronger to balance things out. Here’s a shocking realization: Every time we have the thought that something is “good,” we strengthen “evil” as well!

Peace can only be found in the Oneness Matrix—in the realm of no comparison and no opposites. Until we let go of judgment, and quit making determinations about what is “good” and what is “evil,” we’re simply reinforcing duality, the very reality matrix that fosters turmoil and conflict! So it is important that this message gets out there so that people understand that all the “do-gooding” in the world will not do the job unless we can let go of judging—let go of the concepts of good and evil—and simply become neutral through acceptance (which, as I have said many times, is not condoning, but merely refusing to judge), and be willing to Love unconditionally. Some would say that unless we judge and label “evil,” we’re allowing it to thrive. That would be the serpent speaking, lying to us in order to maintain its food source. (And, yes—I am working on an article about peace and the duality matrix!)

One realization I had while writing this weekend is that judging is, effectively, withholding Love. When we judge something as wrong or bad or evil, we’re deciding to withhold Love from it—we're determining that it’s not worthy of our Love. What a trap! Love is the only transformative power, so if there is something that needs to be transformed, shutting down and refusing to Love is exactly what allows whatever it is to be sustained. To move into the Oneness Matrix, not only is neutrality called for, but unconditional radiance.

If you're willing to help in my campaign to spread the understanding that peace can only happen when we let go of duality thinking, please send a link to this article to any of your friends who may be ready for this information!

Peace out.

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Escape hatch

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I spent 3 hours outside on the patio writing today and it was wonderful. I finally figured out that if I wear my big floppy-brimmed hat, I can cut down on the glare and see the laptop screen—I couldn’t see when I tried to write outside before! When I first went out today, I was sitting facing north, and it didn’t feel quite right. The energy just wasn’t flowing. I kept wanting to turn myself to the left. When I finally did, things opened up for me and I was able to write most of an article, with cool new information pouring in. All I can figure is that, either I’m just used to writing facing west (that’s how I sit at my desk in my office), or maybe it’s truly the optimal direction for receiving spiritual information. Anyway, it was a cool experience. I’ve always been able to sense energy flow based on positioning. I think I may have been a feng shui master in a past life—or perhaps a bunch of my molecules belonged to a feng shui master. My jury is still out on whether reincarnation actually works the way most people believe…

Part of the article I was writing outside today caused me to think again about judgment and acceptance, and when I came inside, I looked up an old piece I had written on acceptance and was seized with the idea to pull part of it and edit it to turn into an article. I felt a lot of energy and heat around it and realized that, indeed, focusing it on self-acceptance was important for me right now. As I worked on the article, I became aware in a new way—at a new level—of how utterly profound self-acceptance is. I promised at the end of the last blog entry to expound upon the idea that “acceptance is the escape hatch from the duality matrix.” Well, it is—but today I realized that self-acceptance is where it starts! Let me quote from tonight’s writing. This is just after I’ve explained that when you are born, and are still aligned with Prime Matrix, you accept everything without judgment until you are taught to judge:

“Your acquired lack of self-acceptance is truly crippling you more than you may know. It has kept you tied to the duality matrix, because all your judgments about everything are rooted in your lack of self-acceptance and your judgment of self. What you are not able to accept in others is intimately tied to that which you cannot accept in yourself, and this pattern of judgment keeps you stuck in the duality matrix. Re-learning self-acceptance is key to releasing yourself from the trap of duality."

Judgment is what keeps us trapped in duality. Acceptance is the opposite of judgment. Therefore, leaving duality behind is a matter of acceptance. Acceptance, then, is the escape hatch from the seemingly endless loop of duality! And self-acceptance would seem to be the key to acceptance. If you learn to fully accept yourself, you will no longer judge anyone else, precipitating a rise in frequency out of the duality matrix! Pretty cool, huh? Of course, self-judgment is perhaps the most challenging thing to give up. From my recent experience, I would say that patience and compassion are the path. Be as kind, patient, compassionate and accepting with yourself as you would be with a disabled child, for that is what you are! Life on Earth has disabled you—has separated you from many of your powers, and to get them back, you must Love and accept yourself.

I’m thinking the articlewell, both articles I worked on todaywill be in the Autumn Rising Times, which I’m planning to send out shortly after the Autumnal Equinox, so make sure you're on my mailing list!

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As you can see, the blog has a new look! There are still a couple of minor tweaks to come, but it’s close to being done. After almost a year of being dissatisfied with the look of it and for whatever reason, not being able to get a change made, the stars finally aligned to manifest my desire for something more aligned with my aesthetic! Many thanks to Tony, my esteemed webmaster, for making it happen.

Tonight was the first in my series of free September teleseminars. It went well—I felt it, and several of the kind attendees said it did—but, of course, I can think of a dozen ways it could have been better. That is duality thinking of course—instead of wholeheartedly accepting what is and seeing the value in it, I’m focused on what might have been! I’m almost positive that no one but me was thinking alot about what might have gone “better”! We taped the session and I’m not sure I can listen to it—at least, not yet. My ego is bound to jump in and judge and criticize. It will be a test of "spiritual warriorship" to see if I can listen open-mindedly and not become critical and self-conscious in the extreme. I will say that, though I would like to have done a smoother delivery, I believe I got the message across. Several folks said they were eager to have a copy of the tape since I covered so much. There will be a notice on the site when they are ready to order. If you want one, email me and I'll let you know.

I was telling Rick afterward that since I spend so much time immersed in the gestalt of these new paradigm perceptions, it seems a little strange to me that what I am saying could be novel to the people listening. I’m sure much of it is, and I know that, even if some of the concepts are not new, there is no way they have heard them put together in the configuration that I have the ideas put together—my delivery is unique, just as yours would be unique. As he and I agreed, even if they’d heard all of it before, it’s not so much about the mind candy, but the reinforcement of the message. AND, it’s about having someone (me) help them hold a Truth-focus for an hour so that it is easy to access Prime Matrix and see higher, no matter whether the concepts are old or new. Rick said when he came into my office (where I was doing the teaching) to change the tape, the energy was huge and strong. So I’m sure I was channeling something more than ideas!

The last few days have been breakthrough days for me. I’ve somehow managed to maintain my frequency and have felt lighter and more joyful—it’s been since before Mom died that I’ve felt quite as spontaneously high frequency, and, actually, I don’t think that I’ve experienced being as “high” before as I have been recently except for when I was on the rapid trajectory to Eden in 1982 (which you can read about in Recreating Eden.) My hope—my belief—is that my emotional set point has gone higher somehow. Not saying I can’t dip down, but it feels like I’ve reached some sort of new plateau.

I believe it can be attributed to greater acceptance. Remember when I was telling you I was all over the map when it came to how I treated myself? Lately, I’ve been actively practicing self acceptance. I’ve been patient and loving with myself in a way I’ve never been before. I’ve also been using the Young Living oil blend, “Acceptance,” too—slathering it on my ears and doing the Vita Flex method on my ear points that correspond to parental “stuff.” One thing I was inspired to comprehend this afternoon that I intended to share in the seminar (but forgot to) was that acceptance is the escape hatch from the duality matrix. I’ll let you mull that over for awhile and then I’ll elucidate further in an upcoming entry.

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Recreating Eden's niche

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I dialed into a teleseminar today with “coach’s coach” Suzanne Falter Barns ( ,, who is a platform-building expert. (What, you ask, is a platform? It’s all the stuff you need to do to become well-known, like a website, media kit, articles, etc., etc.) She was great—as always. I’ve been on her mailing list for a couple of years and bought her “Get Known Now” program, which is really full of great stuff. And her blog and ezines are always full of great information. But instead of feeling empowered afterward, I just feel overwhelmed.

One of the things that I believe has hung me up over the last year and a few months that I have been putting myself and my message out there is that I have misunderstood my niche—the people that are ready for Recreating Eden. My understanding of that has shifted from what it was in the beginning. I believed my niche was anyone with an inclination toward the spiritual—after all, R.E. is not only ecumenical, it’s very simple, clear, direct, logical, and profound and potentially life-changing. My assumption was that it would be embraced rapidly and wholeheartedly by spiritual seekers of almost every ilk. And, while the “every ilk” part is somewhat true (I’ve had enthusiastic feedback from followers of Indian avatars to fundamentalist Christians), there was something I did not take into account: the unwillingness of so many to relinquish their addiction to exotic mind candy, and side trips on the road to enlightenment. It would seem that Recreating Eden is a little too unsophisticated and uncomplicated—or perhaps, I should say, “vibrationally pure,” for many whom I thought would embrace it!

What has been becoming increasingly clear to me is that people either love Recreating Eden or…they’re afraid of it! They either love it, or…they dismiss it as too simple or something they believe they’ve progressed beyond based on a quick flip through the pages. Their egos do not seem to know what to make of it. With a few exceptions, people either wholeheartedly embrace it and let it do its transformational work with them, or they can hardly read it. It is fascinating to observe that the people who tell me how much they love the book are not always the ones who’ve done a lot of conscious spiritual work to raise their frequency—it seems not to have much to do with that at all. Some of the folks that love Recreating Eden have barely done any spiritual exploration, but are just open-hearted and open-minded and naturally operating at a frequency that allows a vibrational match to Recreating Eden. Others have been on the path for a long, long time, and are so far along the path, they realize that more mind candy and techniques are not going to serve them in their quest toward enlightenment. It seems to have something to do with purity of intent and vibrational readiness.

This makes for a marketing conundrum. I don’t really know how to market Recreating Eden effectively! Though I’m sure there are lots and lots of people who are ready for Recreating Eden, I don’t know how to locate my niche! I mean, there seems to be no way to group them in any way that is externally organized. Any ideas for getting Recreating Eden to more people (other than the obvious one that R.E. is slowly but surely attracting people on its own)?

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People making a difference

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I was excited to see on Oprah today that John Travolta and Kelly Preston delivered a truckload of groceries to the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank! Actually, I didn’t see it on Oprah itself—I had forgotten to tune in until after they showed that segment, because I was on a roll with some book ideas (yay!), but later saw it recapped. Just in case you missed my earlier link to it, and want to make a donation to a wonderful resource that is stretched to the max with serving all the evacuees that have fled to Baton Rouge, here it is: I made friends with their webmaster after he personally emailed to thank me for my modest donation, and I’m feeling quite proprietary about them now!

Speaking of Baton Rouge, Andrena called me the other night. It was wonderful to hear her voice. We had a nice phone visit and she sounded fine—though a bit weary. She says Baton Rouge has doubled in population and that, in addition to the shelters, most everyone has taken people in. She said that looking down her street, there are lots of extra cars. One thing’s for sure—if it had to happen to those lovely folks in South Louisiana, at least their culture is one of the most welcoming I’ve ever encountered. You know I’m from the South, so I’m used to Southern hospitality, but what I experienced when I was in Louisiana in May was above and beyond.

I’ve been in touch with my friend, Ellen Kennon, who has daily updates on her blog, and she is still hosting guests who have evacuated. She has a small house, but, with grace and good humor—and that native Louisiana hospitality gene going for her—she’s got five evacuees staying with her and her daughter! I was reading the housing offers at and found it just remarkable all the people who were willing to share even their small spaces with displaced families. Last I checked, 212, 447 beds had been offered by individuals and churches. If you want a heartwarming experience, go there and read the offers. It will help restore your faith in the kindness and generosity of humanity.

I’ve enjoyed the news reports of the evacuees here in Denver, experiencing a very different place than they left behind. I’m happy to say that the local animal shelter is housing pets for those that are staying in dormitories at the former Air Force base that is housing (or will be if they'll come) 1000 evacuees. Interestingly, some enterprising guys (one of whom is a Frontier Airlines exec.) who independently came up with a mission to help get evacuees here and are pitching Denver to folks housed at the Astrodome, are having a hard time getting many takers, even though they're offering them a free flight and putting them up at the Doubletree Inn with free meals and help getting established! They just aren’t ready to leave the area—so many still haven’t reconnected with family, and others just can’t conceive of life away from the home they’ve always known and loved. And who can blame them? Too, they really don’t fully understand that New Orleans will not be that place again for a long time if ever. They also think Denver will be too cold and snowy! (Our mostly mild, dry winters are one of this country's best-kept secrets.) But Denverites, like American citizens everywhere, have opened their hearts to these people and those that choose to relocate here can count on an enthusiastic reception warm enough to make up for the snow!.

By the way, for another way to make an immediate difference that bypasses the red tape, go to the Veterans for Peace site. Cindy Sheehan (the mom that camped out in Crawford) and her group are providing relief to survivors from a temporary headquarters in a middle school in Covington, Louisiana. They are accepting goods and money and volunteers. The roads are open to Covington, so people are invited to come on down and help. For an updated list of what they need, see the site.

So that’s my more upbeat report. I am less riveted to the news and more focused on making a difference in the way that I can. That certainly makes for an easier time keeping my frequency up!

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I’m not proud to tell you that I spent much of yesterday again immersed in news of the Katrina travesty. It just seemed impossible to stay away from it for any length of time. At one point, I was so ill from it—in particular, from reading about a little boy, finally boarding an evacuation bus, who was being forced to leave his dog behind and crying so hard, he vomited, calling out the dog’s name “Snowball! Snowball! Snowball!” over and over again, I just had to go to bed. This particular issue hits me so personally. That there are thousands of such partings going on, and thousands of stranded, and now dead, pets that were, and are, precious to someone, is just almost too much for me to bear.

Some might say, “With all the human death and suffering, why would you be focused on that?” Well, as is illustrated above, this IS an issue of human suffering, as well as animal suffering. Of all that that child has had to leave behind, his heart was broken by having his beloved dog wrenched away from him in a way that leaving his home and familiar surroundings just won't. The bond between a human and a dog is powerful—indeed, sacred. You may already know that I have an intense love for and deep attachment to my two dachshunds, Roly and Lilah. They are not the first canines to be my “fur children,” whom I have loved with a passion. Before them were Luna and Buddy and before them was Mercedes. Even before Mercedes, (who was my first dog as an adult), was the dog of my childhood, JoJo, and some beagles that we had briefly when I was very young. I have loved dogs for as long as I can remember. Before Rick came into my life, I had always loved dogs more deeply and fiercely than I had ever loved a human. A lot of it has to do with self-love, or deficits thereof. Dogs love you when you cannot love yourself. Dogs provide the closest thing to unconditional love that this world of duality has to offer. They come into the world programmed to love and to be loyal—totally focused on their master, and totally devoted to her/him.

So it is about the most heartbreaking thing I can imagine to have to break that sacred trust and abandon such an innocent and faithful heart. That people casually abandon and abuse dogs is such an abomination to me that I truly cannot bear thinking about it. I will confess that the specter of having to abandon my beloved dogs has haunted me to the point of affecting my major life choices. I might have moved to the Gulf Coast myself before I met Rick because I wanted to live somewhere sub-tropical. But one of the several things that kept me from actively pursuing that is the very worry that in the event of an evacuation, I might somehow have to be parted from my dogs. The fierceness of my love for them perhaps leads me to fear and takes me out of the Divine Design for Wholeness and Harmony. This is certainly an area of faith and trust that is lacking in me, and something I would do well to shine Light on. Non-attachment, for me, seems far easier in every other facet of my life. So these stories of wrenching partings really push my buttons in a way that no other aspect of this monumental human tragedy do.

Anyway, I went to bed last night feeling pretty hopeless—not just from the animal issue, but from the recognition that we have deceived ourselves into believing things about our country that just aren’t true. Even though we knew that our government was, to put it charitably, blind to the ramifications of some of its priorities, it would now seem that the assumption that, bottom-line, there were provisions in place to handle humanitarian emergencies and that, of course the government would mobilize and do everything necessary to save people, was me (along with a lot of others), living in la-la land, putting trust in something that is not where our trust belongs. Another wake-up call. I went to bed closer to despair than I can remember being, with a desperate question, "What can we do about this?"

When I awakened this morning, I awakened in more than just the physical sense. I guess the sleep took me back to higher frequency where the perspective is much greater. I heard, “Keep doing what you’ve been doing, Julia. Recreating Eden has it exactly right. You must keep your focus on the Light.” And I realized, once again, that truly, the most powerful thing in the world to do is to keep our focus off of the "remodeling mess," and simply Love. To radiate Love unconditionally so that our frequency is raised to the level of a new reality. This is not airy-fairy. This is not speculative. This is truly the most important, most powerful action we can take, and while it may lead to the revelation of other efficient, effective tangible, measurable actions, in harmony with the Whole, it is the act of Loving that raises your frequency enough to reveal that to you. I had lost that knowing yesterday, so pulled down into the sadness, horror, and fear was I. But in the light of day, it was crystal clear that the only way out of this is by raising the frequency up out of the place where the lower nature of humanity has no effect, where greedy politicians have no power, where there is no illusion that hurting someone else is anything other than hurting yourself. The only way to be “safe” is to rise in frequency to where turmoil and pain don’t manifest, and where we seek harmony because it is all that appeals to us. And you don't do that by collapsing into the illusion that something is going wrong.

Yes—I awakened this morning. Thank God.

Here is a link to the Humane Society who is standing ready to rescue pets when they're FINALLY allowed in. And here's a link to info about my upcoming free teleseminar, "The Only Safe Place," which I named before Katrina was even a tropical storm. Could be I was receiving a little divine guidance on that one...


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Remember the strategy!

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First, let me say that I got an email from Andrena yesterday, and she is okay. Her house is intact, but at the time she wrote, they still did not have power, which means no A/C, and it is like a steambath there. Of course, they are SO lucky compared to so many people. They do have water and gas, so they can cook. She is housing a few extra folks there. She works at LSU, which is where she emailed from. LSU is a major refugee center. Andrena said the grocery stores are out of food and it is very hard to get gasoline. She said she’d call as soon as phone service is restored. I’m just so glad she’s alright.

I met Andrena during the “Increasing Your Tolerance for Joy” weekend in St. Francisville in May. She was in the workshop. She was so wonderful—the night after the first workshop, she made jewelry for all the participants out of appreciation for her experience. It was really remarkable—she just intuited what to make for each of us, and ended up making something perfectly appropriate for every person. She makes gorgeous jewelry from tumbled stones and beads. We looked up the metaphysical meaning of each stone and it was almost eerie how accurately she selected them to fit what we would need or resonate with. And they really looked great, too.

She and Ellen and I had dinner the Tuesday night before I left on Wednesday, and Andrena spoke of her strong and distressing premonition that something really catastrophic was about to befall New Orleans. Such a psychic lady!

I’m having mixed success with keeping my frequency high with all that’s going on. I find that taking breaks out in the garden and breathing deeply and feeling the sunshine on my skin is helpful to keep me from going to the place of despair. Also, finding ways to contribute has been helpful in staying out of that place of helplessness. (Speaking of contributing, I have added links to the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank and the Humane Society U.S. to the homepage.)

It would appear that we’re coming to the hardest part of the “game.” I have come to see this existence—this dip down into the duality matrix we’re living—as a game of sorts, and the key to winning is not to be sucked into the vortex of energy in reverse polarity, and, indeed, to rise out of duality altogether. It’s extra challenging because it’s as if we came to Earth with the handicap of not remembering the rules of the game, thus making it extra challenging to win. And when things like the Hurricane Katrina aftermath and 9/11 come along, we are tested to see if we will be able to remember that the winning strategy is to maintain a focus on the Light instead of adding to the shadow with our focus. Every time I begin to fall into that feeling of entitlement—that sense that I deserve to wallow in the horror and curl up in a little ball and never come out againI remember that there is a part of me that knows the game and is on the sidelines yelling, “HEY! You’re forgetting the game! FOCUS ON THE LIGHT!!!”

I got a few emails today from someone—somebody I don’t even know—who is just inside-out with fury and outrage over what’s going on, and seems to be frustrated with me because I’m not willing to join her in that. I told her it’s not that I’m not horrified, or experiencing righteous indignation aplenty, it’s just that I’m not willing to jeopardize things further by being sucked down in the vortex where I’m no longer able to shine my Light. I don’t think she comprehends frequency and that her frequency contributes to the lowering of the frequency of all Creation—or that by keeping herself centered and peaceful that she can lift things up. I’m quite sure she doesn’t understand that we have the choice of what to empower—the Light or the shadow, and that focusing on the horror and getting sucked in is not a help to anyone. Truly—unless we are going to use the information we gain from watching the horror of what is going on to do something constructive to help, there really is no reason other than feeding the serpent within us to watch hour after hour of coverage of the disaster. God bless her and grant her the peace that passes understanding.

And may all those still stranded in unbearable conditions and struggling and in shock and grieving and trying to survive, experience the peace that passes understanding as well. To facilitate that, I say let’s do as Gandhi suggested and “be the peace we want to see in the world.”

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